A Little DescriptionEdit

Wero Ref

Invader Fritz and her Sir units. (Far Left: G.I.R. 2.0 Top middle: K.I.R. Bottom Middle: P.I.R. Right: F.I.R.)

"Although life can be tough, Dib-worm, some times, you just have to accept it and tough it out." ~Fritz, to Dib.

Invader Fritz is a shy, caring Invader who fled from Irk when she was still a Smeet. She, although very shy, she has a determined personality deep down and isnt afraid to show it. She wears a gray/purple invader suit that's too big for her, making it like a dress, a Purple spotted PAK, and a dark gray and purple polka dotted scarf. She is tornbtween two sides in the ruleing: She is very close to zim, but she's becoming attached to Dib.

Yin Yang

Ying Yang Fritz (top: her in disguise bottom: her without disguise)



Zim is one of Fritz's closest allies. Although his personallity really gets to her at times, she still sees him as a really good person as well as a father, given he was there at her smeeting.


Dib is another one of her closest allies. He always listens to what she has to say and he's always defending her, no matter what the situation is.

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