Invader Doobla is the sidekick of Invader Szar and the third enemy of Ajames. He is a mechanic and can fix ships with his eyes closed. He was born Irken D008LA. Invader Doobla and Szar have so much in common such as.... Picture taking, Cats, Healthy Foodcourtian Food, Cats.

His age is 22 Irken years. He makes 200,000 monies a month. He has 268 IQ points. He was found by Szar when he was on the streets and had a sign that said "WILL FIX ANYTHING FOR FOOD". H

Doobla's SIR Unit ZIRB in stealth mode

e also has a SIR unit, ZIRB .

Also he is allergic to Tinfoil and Elephant Fat: The New Toy!


They have a Foodcourtian Cookie Shop

He was known for making Poisoncheese, a cheese that gives you a huge stomach ache.

Early lifeEdit

Doobla was once named Butt, but then he had a tantrum and demanded it Doobla. When he was 5 minutes old, he nearly got crushed by a ship saying "I saw a motor and I ripped it to pieces". He was once constantly getting hired and fired but stopped messing up soon. So he became a mechanic but got fired after 6 years of doing good (He was on Uniformasi, in which good is bad). He was then picked up by Szar in which he needed a mechanic and would get ZIRB.

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