Invader Jrek is one of the most recent Invaders of the Empire. He is usually sent to planets that are extremely dangerous, for Jrek is highly dangerous to the Empire, even though he is highly loyal. He is also the brother of Defective Zim.


Invader Jrek looks very similar to The Defective Zim, except his eyes are a much darker shade of red. He also has a mechanical left arm and right eye. He also wears a uniform similar to Invader Meep.


He is a cold minded, bloodthirsty and heavily insane and twisted. But when he is with his SIR Unit, STORM, he acts like an older brother. He is also considered a Defective, mainly for showing signs of affection towards Ex-Invader Tak.

Near Death ExperianceEdit

During the battle of Vort, then Cannon Fodder Jrek lost his left arm and right eye to a Kamikaze Vortian. Invader Jrek nearly died, were it not for some Irken Medics. When Invader Jrek came back to the military, he was promoted to Invader and sent to the planet Bryyo.


Mechanical Arm (Can transform into various weapons.)

Mechanical Eye (Can enter a Zoom mode, allowing to see great distances.)

SIR unit codenamed STORM. (Stands for Special Tactical Onslaughtmachine- Robot Mode.)

A modified Spittlerunner called Fury of the Tallest.

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