Tek is an former scientist now irken invader who mysteriously disappeared from Earth after he realized that he was in the wrong planet.

Before InvadingEdit

He was created the same year Zim did and seconds before the Horrible Painful Overload Day Part 1. To that day he knew he hated Zim so much. During his lifetime, he was one of the many irkens assigned to be a scientist in the planet Vort. As he was about to make his all new invention that could change Irk, Zim ruined it by causing the Horrible Painful Overload Day Part 2. He decided to give up on being a scientist and decided to become a Irken Elite after Zim's creation ate Tallest Miyuki and Spork. He was assigned to Commander Poki as an irken elite and worked with and became friends with felow Um. Their friendship last only for a month and that was when Zim buried Um. He completed as irken elite and was assigned to Operation Impending Doom I, but was ruined by Zim, which made him furious. To payback on what happpen, Tallest Red and Purple assigned him to Operation Impending Doom II and he was assigned to Hoth, the planet of the piggies. He then flew out of Z-14 to the Milky Way, although Hoth was located in Z-14. He didn't find that out until he saw Um and Zim.


As Tek left the Earth, that was the last time the Irken Empire heard from him again, this caused the Tallests to be worried because it would jeopardize their time to take over the whole universe. The tallests tried contacting him, but he still never to be find again.

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