Invader Kidney is an Irken Invader assigned to Planet Sentorfia, home of the siren-like surf board creatures.

He is one of the many Irkens who open the portal to the Nightmare Dimension for Zim, Dib, and Grim.


He is very expressive and independant. He is very terrible at building, this being the reason his SIR Unit, RAS, is so annoying. (He built her himself)


He wears an stripeless uniform, has ruby eyes, (Like most Irkens) straight up antenae, a spotless PAK, and black boots and pants.



He is a good friend of Zim. They don't often interact, though.


He is a big fan of Invader Plazatrax. This is because of his past accomplishments.


He shows a bit of respect for her. He still thinks she's a bit annoying. 

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