Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Nickelodeon Movies Logos Appears

Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox present...

A Nickelodeon Movies Production...

                                                   INVADER ZIM


Logo fades away.

Zooms in to Irk.

Zak is working in his lab.

His Bench is covered in Schematics and a Computer above. All sorts of Tools are scattered around. He is working on a Schematics for a SIR unit Upgrade.

He is talking out loud to Himself about ramdom Odds and Ends.

Really mumbles.

Zak: At last! I Am the greatest engineer ever!

Zak: *Types something in the computer* The Tallests must hear about this!

Fades to the Massive.

Zara: *Does her military training but it's familiar with karate*

Zara: *Ends her kick combo with a Sword Slash.*

Dummy: *Dummy head falls off.*

Incoming Transmission beeps

Irken Bridge Attendant: Incoming Transmission Sirs.

Tallest Red: Put it in the big screen!

Transmission starts on the big screen

Zak: My Tallests! I Have Done It!

Tallest Red: Done with What Zak?

Zak: Why, I've Successfully created the substance *creepily* green plasssmmaaaa.

Tallest Purple: Hm... So?

Zak: SO!!!! Do You understand what it Means!!!???

Tallest Purple: Not Exactly...

Zak: THIS Is one of the most DESTRUCTIVE substances in the known universe! And also a very effective power source.

Tallest Purple: Um...Ok.

Tallest Red: Well, This is Great News. How Good is it in weapons?

Tallest Purple: Yeah. I Guess.

Zak: That's why I Made it! It is the most DESTRUCTIVE Substance in the universe!

Tallest Red: So It's a Good Weapon then?

Zak: Isn't That what I Said!?

Tallest Red: No, Not Really.

Zara: *Stll does her karate combos.*

Aranea: *Raises score of 10*

Zak: You're right! I Have Talked too much. I'll Leave you with your Business. Zak out.

Screen turns blank

Tallests' look each other Confused.

Aranea: Go Zara Go!

Zara: *Slices dummy body in half*

-Meanwhile on Earth...-


GIR: It's a thing! Hee hee hee. *runs to the door yelling*

Zim: What is this..."Thing"?

Gir: ....I Really Don't Know.

Zim: Hmm...

GIR: Hee hee hee hee hee. *Runs outside and does snow angels in the grass GIR: Woooo, It's Itchy!

Zim: Mmmhhh...

Zara: *Knocks on the door*

Zim: Who is it?

GIR: *Comes in holding a gopher* I Got a Gopher! He's my Friend. YEEEYYYYY!


Zim: Another One?

GIR: Oooooo!

Zara: *Snaps to wear off disguise* Look, I'm Not like Tak this time.

GIR: *Sits on the floor*

Zara: Not here for Revenge.

Zim: Good. I Don't want to have to deal with another blabber mouth.

Zim: So, What are you here for?

Zara: Meh, Just visiting.

GIR: Sammiches!!!!

Zim: Just a Minute. I Have to go get moofy out of robodad's mouth.

GIR: *Giggles for no reason*

Zim: Wait, if your not here to pull revenge on me, then why are you at my house?

GIR: Hmhm

Zim: Just to waste my time?

Zara: Sorry, I'll go now.  *Snaps again*

GIR: Noooooo! I'll Miss you!

Zim: She's just a Prankster isn't she?

Zara: I Heard it.

Zim: No offense. 

GIR: Yeeeyyyy! *Eats gopher*

GIR: I Got a gopher in me! *Gir giggles and walks away*

Zim: *Looks at GIR*

GIR: *Waves and continues away*

Zim: Weird.

Cuts to Zara's manor

Zara: *Admires herself in the mirror*

Zara's computer beeps

Zak: Zara, I Have Completed Your armor. Give me your coordinance and i will deliver it personaly. This is Zak by the Way!

Zak: Zak out.

Zak awaits the response of Zara

Zara: Coordinates is: X:200 Y:350

Zak: Very Well! I'll be there in...*Starts doing math out loud* 6 Months Give or Take.

Zara: Ok.

Zak: *Loads up his ship and takes off*


Zak Lands his ship outside the manor and steps out. He puts on his disguise and cloaks his voot

Zak:What a horrible rock this is. *knocks the door*

Zara: *Opens the door*

Zak: Zara! I Have the armor your assistant told me to make. I had to use this picture of you to get size comparisons so i hope it fits.

Zara: Ok.

Zak: Oh! You might want the Picture back. Your Assistant Dropped it and she might want it back.

Zara: Ok, I'll give it to her soon.

Zak: That would be preferred, I'll be able to stay in your shelter unit for a while correct? I Don't want to spend 6 months in the ship again for a good long time.

Zara: Sure.

Zak: Good! What other invaders are stationed on this horrible place?

Zara: Well, I Think Zim is stationed here.

Zak: *Twitches* Zim?

Zara: Yes, The Exlie.

Zak: How are you still doing here? You remember what he did to Irk Correct?

Zara: Yep.

Zak: I Mean I like the guy, But, He's cost us so much grief in the past.

Zara: Yes, Yes He did.

Zak: Well, if your still here, then he can't be that bad. Just No giant mechs.

Zara: Ok... *blushes and sighs*

Zak: Hmm. Well, If we're done out here I would very much like to get out of this HIDIOUS outfit.

Zara: Ok.

Both of them walk inside the manor.

Zak: Finally! *Takes off disguise*

Zak: Can you please open up a line of communication with Invader Vax on planet Vort?

Zara: Ok.

Line gets established and beeps on Vax's end

Fades to Vax's lab on Vort

Vax is working

There are schematics for a new ship for the Irken Armanda

Beep is heard

Vax: Hm? *Opens transmission*

Vax: Who is it?

Zak: Vax! My Good friend. You'll never believe what nasty planet i'm on.

Vax: Where are you?

Zak: That lovely little beverage smudge on the universe map earth. You know, the one where we sent that exile Zim. Joy Huh?

Vax: Who's Zim?

Zak: You remember Operation Impending Doom 1? That's all I Need to say.

Vax: Oh Yes. Is Zim the moron who blew up my ship with a giant mech suit?

Zak: Uh-huh,

Vax: He also shoved me up a tube, and sent me towards the core of the smeetries when i was a smeet.

Zak: Well, That's not in my records but regardless. Yep, That's the one.

Zak: Oh! Zara, Have you met Vax?

Zara: Well, Er... Not Yet.

Zak: Well then, Vax! This is Zara, I'm staying with her until my return to Irk.

Zara: Hello.

Vax: I've heard of you, Zara.

Zara: Ok.

Zak: So, Vax, any news from Vort?

Vax: Me and the other scientists are working on schematics for a new ship for the Irken Armanda called the "Cannon Sweeper".

Zak: Exellent! It's coming along well then?

Vax: Yes.

Zak: Good.

Vax: Ok.

Zak: Well if there is nothing else, tell everyone I wont be Back for a while. Like I Said, I'm Staying with Zara and i don't feel like calling everybody.

Vax: Ok.

Zak: Well then have a good one. Invader Zak Out.

Zak: *Ends transmission* So what next Miss Zara?

Zara: Umm...

Zara: I Can't Think what to do right now...

Zak: We Could Cause troble for the Natives, That's what Irkens do.

Zara: Ok...

Zara: Where can we cause trouble...

Zara: Hmm...

Zak: *Starts laughing evil, increasing in volume and intensity over time*


Fades to Skool

Zak: What is this Establishment?

Zara: This might be the place where Zim goes to...

Zak: Soooo...we came to distrupt him?

Zara: Maybe.

Zak: Hmm... What should we do?

Zara: I Dunno.

Zak: What do the inhabitants do here anyway?

Zara: *Reads sign* It Says: Building for Learning, Studying, Blablabla.

Zak: So it is a military training facility?

Zara: I'm not sure. But We'll go in.

Zak: I suppose it wont hurt to figure out. ONWARD!

Zak and Zara goes inside the Skool.

Zak: *Whispers to Zara* This is horrible training. How Have we not destroyed them yet?

Zara: I Forgot! We Need to put on our disguises! *Snaps*

Zara: We Have to Act like those Silly Species.

Zak: *Gags*

Zak: *Puts on disguise outside*

Zak: HA! Look at that head on that one! *Points to Dib*

Zara: *Whispers to Zak* Just pretend i'm your sister ok?

Zak: Sister?

Zara: Pretend it was like that.

Zak: Alright then. How do they act? *Dib walks up*



Dib: Are you new?

Zara: Yeah...

Dib: Are you aliens? 

Zak: NO!

Dib: Good.

Zak: I think I did pretty good. You could use some work though. *starts to walk down hallway*

Dib: I'm watching them...

Miss Bitters: Class, These Are the new students.

Miss Bitters: Say your name, New Students!

Zak: I AM ZAK!

Miss Bitters: And You?

Zara: I'm Sarah.

Miss Bitters: Ok, you'll need a place to sit.

Zak: MY SISTER! yes.

Miss Bitters: YOU! *Points to student behind Dib* Your being transferred to the under ground classroom.

Zak Walks Over and Sits

Miss Bitters: And You! *Points to Poonchy* You're Also being transferred to the underground classroom.

Zara goes to her new seat.

Zim: *Whispers to Zara* You Again?

Zara Ignores.

Zara: Sorry For Disturbing you Yesterday Zim.

Dib: You.

Dib: I'm Watching You.

Dib: And Your Little Sister.

Zara: I'm Not Little.

Zak: I don't blame you little Earth filth.

Dib: Would a Human call his own kind a "Little Earth filth?"

Miss Bitters: Yes.

Zak: I just did so, probably.

Dib: ...

Zak: *Grins*

Zim: ...

Zara: *Facepalms*

Miss Bitters: Everyone, if we get another student in this class, I will blow in rage.

Zak to Dib: That would be neat.

Dib: How?

Zak: Well then, we are on completely different levels.

Dib: What do you mean when you say we're on completely different levels?

Zak: I do.

Dib: ...

Miss Bitters: Doom. Doom. Go Home now.

Bell Rings

Dib: Zim! Are the new students Irkens?

Zim: I don't know what your talking about.



Zara And Aranea- NicoleMaria1010

Tallest Red , GIR and Zak -Invader Zak

Tallest Purple, Zim , Dib, Miss Bitters and Vax -Invadervax

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P.S This is a Real Role-Play.

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