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The Invader's Plague is a dangerous, highly contagious Irken virus. It is often used as a weapon to weaken enemies, but can be beneficial to some species. It was discovered by Anj.


Invader's Plague (A.K.A. I-Plague) is a dangerous disease and must be handled with extreme caution if used as a weapon. Invader Myu is notorious for making the mistake of contracting the disease.

Stage OneEdit

Typically, the infected individual will feel flu-like symptoms such as nausea and coughing. This is the least dangerous stage.

Stage TwoEdit

The prior symtoms will worsen. The infected may become more hostile during this time. Personality change is likely.

Stage ThreeEdit

An Irken or someone from most other species in the galaxy is known to become weakest during this time, often requiring 48 straight hours of sleep to wear off. Too much activity during this stage could lead to severe, even permanent injuries. However, some species, namely humans, can become overpowered during this stage, leading to chaotic, hostile, monstrous behavior.


There is only one antidote to the disease, but only Anj knows the recipe. 48-hour uninterrupted rest has been shown to lift the effects of the disease.

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