Zir! Where are the cheese tacos!?
—  • Invader Szar.

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Main info Edit

INVADER SZAR is an Irken who is way smarter than Zim in every way.

He can can type 217 words a minute (not important). He is also one of the few Irkens to have hair. Notably, he once enslaved Irk but was arrested for several different reasons. Among them was likely the fact that he Enslaved Irk. The Planet of Xenophobic Cloned Warriors.

He has since been released from Prison, and has taken over multiple planets, personally ruling over six of them, those that he rules being the worlds of Jerk, Hork, Toastopia, Saturn, Poopiam, and Slobicanipible.

He also has a SIR unit named ZIR that he built himself, and it has accompanied him on all his missions.

His bot is notably a KILLBOT-67029-23948-JIGA.

Szar notably has an enemy named Ajames, who has stopped him from taking over the world of Squidaplazoo. He vows to destroy him.



Even if it takes out his third eye.

Notably, he also has a left-hand man named Doobla, as well as a ship named 'S.H.I.P.' (Super Hyper Interactive People-Holder), which runs on Sunleaded fuel. It also has multiple computers aboard it.


His Lefthand man Doobla


SHIP (Super Hyper Interactive People-holder)

Early lifeEdit

Szar was born on September 6, 1989, Earth time.

Raised by Sir Cold Unfilling Robot Arm 859-124, he started a job at an Irken MacMeaties as a Meatworker and a 'Still-Alive Vort Dog slayer'. Truly, awe-inspiring origins. Before this, he was a member of the Smeet Scouts, and is also a former Irken Freedom Marcher. Notably, on his sixth birthday party, he was crowned 'King of Candy' as well, usurping the former king; no one.

When he was 12, he was sent to Hobo 13 for training, and at 13 began invading. His first target was Planet Saturn.

Notably, the Tallest were very impressed when they sent him to Planet Blorch, and he came back not just in one piece, but alive.

He's also had multiple roles as an actor.

Facts of DoomEdit

  • Was in Operation Impending Doom I & II.
  • Was born before Zim.
  • Craved cheese when he was 3, leading to a year-long constipation.
  • Once impersonated a Control Brain.
  • Founder of the Mucho Stupido Corps.

Acting careerEdit

He has acted various roles in many films, as stated, such as SZAR-E, UP to Szaria 6, Mars Needs Szar, Yellow Szarmarine, Szar Story 3 and Szars.

Truly, an inspiring career!


He was an author as well on the side, and wrote several books such as:

"Szar's Book of Mayo!", "Mayo Stinx!", "Poopooface", and "Monkey Mouth".

He has also given Jhonen Vasquez (alternatively Mr. Scolex) the idea of FILLERDOG (not a real book).

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