Invader Sabre: Sabre is an Irken Female. She is known as an exiled defective.

Invader Sabre is a known wanted fugitive to both the Irken Government and the Earth Government. She, along with Thorn, Invader Mel, and Invader Jez, are believed to be dead by the Tallest. But, here's the thing: They never die.

Bad reputation by invaderket-d3haucw

Sabre has long claws...oh no.

Sabre has the ability to transform into a dragon. 


Like Thorn, Sabre enjoys using knives.

At the ends of Sabre's antennae are two venomous barbs. If someone gets stuck with one, sooner or later they will die.  However, Sabre has the ability to dispense her venom at will along with Thorn.

Thorn KetBFFE

This is a pic of Sabre (on the right, she changed her name) and Thorn (left).

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