Zai building a weapon.

Invader Zai



Natural Eye Color


Disguise Eye Color


Disguise Hair Color/Style

Black, cut a bit past shoulders.

Invader Zai is a female invader who was assigned to conquer a planet for Operation Impending Doom II, but crash landed on Earth. She "calmly collected herself" (running around screaming) until she thought of a plan. She found some nice empty space next to a house, and constructed a small house out of her spaceship remains and some other stuff she found lying around.

She disguised her insane (brain-chip got damaged during crash) SIR unit, SIA , as a light blue fluffy poodle.

Zai's own disguise is a holographic human girl with black hair, purple eyes, and glasses.

After everything was set up to make Zai look like a normal girl, she started attending Skool to study Earth children ways of life. Dib was really suspicious about her, but he didn't say anything. Yet.

Zai has a very...interesting personality. She's pretty shy when you first meet her, but then loud and in your face once she warms up to you. She's pretty boastful and will brag on and on about the tiniest little good thing. She can become bored really easily and zones out whenever she gets really uninterested.

She is very smart, and can form really excellent plans, but they usually get ruined by SIA's misplacing random things, or Dib. She is very resourceful and good at building things. She is also pretty good at piloting, but her ship was destroyed. She has somehow gotten off of Earth and is now conquering Gorika.


Zai's human disguise.

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