Irken Empire Wiki
Aranea | Amara
Homeworld Earth
Age N/A
Rank Adviser to the Tallest.
Race Irken-Human hybrid.
Gender Female.
Eye Color Light Blue.
Weapons N/A
Equipment N/A
Affiliation(s) The Irken Empire.
Notable facts N/A
First appearance N/A

Invader Aranea is one of the Tallest's advisers.


  • In her early life, she was previously a human, and went by the name Amara.
  • Her best friend, Trista was secretly Irken, and she once invited Amara to her house.
  • After that, she turned Amara into an Irken by somehow mixing her human DNA with Irken DNA, turning her into something of a hybrid.
  • Later on, during the Irken massacre, the murderer involved with the event almost cut off her arm.
  • Luckily, an Irken named Invader Kahaz fixed her arm into a robotic arm.