Invader Shmill is a small cyborg Irken. He has crimson eyes and wears Irken Gloves and boots over the metal limbs. He is a part-time scientist, and part-time designer. His S.I.R unit, D.R.E.U (Droopy Right Eye Unit) is loyal, but a little defective.

As a SmeetEdit

132 years ago, Shmill was given birth in the Smeet prodution area, he was loaded with a PAK that was torn off of a defect and rebooted. The system overloaded his mind and instead of attempting what Zim had (Horrible Painful Overload Day Part 3) he became smart in science and metalwork. When he heard that Zim had killed two tallests, he wanted revenge for making two lazy, super-hungry tallests, the new leaders. He completely forgot this later in his life and decided go to an Irken Colledge to get a job at a Lab. After colledge, he was sent to jail for vandalism after defacing the colledge with spraypaint.

Mental Breakdowns Edit

From being a smeet to his 132 year old self, he has breakdowns and destroys things.

  • 2 years old, frustrated by failure to create a formula - Destroyed an Irken Spydrone
  • 16 Years old, Failed at making a formula (Again) - Blew up Vortian Ship
  • 76 Years old, Gained the ability to shoot lasers from a cannon, hit on head with it - Tried blowing up the massive
  • 131 Years old, Nobody was friends with him - Destroyed the Irken Colledge
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