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Invader Tyn is an Irken Invader who was sent to a planet with Invader Ax.


Tyn and Ax(I would like to point out that this is the first freehand drawing I've put on the wiki. Sorry it is not in color.)

Because of Ax's reliability and stability issues, he wasn't trusted to conquer a planet on his own or even with just a SIR Unit. The Tallest picked another Irken Elite who was also incapable of leading a solo mission to go with him: Tyn. Tyn accompanied Ax to the planet and helped him set up a base, but was soon discovered after her holographically projected disguise malfunctioned and revealed her to the native species. They started attacking her, and one of them managed to cut her head off in the process. Ax witnessed this, and this is the reason he went insane.


Tyn was very friendly towards Ax but, other than him, didn't have many friends. She couldn't exactly "wing it" on anything. She had to have a set plan and couldn't adapt to situations. This is why she couldn't defend herself when she was attacked by the creature that killed her. She was too busy thinking to act.


Tyn had roundly curled antennae, blue eyes, a black Invader uniform with a blue collar, and blue gloves and boots. She has three eyelashes on each eye, two on the outside and one on the inside.


Ax- Ax and Tyn were best friends, and Ax mourns the loss whenever he's not actively... Being insane. Some say Ax had a crush on Tyn, but he denied and still denies it.

Invader Ark- Tyn and Ark were in the military together. Ark thought Tyn was not a good soldier but was still sad to see her go.