Thorn KetBFFE

This is a pic of Thorn and her B.F.F.E., Invader KET.

Thorn is also known as Rose. She helped Tak become Tallest, along with Zim. Thorn is considered to be one of the greatest failures known to Irk. Thorn was thrown into an Irken Asylum, for she has Split-Personality disorder. (Tallest Red and Tallest Purple "accidently" put two personality chips into her pak, hence the different colors.)


Photo on 2011-09-20 at 07.59

This is Thorn and KIR, her SIR unit.

Thorn's eyes are sort of purple. She is of a slightly greater height than Tak. Her Pak is two different colors: One spot red and two spots black. Thorn is a much more advanced Irken. (She can take her Pak on and off without endangering her life.) Thorn has three scars on her right eye. (You don't want to know how she got them!) Thorn's eyes are grey, and her uniform's colors are black and grey.

Like all Irken Experimental Torture Devices, the dots on Thorn's PAK are connected by lines. There are three connecting lines on Thorn's PAK.

Thorn made her uniform. It is mainly black, but she also wears a skirt she picked up on Earth. Thorn's top is strapless, but she has a collar that doesn't connect in the back. Thorn's antannae are slightly damaged, thanks to Dib.


In human form, thorn's hair is pink with black streaks. She still wears her uniform, but the earth-monkeys just think she is wierd.

Screen shot 2011-09-20 at 12.47.55 PM

Thorn's Human Form

Thorn's ears are pierced.

Thorn enjoys listening to screamo.

Current planet marked for conquest:

Thorn is currently trying to conquer Nyannicatica...and it's not going anywhere near as well as she hopes it would.


Thorn enjoys long knives.

Thorn's tongue is long, with barbs running on one side. She uses the spiked part of her tongue to "hug" her enemies, during which a lethal toxin is released from the barbs on her tongue. The venom is then carried through the victim's bloodstream, wrecking havoc on the organs it has to pass en route to the heart. Once the venom reaches the heart, it causes excrutiating pain which leads to muscle spasms, paralysis, and eventually, death. The process takes over a month. It is a slow and very painful way to die.


Dib- Thorn has had an on and off romantic relationship with Dib.

Zim- Thorn is one of Zim's closest allies.

Tak- Thorn and Tak are extremely close. (who else do you think repaired MiMi, tak's sir unit?)

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Thorn thinking about peace.

Zim and Thorn don't know that they are in the presence of another Irken (a.k.a. themselves.)


"And you, Zim, who are you to try to kiss Thorn????" Thorn was so angry at Zim for this...

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