Invader Ree is a very smart invader who is GREAT with technology. She used to have a very smart SIR Unit named Thunder, but when they crashed on their assigned planet, Draskena, Thunder was permanently damaged. Now, Thunder is as stupid as GIR.

Also, Ree has a strange ability to shoot bolts of electricity out of her hands. She can distort the electricity to make pure electric nets, cages, or anything else. The electricity can be deadly, harmless, or can paralyze. She can also use it to move objects.

When Zim worked on Foodcourtia after he was banished there for ruining Operation Impending Doom one, Ree used to secretly help him. she would always hide somewhere, then use electricity to help him work. But when Ree wasn't at Foodcourtia, Zim had a VERY hard time.

When Ree crashed on Draskena, her PAK was damaged, too. Now, she sometimes goes crazy and loses all control. When this happens, you can say that she is in her psycho form. In this form, she is unstoppable and deadly. she destroys everything in her path. And in this form, any electricity she uses is deadly.

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