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The infamous and insane Invader Vanok.

Invader Vanok is one of the most infamous Invaders in the history of the Irken Empire. He had an extremely crafty scientist side, but it eventually went mad, and currently, his whereabouts are unknown...


Vanok appears to be slightly darker than the average Irken, with bright cyan eyes. He wears a custom-made labcoat with coattails, to fit his constant engagements in experiments, with faded purple shoulder and neck pieces, and faded purple sleeves. He was also around half a foot taller than the average Irken.


Vanok is schizophrenic, and has a quiet, manageable, intelligent side, and a not-so-bright, irritable, and aggressive side. Before his mysterious disappearance, he had many arguments with himself. He was capable of building many inventions, from self-cleaning houses, to autonomous laser turrets, to even an unstable time machine.


Sometime during Operation Impending Doom II, Vanok was working on an unstable prototype for a time machine, to go back in time, and remold history into Irken form, and therefore conquer the entire unvierse single-handedly. However, when inserting a quartz crystal into a lever, the power source for the time machine electrocuted the quartz crystal, and the quartz itself shot radioactive beams into all of Vanok's lab equipment, causing a huge temporal explosion, and when it was gone, Vanok was nowhere to be seen. What is known, however, is he is not dead, merely trapped in an unknown time.