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T.3.C.H | 'Tech'
T3CH ID2 MegW.jpg
Homeworld Irk
Age N/A
Rank 'Invader' (Self-given title, not her actual status)
Race Irken Hybrid.
Gender Female
Eye Color Light Blue
Weapons N/A
Equipment N/A
Affiliation(s) Herself(?)
Notable facts N/A
First appearance N/A

Invader T.3.C.H, or 'Tech' for short, was never actually an Invader, oddly enough. She took the title after joining the Armada in secret.

She has an amazing affinity for Technology, and can hack most any computer system without fail. Her ability to take over any ship that might have some cargo she wants appears unmatched.

An Irken Hybrid, Tech was created through mysterious means that resulted in her birth from a Cloning Vat. Originally, she was supposed to have been placed in a capsule after her birth and placed in orbit around a high gravity planet. This would ensure she would become taller, and become the next tallest. While it doesn't seem to have gone according to plan, the effects so far have given her a tail and spiked antenna.

Tech's days have been spent roaming the universe collecting artifacts and sometimes getting paid to ruin ships, even those of the Irken Armada.