Invader Kate was an Irken Invader. She was Invader Sade's best friend and twin and created as part of Operation Genesis. She, along with several other Invaders, was invading Wawanakwa during the course of Operation: Total Drama Doom.


Kate was exactly like Sade in almost every way, which creeped out many others. The two were girly and ditzy, likely defective. They fought over things like being lost and Invader Jus to the death, but stopped midway because their friendship was more important. Kate arrived on Wawanakwa happily with Sade, and the two annoyed the heck out of everyone else. When Invader Ezee started taunting the other female Irkens, she helped the others destroy him. Kate lost the game when she and Sade ventured off into the wilderness, nearly killed each other for the first time until a Wabear chased them. It was really Invader Izz in a holographic disguise. They made up, but when an Irken needed to be destroyed at the end, Kate was chosen. Sade was really sad and depressed after Kate was lasered away to Losertopia.


  • Kate is based off Katie from Total Drama Island.
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