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Information Edit

Invader Daxlek is an Irken Invader, age 19. He was born as a Smeet on May 18th, 1997. He has a younger brother, Miklek who works on Foodcourtia.

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Appearance Edit

He is fairly short, has a large green head, tiny, feeble arms, a pink-spotted PAK, large, bulging, dark-ish yellow eyes, and long antennas.

Accomplishments Edit

He owns a small lab and is an independent scientist; and has created several robots to assist him in his work that have a huge similarity to SIR Units.

Early Life Edit

Invader Daxlek spent time as a child trying to hack into Meekrob Data Banks for his brother, since he always wanted to be an Irken Invader, the best one in fact who always knew more then the others. (He ended up working on Foodcourtia) In his older years, he opened his laboratory on the southern side of the planet Irk. Not long after, he was forced to go into the war of Doom II to attack several planets. This was the only war he participated in.

After the War Edit

He was greatly tramautized by the screams of others, unlike most Irkens. He was never to fully focus on his work after that, and his lab soon closed down because he could never make any more inventions to commercialize and sell as an official product. Daxlek became depressed and even considered... a long, long, jump off a tower. It took a few years until one day... Miklek was promoted and made 15 Monies an hour. About a month later, he donated all of it to Daxlek so he could get his life back on track and create a new, (smaller; but better) laboratory!


He is creative, and tends to joke alot. Although he has an IQ of about 300 and has his own theories on how to create a paradox that completely erases space and time just by flipping a single paperclip, he's not mentally stable half the time.

Current Life Edit

Invader Daxlek is living in his lab, with a malfunctioning SIR Unit, Sylvester, and his many other inventions... Miklek works at Glorghvorm's Swallow Buckets, now making 2 Monies a day for what his manager calls "Being a weenie."


- I cannot conquer a world with a spoon... unless- (Pulls out a calculator) YOU'RE BRILLIANT.

-Carrots... carrots... do these have any use? (Bites one) Ew... hell no. Sylvester! Eat these 500 carrots for me... they are a waste.

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