"Well, I know this crazy eye trick. I can make people faint, fall asleep, lose memory, and even die. Heh. I don't use any sort of implant, I just unlocked it in my brain. Heheh. Not really sure how it works." -Tow jabbering and jabbering about some weird ability of hers

Invader Tow (pronounced "Toe") is a female Irken Invader who was assigned to Planet Sikkotopia, home to the giant ant people, during Impending Doom 3. She conquered the planet using biological warfare (she created an unimaginably horrible disease and unleashed it on the inhabbitants). She is a long-time friend of Invader DlareDlare, and was in Commander Tom's elite squad.


Tow is nice to her friends, but is typical for an Irken. Stubborn, cruel, and kinda lazy. She's also a total chatterbox, and earned the nickname "Chatty McTalksalot".

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