Kai is an Irken female sent to Earth to destroy Zim. When she met Zim, she developed a crush on him and decided to quit her mission to destroy him. She now helps Zim. She keeps this from The Tallest as a prank on them.

Invader Kai.


She is actually very sweet and kind. (Especialy towards Zim) She is pretty much the opposite of Zix. (Despite the fact that it is unknown if Zix knows Zim or not.)


She looks like Zim, only with the female antenae, and eyelashes.


Zim-She has a crush on Zim. When she was on her way to Earth to begin her mission to destroy him, she thought she would hate him like the Tallest explained.

Dib-She hates Dib because he tries to expose Zim. Sometimes she wants to stab Dib in the neck.

Tak-She hates Tak. They were going to work together to try and kill Zim, but then Kai met Zim. She now wants to vaporise Tak.

GIR-She likes playing with GIR. They enjoy each othere's personality.

WIR-WIR is Kai's SIR Unit. She is like a sister to her.

Equipment and weaponsEdit

She has a PAK of course. The Tallest gave her a machine which she could use to track Zim down. She needed this device in order to find her target and kill him.


Her disguise was like Zim's since she used contact lenses and paper. It was blond with a pink version of the Invader uniform with some stuff on it that makes it look more like a skirt, blue pants, and pink boots.


  • Zim
  • The Tallest (Formerly)
  • GIR
  • Anyone who wants to help Zim
  • WIR
  • Kylose (Formerly)


  • Tak
  • Dib
  • Anyone who tries to kill Zim
  • The Tallest
  • MIMI
  • Any enemy of Zim
  • Kylose
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