Cowlord, formerly known as Cowlur, is an Irken Invader currently living on Irk, awaiting cybernetic leg augmentation.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Once known as Cowlur, Cowlord received a terrible PAK injury as a smeet. While his PAK was mostly undamaged, some of his memories became fuzzy due to the damage (among other things), and he thought is name was 'Cowlord'.

He somehow rose through the ranks of the Irken Military, despite his damaged PAK. Eventually, he rose high enough and became an Invader.

Operation Impending Doom I Edit

As an Invader in OID I, Cowlord was assigned the Planet Vort. As he was trying to leave to conquer the planet, however, he was shot down by then-Invader Zim (Later banished to Foodcourtia, demoted to Food Service Drone) and received a crippling injury.

He is now unable to walk as a result, so he spends his days on Irk. He still has to wait for at least 50 years before he can get cybernetic 'Super legs of Doom' and continue working, but he does take vacations on planets like Earth, and the planets he's already invaded, Forestopia and Planet '?'.

Personality Edit

Cowlord is pretty much insane, he likes juicyfruit, and he is smart, but acts stupid.

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