Antonio is an Irken who has been attacking the Irken government. He has been reported to have appeared on Irk. When he is seen on Irk, he is known as "The Masked Man". No Irken knows if the Masked Man is real or legend. He is believed to be a ghost by some, and a halucination by others.  


Antonio was born from the same batch as Zim. He had his PAK installed, he went to training, and then became a soilder. He worked his way up to an Irken Elite. He wanted to prove himself worthy of being the Tallest. He kept failing and failing. Eventually, he decided to just kill the Tallest. He was banished to Planet Miseria. He escaped, and became the Masked Man. He now sabotajes the Irkens (he stalks Irken citezens and tortures them in the proccess).


He wears a black version of the striped Irken Invader uniform, regular pants and boots, and has red eyes with golden sun rings. His antenae are really twisted and crumbled. He also has a scar on his forhead. When he is the Masked Man, he wears a hood and a strange mask.

Facts of DoomEdit

  • The Masked Man is an Irken legend of a man in a mask that stalks Irkens. This is real.
  • The Masked Man legend is a parody of Slenderman.
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