Invader Koonge is an irken invader assigned to the planet Chae with her SIR unit, SIR 184.

Mission Information Edit

Invader Koonge was assigned to Chae sometime during Operation Impending Doom II. It took five months to get there, and she experienced no problems along the way. So far, her mission is doing fine. It is unknown if she has a disguise yet.

Backstory Edit

She never cared too much about Zim, Skoodge, or any of the others, and only saw them as fellow irkens. She trained as hard as she could, but would make the occasional mistake. She's a more quiet irken than her classmates at the academy were, although she was no better or worse than them. Currently, the majority of her time is spent on attempting to conquer her assigned planet.

Appearance Edit

Koonge has yellow-green skin and slightly curled antenna. Her eyes are wide, and an orangey-ruby color. Her PAK is rather small, and she doesn't have stripes in her outfit. Her boots cover her legs entirely. Her height is 5'2".

Personality Edit

She's quiet and thoughtful, but hard-working too. If she's given a task, she'll keep at it until it's finished. Her sense of ambition can get her into occasional trouble. Her thoughts of her homeworld are high, and like all irken, she is loyal to the Tallest.

Relationships Edit

SIR 184-As her SIR unit, it will listen to her. As it is a standard robot, SIR 184 doesn't really have a personality.

Tallest-She is loyal to and respects them. They think of he as another invader.

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