Meen's PowerSuit

Invader Meen's PowerSuit, in Dark Mode. Meen rarely uses it without Dark Mode.

When Invader Meen went to Bryyo, he set up a base and contacted the Tallest to report in on his progress. However, Samus Aran, wearing the PED suit at the time, broke into his lab and attacked, thinking that he was hostile. Meen and BLUR managed to knock out Samus. When Samus came to, she was restrained but only for a short while, because after a brief exchange, they both realized that they were allies due to the Irken-Galactic Federation Treaty. Before Samus left, however, Meen had been able to reverse-engineer sections of Samus' PowerSuit, and improvised the rest. Now Meen has the ablilty to deploy his PowerSuit anytime he wants.


Meen's Suit Samus Aran's Suit
Sheilding functions Yes, but inferior to Samus' Yes, superior to Meen's
Power Beam No


Infrared Beam Yes No
Missile Launcher Yes Yes
Plasmic Blade Yes No
Wrist Rockets Yes No
Overcharge Mode Yes No
Space Jump Yes Yes
Morph Ball Yes Yes
Morph Ball Bomb Yes Yes
Boost Ball Yes, but inferior to Samus' Yes, superior to Meen's
PAK functions Yes No
Space suit function Yes Yes
Hypermode functions No Yes
Scan Visor

Cannot translate Chozo

Can de-encrypt Irken files

Can translate Chozo

Cannot de-encrypt Irken files

Thermal Visor No Yes
X-ray Visor No Yes
Grapple Beam No Yes
Shock absorber boots Yes No

Major Differences Between Meen's and Samus' PowerSuitsEdit

  • Meen's is built with Irken technology as opposed to Samus' Chozo suit.
  • Meen's suit folds out from his PAK and receives instructions from his PAK like the rest of his body; Samus' converts from pure energy to matter and receives instructions from Samus' brain. This gives Meen a major advantage: his does not require extreme mental concentration. Samus', however, takes less time to deploy.

Facts of DoomEdit

  • Meen's PowerSuit is powered by snacks that Meen has consumed.
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