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Invader Damie is a male invader who is a little tall, but not too tall. He is sometimes bullied by his other invaders, but is good friends with Zim and Myu and is liked by the Almighty Tallest, heck, whenever the Tallest see Damie getting bullied, that invader is immediately killed. He is trying to conquer Planet Veg-lo, but they don't build houses, so Dami decides to build his own house right next to his best friend, Zim. He gets paired up with a SIR named Steve who's kind of like Gir, only a lot smarter. He decides to dress up like a vegetable, like the people of Veg-lo. Sometimes, Myu even comes to Earth to visit Zim with Myu's sister.


Invader Damie has a kind personality, but if something goes wrong in the force around him, he plans to attack, or help people, to defeat it.


Invader Zim Damie and Zim has been very good friends since grade school. The only time that he has ever been mad at Zim was when Zim destroyed Irk and Operation Impending Doom 1 and made Damie not conquer the planet he was gonna conquer. They even reside next to each other.

Invader Myu[]

Damie and Myu met when Damie was just starting to go back to academy before Operation Impending Doom 2. They've been friends ever since. Damie sometimes even met Myu's sister when her and Myu come to visit Zim.


Damie thinks of Steve as a younger brother. He almost never gets mad at Steve at anytime, even when Steve and Gir are playing.


Damie has been at some times been mad at Gir, like Zim, but unlike Zim, he's more friendly to Gir.


Damie has only met BUNS whenever she comes with Myu. Damie's allright with BUNS, but just like Gir and Steve, he has been mad once in a while with BUNS.

Damie dressed as broccoli.

This is Damie when he was a smeet.