Invader Rip is a member of the Irken elite soldiers. She's slightly mutated from a chemical accident caused by Zim when they were smeets. She has strong feelings for him, but is not sure how to show them, so she physically hurts him and taunts him about the three inch height difference between them, her being taller.


Rip was born exactly seven minutes after Zim. She was the first smeet to be programmed after the Irkens fixed the smeet shoot Zim had clogged. She was born with purple eyes, and looked like most other Irkens. She was raised beside Zim, and was always taller than him, which she constantly taunted him about, often resorting to physical abuse. While smeets, Rip was creating a chemical enhancer to show the Tallests, it supposed to create a stronger, more productive Irken. However, ZIm ended up spilling it on her, and she doesn't know to this day whether it was on purpose or not. The chemical did made her stronger, but also changed her appearance slightly, giving her more pointed teeth and turning her purple eyes black. The chemical also affected her pack, making her more vicious and cunning. She went on to create chemical weapons to use in the conquering of planets, and is looked upon with slight favor by the Tallest. She was recently sent to Earth to make sure Zim didn't do anything too stupid and expose them. She has a SIR of her own named Pek, who is almost as defective as GIR.

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