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Invader Vex's high tech lab is his home and birthplace of all his Inventions. The lab is located in a space station orbiting Planet Jupiter. This station is mobile and can be moved anywhere in the galaxy. Several teleporters located in Vex's base on Earth and other planets can transport people and equipment back and forth. In the right corner of the lab is Vex's home. It includes a kitchen, living room, PAK charging room, and a small room for tinkering.

Underneath the first level of the base is an atom smasher and dark matter reactor to test some of Vex's more radical ideas. The laboratory, however, takes up only a third of the station. The rest is the bridge, mess halls, crew quarters, entertainment, a library stocked with every work Vex has ever come across, and many more features. The station, being massive, has an array of cloaking panels to hide it from radar and sight.

Over a decade of study, Vex has safely constructed a power core of the best possible quality for the station. This power core floats inside a large room at the back of the station, held in place by a substance with the chemical makeup of C8FX5Q2.

This substance, a carbon based molecule found in black holes, can be induced to not become the center of gravity, but rather an inverse epicenter. In this manner, the power exerted by the core, which contains the substance in its center, will be thrown out of the power core onto the walls of the room, making for maximum energy capture with minimum energy release.

This is ideal, because it stops overload as well as capturing literally all of the fusion based core's energy. In a nutshell, Vex has created a small, containable star in his station.

The station was constructed according to Vex's blueprints during his invasion of The Vortian System and was originally crewed by Vortians, but later by an entirely Irken crew.

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