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An Ex-Engineer, Sef is an intelligent and deadly Irken Invader. Accompanied by her unstable robot, ZATH, and her over-confident apprentice, Vex, she has conquered 6 planets.

Appearance Edit

With rather striking light blue eyes, Sef wears a similarly-toned Invader outfit with an added cape. Her skin tone is average for an Irken, though she is notably taller than average, commanding more respect.

Her antennae curls also lean more towards being rectangular in shape.

History Edit

Pre-Invader Life Edit

Sef used to be an engineer, untill her robot ZATH 'went crazy' and nearly destroyed Irk in the process. As punishment, she was exiled to planet Prisonoid, but escaped using ZATH (who was highly explosive).

She then disguised herself as an Invader, and begged (threatened) the Tallest to let her take part in Operation Impending Doom II.

Current Assignment Edit

Sef is currently assigned to planet Peak, home of the Peakerns.

Method of invasion Edit

Sef uses her intelligence and strength to invade planets, using her abilities to her advantage to manipulate and plan the destruction of the enemy. Often, she goes off befriending a member of the native species, then using them as a source of information. After she knows their weaknesses or the Native is no longer useful, she disposes of them and goes to complete her mission, exploiting the weaknesses to the fullest.

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