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Invader Kae (pronounced Kay) is an Irken Invader who was sent out as part of Operation Impending Doom I to look for new planets to mark for conquest. Upon finding Earth, she grew fond of it and decided not to report back to the Almighty Tallest. She was an experiment to be a new breed of Irkens and was supposed to be the "perfect Invader". She is very intelligent and can operate most machinery. She tends to overuse the word "dude".


Kae, unlike most Irkens, has bright, shining blue eyes and very long eyelashes. She wears a modified version of the traditional invader uniform: a dark blue tunic with blueish-gray gloves and neck and shoulder bands, and blue boots. Her PAK is entirely blue. Her antennae end in sharp points.


Kae's disguise is extremely similar in appearance to Tak's. It consists of a short brown wig, light blue contact lenses, prosthetic ears, a blue Irken-like dress, and her normal black boots. She wears a backpack with the back taken out to hide her PAK.


Zim: Kae (unlike most invaders) is very good friends with Zim, even though she likes Earth and Zim wants to destroy it. She often defends him when he is insulted.

Dib: Dib, completely oblivious of Kae's Irken decent, seems to have a crush on her. She, however, despises him and even punches him when angry.

M.I.R: Kae and M.I.R share somewhat of a sisterly relationship. They both love each other very much and are always willing to help each other.


Kae has a carefree, fun-loving personality and a soft side towards Zim. She can also be very serious and sometimes violent when needed. She is compassionate towards Earth and does not wish to destroy it, so she never reported back to the Almighty Tallest after she arrived. Kae loves music, especially techno, and is a very skilled singer. She is very intelligent and can operate most Irken and Earth machinery, although she has some troubles with microwaves.


Unknown to Kae, the experiment that created her required the DNA samples of two Irkens, one of which had to be a Tallest. They then took DNA samples of a random Irken, which happened to be Zim. So Kae is a mix of Zim and Almighty Tallest Purple DNA. The coloration resulted in her blue eyes.