Invader Vile is a cunning Irken Invader and one of Invader Vax's greatest allies.


He is athletic, knowledgeable, sly, and occasionally keen. To most enemies of the Irken Empire, he is, as his name states, vile. Very vile.


Vile is considered "handsome" by certain Irkens. He has a roundish head, red eyes, crumbly antenae, and a scar on his forhead. He wears a red stripeless uniform. He has red spots on his PAK.


Invader Vax-They have been friends ever since the Irken-Clorxian War. They have an equal amount of respect for each other.

Invader Vex-He is fairly good friends with Vex, and Vex supplies him with advanced weaponry. One of Vex's rifles is shown in the picture above.

Invader Jib-Good friends. They often hang out.

Commander Thresh-Good friends. They met on Devastis.

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