It Is I! Your... Deity! Yes... BOW TO ME!! - Nox to the inhabitants of Planet: Grease.
Invader Nox is a former Irken scientist. His malfunctioning PAK leads him to develop plans so complex and far-reaching that even he can no longer understand them.

Planet: VolcanusEdit

Invader Nox's first assignment was Volcanus. . Volcanus was eventually conquered (after many failed attempts) when Nox (accidentally) pushed the entire planet to the edge of the star-system. The planet's surface froze over, trapping volcani in there cities, the guards to cold to fight back. Since the Volcani could not survive the cold they were forced to bow to the almighty Irken Empire.

Planet: GreaseEdit

On Grease, Invader Nox usually remained in his orbital laboratory disguised as foodtopia or "heaven" to the planet dwellers. Nox disguised himself as a 'Diety' by covering himself in white hot grease, and tricking its inhabitants into slavery.

Planet: LarpEdit

With two conquered planets under his belt, Invader Nox's greatest challenge lies before him. With increased determination and arrogance, Invader Nox has set out to conquer planet Larp. Nox was assigned to this planet after it became apparent that his plans had to often endangered Operation Impending Doom II, so the Tallest assigned him to "the most average planet in the universe".

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