The dorkiest Irken seen in the universe. He was sent to planet Dorkon because he was already a complete dork. He wants to take over Dorkon as a gift to Skittles because he helped create her and fell in love with her. Even though the Tallests know that Skittles is in love with Zim, they keep it from Kolop as a joke. When Kolop was reporting to the Tallests, they broke into hysterical laughter when he told them that he was going to ask Skittles's hand marriage when he conquers Dorkon.

His Irken uniform is green, and he has blue eyes. Although dorky, he is not entirely defective. He is highly advanced in technology and even designed Skittles. When disguising as a Dorkon, he wears a camo suit that conforms with the surrounding people. The disguise gives him auburn, curly hair, orange contacts, and a brightly colored, polka-dot vest that goes over his uniform. This disguise makes him look quite handsome, well, in Dorkonian terms.


His favorite pic

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