The Smeet alarm went off in the Smeet room as Almighty Tallest Red and Purple ran to the room to find two smeets. One a girl and one a boy, their names were Momoko and Pip. " Welcome to life, Irken child, report for duty," a voice said. Both Momoko and Pip saluted to the voice. After a little while, the Tallests gave Momoko and Pip some Irken Invader clothes. "Wow feel how soft my clothes are Pip!" Momoko said as she felt her clothes. Pip felt Momoko's clothes, " Wow they are soft! " he said happily with a smile. Later that day, Momoko and Pip started at the Irken academy.
Smeet student

Momoko's very first Invader inform.

The Irken Academy

During class, Pip threw a paper ball at Invader Scar's head, "Hey! What did you do that for?" he said as he turned around. "What? " Pip said. Momoko rolled her likes and went back to studying for the big Irken Invader Test, this test will make Irken's Invaders. "Listen up Little Invaders! Tomorrow is the big Irken Test, so make sure you study or else you won't become a Invader!" the teacher said. (Invader Scar was held back so that's why he is a room full of new Smeets)

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