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Inavder Lee is a weapon creator for the Irken Armada, but really wants to rule it.

Near DeathEdit

Years ago, Invader Lee (formerly invader JP) tested a superweapon for the tallest. Tallest Purple decided to spill his drink on it while JP was testing it, which caused it to explode and blow off JP's arm. JP then fell out of the Massive and got hit by a Voot cruiser. He recovered, but lost an eye and an arm, so he replaced them. He changed his name to Max and set off to Earth to build a weapon to destroy Tallest Purple. However, Irken soldiers found out about his plan and threw him in prison. He escaped, but changed his name to Lee and put orange lenses over his eyes and wore an orange shirt on along with an orange PAK. He created a cannon and set it for the armada. He continuosly searched for power sources to power it, but fears Operation Impending Doom 2 might end before he finds the source.


  • Find power source
  • Destroy/Take over the Armada
  • Allow slight freedom to the universe
  • Torture Tallest Purple
  • Eat nachoes
  • Fix his SIR


EIR is Lee's SIR. It stands for Exuberant Iradical Robot. He is very obnoxious.

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