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A frontal view of Vyk.

Vyk is an Irken Invader sent to invade Earth. He is Tak's brother. He was made Tak's brother due to the fact they were born at the same time and look similar.


Vyk is a determined Irken and doesn't give up easily. He is emotional and has mental disorders but is also very intelligent. He has no PAK because his knowledge and life is given to him by an ocular implant. He has the ability to manipulate and control fire. He gets angry very easily and will often scream at people when he's angry. He also rarely laughs/smiles.


Vyk wears a different outfit than regular invaders. His antenna are always up instead of down like most Irkens. He has a unique magenta-purple tongue instead of a dark red tongue, and his eyes are purple. He wears a light purple scarf on his neck, and has black and light purple colored sleeves. He also wears black gloves and black boots with purple buckles and toes. He wears a purple tunic that has half the irken insignia on it and light purple stripes, and wears tights that have light purple and black stripes on them.

Human Disguise

His disguise is holographically created by an ocular implant. He has pale skin, short blue hair, and purple eyes in it. He also wears long black fingerless gloves. He wears a purple T-shirt that looks similar to Dib's shirt. He has black pants and wears black boots with purple buckles and toes. He also wears a blue scarf with a small fork in it. It also has one flaw in it: The disguise has no ears.
IMG 0716

Vyk in his disguise about to play his electric guitar.

Other Information

Age: 16 years old

Height: 5 feet and 8 inches, almighty tallests are 10 feet tall.

Likes: Nothing.

Dislikes: Smiling, laughing, and just plain happiness.

Weakness: His head. If you throw anything at his head he'll be hurt severely.

Musical Abilities: Can play the electric guitar.

SIR Unit

His SIR unit's name is Wysteria, who is dark blue with purple eyes. He built her himself. He also sometimes shares MIMI with Tak. Wysteria has a smashing claw which is also very useful for grabbing things.
She also has half the Irken insignia on her head.



Vyk pulling on his antenna.

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