Invader Ize.

Invader Ize is an Irken Invader assigned to planet Saynork, which he promptly conquered shortly after Invader Skoodge had conquered Planet Blorch. His SIR Unit is named SIRNS.


Ize is two and a half feet taller than the average Irken; only one foot shorter than the Almighty Tallest. He wears the typical Irken Invader attire, only the shirt is dark green. He has rare green eyes, due to a growth defect inside his test tube. He has a head design similiar to Invader Grapa, and his PAK only has two pink pods on it. His boots also seem to be slightly large for his feet, similiar to Invader Nen. Oddly enough, his antennae point toward his head while still pointing down, almost like two extremely slender letter J's.


Invader Ize is slightly friendlier than most other Irkens. He is also a bit more pacifistic than most Irkens, wishing to enslave and preserve species, rather than killing them off. He has rather severe anger issues ironically, and anyone unlucky enough to enrage Ize gets a PAK-spider-leg stuffed up their nose.



Ize's unintelligent and random SIR unit, given to him by Tallest Red & Purple in extreme haste.

Ize Cruiser Edit

Ize's specially modified version of a Spoot Cruiser (Zim's original Voot Cruiser), based on Spoot Cruiser blueprints.

PAK Modifications Edit

Ize had modified and added on to his PAK, now possessing not just an energy shield, air bubble, spider legs, lasers, and a communications mic., he now also has pulse cannons, jet thrusters, acid squirters, and a long-range hacking satellite dish.


  • Invader Ize was originally created as a character on the 2008 computer game Spore by user Invader_ZIM_Fan.
  • His name is based off of the Invader ZIM initials (IZ).
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