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Menami and Zik head out on a date to Foodcourtia, intending to have a good time at a high-class Foodcourtia resteraunt, Menami having something special planned for Zik later in the evening. As per usual though, not everything goes according to plan when Menami's other friends show up.


Menami: *Walking into her bedroom, heading to the closet*.. *Shuts the door behind her because you know. Who wants to see nudity besides Zik 7:16 PM

Zik: //zik comes in and (SUFFERING IS ETERNAL)laps Schmoob 7:16 PM

Zik: I do. 7:16 PM Zik: :U

Xisenin: *He walks into Menami's apartment, flaming head to toe. However, he doesn't seem to notice this* 7:27 PM

Zik: .. *sits on the couch, wearing a tux* ... 7:28 PM

Zik: .. *sits on the couch, wearing a tux* ... 7:28 PM

7:30 PM

Menami: !.. *Looks over to the locked door* Hi Xisenin. I'm kind of getting dressed at the moment..

Zik's out there if you want to talk to him. 7:31 PM

Zik: No. 7:31 PM Menami: Too late.

7:31 PM

Xisenin: Wait! Do you have any straightjackets? 7:31 PM

Xisenin: I'm on fire. 7:31 PM

Zik: No. 7:31 PM

Xisenin: :I *He walks over to Zik* 7:32 PM

Zik: .... No. 7:32 PM

Xisenin: Do you have any straightjackets? 7:32 PM Menami: ..He's on fire? ..PUT IT OUT ZIK D<

7:32 PM

Zik: ..*nonchalantly grabs a fire extinguisher, blasts Xi with it* 7:33 PM

Xisenin: *blasted* 7:33 PM Xisenin: *He giggles*

7:34 PM

Xisenin: :I *He shakes the foam off and brushes off his straightjacket* 7:35 PM Xisenin: Eh. I'll just paint it.

7:36 PM

Xisenin: *He looks at Zik* Oooh! All spiffied up. Where are you going? 7:36 PM

Xisenin: The bank? 7:36 PM

Zik: ... Noh. 7:37 PM

Zik: Goin out. 7:37 PM

Xisenin: Are you doing this begrudgingly? 7:37 PM

Zik: *shakes head* Mew and I..~ *clicks tongue* Are goin on a date. 7:38 PM Xisenin: Ahh.

7:48 PM

Xisenin: :) :] :}] *mischievous face* 7:48 PM

Zik: .... 7:49 PM

Xisenin: Good luck on the date. * He walks into the kitchen* 7:49 PM

Zik: :I 7:49 PM

Menami: (omg 7:50 PM

Zik: Eyy don't trust ye. 7:50 PM

Mayo-san: *A familiar fiery portal appears* 7:50 PM

Mayo-san: *Mario falls out of it, covered in burn marks and scratches* 7:51 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *rolls out of the portal* yeee 7:51 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: UAhhh- Vok you COULD'VE KILLED ME! 7:51 PM

Mayo-san: *The portal closes* 7:51 PM

Xisenin: *pokes head out of the kitchen, munching on bread* I don't trust the turkish government. *goes back in* 7:51 PM

Zik Entered the Massive 7:51 PM Zik: ...*waves*

7:52 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Geez, calm down. That dude was pretty uncool. I only slightly blewuphismechandlaughedi​nhisface! 7:52 PM

Menami: (Count: i dont trust it either 7:52 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: *thrown in* =3= 7:52 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: *Heavy breathing, trying to clam down from the previous situation* 7:52 PM Zik: Kiziklu: ... *hugGLE*

Xisenin: *Walks over and begins to super glue paper, bread, and straws to Vok* 7:53 PM

7:53 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Eyyy, Zik looks less slobbyish for once! 7:54 PM Zik: Go to void of space.

Zik: And suffocate. 7:54 PM

7:54 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: What's the occasion? Birthday party? Sandcastle competition? 7:54 PM

Zik: Usin my caneon against you. 7:55 PM

Xisenin: *resumes gluing various objects to Vol* Be a pinata today 7:55 PM

Menami: (vol 7:55 PM

Menami: (XD 7:55 PM

Xisenin: *Vok 7:55 PM Mayo-san: Vok: Nice joke bud. But uh, seriously.. what's with all the fancy clothes.

Zik: Pinaaata..~? 7:55 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: *shrug* 7:56 PM

Zik: *raises cane* 7:56 PM Zik: Ya don't have te know, don't ya know?

7:56 PM

Zik: *lowers cane*.. So be cayful, eyd suggests ye love yer limbs. 7:57 PM

Xisenin: You shouldn't know, because you ruin everything you touch to more of an extent than anyone I've ever known due to your pathological thought process 7:58 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Awwww, thanks! 7:59 PM

Zik: ...Eh.. 7:59 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Hey Zik, nice tuxedo. 7:59 PM Zik: Thank ye.

7:59 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Why is everybody dressing up today? :P 7:59 PM

Xisenin: :I *He glues himself to Vok* 8:00 PM

Zik: *it looks a bit old fashioned but decent* 8:00 PM

Zik: Congrats, Bok. 8:00 PM Zik: Ye got a buddy

8:00 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Ech.. 8:00 PM

Zik: By th'way, my big brother can rek you 8:01 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: I don't want a buddy tho.. 8:01 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Big brother...? 8:01 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Oooohoh! I'd love to meet him. 8:01 PM

Zik: Ye, he's the guy with the dress. 8:01 PM

Zik: Owo 8:01 PM

Menami: *She comes out a few moments later, all prettied up.. wearing some makeup, and a long, designer dress with high heels*.. *Clicking over to them, smiling* Hi everyone. Did the whole gang gather while I was dressing? 8:01 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: ye 8:02 PM

Xisenin: AHM YER BUDDY *hugs Vok* 8:02 PM

Zik: (Vok: *yee.gif* 8:02 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *irritated stare* 8:02 PM

Menami: (XDD 8:02 PM

Zik: Wow, Mew... 8:02 PM

Xisenin:​.>​ Seriously. 8:09 PM Mayo-san: Vok: Try not to become friendly with me, because everybody seems to hate after awhile. *shrug* Not sure why. 8:10 PM Mayo-san: hate me* 8:10 PM Xisenin: He can't be trusted so he needs a travel buddy. And that's me. 8:10 PM Zik: Zimmy: *this dress also doesn't have sleeves and shows the back, showing his lovely cross and roses tatoo on his right top side* c: 8:10 PM Zik: (Brb cake for sister 8:10 PM Xisenin: Hey! I don't hate you! *bearhug* 8:11 PM |} Zik: Zimmy: *along with, over the elbow white gloves.. pink eyeshadow and red lipstick*.. ^^ Well, you get a chance. 8:20 PM Averii: (How's him getting beamed all the way to Foodcourtia because of a glitch sound? 8:20 PM Mayo-san: Hatbot: Wait, I can dress fancy too! *He pulls out a sticky-note showing a poorly drawn bow tie, and sticks it on his rim* ...There, it's perrrfect :p 8:20 PM Mayo-san: Mario: :/ 8:21 PM Zik: ....Fanceh. | Zimmy: ^^ *giggle* 8:21 PM Xisenin: :I 8:21 PM Menami: ..*Claps for Hatbot* 8:22 PM Mayo-san: Vok: *yawn*

Mayo-san: Vok: Sooo... 8:22 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *hops off his ufo, it disappears* A scrawny guy like you couldn't possibly cause trouble ^^ 8:22 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *Whispering to himself* Scrawny... scrawny... yeaah whatever. 8:23 PM

Menami: ..Just you wait and see. He'll do something. 8:23 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *Shrug* People are judgmental >​_>​ 8:24 PM

Zik: Zimmy: <3 I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. 8:24 PM

Menami: (Hold on brb 8:24 PM

Zik: Zimmy: Maybe all he needs is a friend | Ok Fluttershy.

Mayo-san: Vok: Nonononono I don't want a friend. 8:34 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: no friends pls 8:34 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *walks to and oh god dEATH HUG* 8:35 PM

Menami: :I See? 8:35 PM

Xisenin: I'm your friend. *hugs Vok* 8:35 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: But friends are awesome! :3 8:35 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: .... 8:35 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: stop 8:35 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: please

8:35 PM

Zik: Zimmy: Nooope. =^^= 8:35 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *Sigh* 8:36 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Why are you doing this to me? I don't deserve thiiiis 8:36 PM

Zik: Zimmy: Uuuu~ You'll enjoy my company. 8:36 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: .-. 8:37 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *Pushes Zimmy away* no 8:37 PM

Xisenin: *very unsettling voice as hug tightens* Oh, you deserve it 8:37 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: I don't want friends. I've had too many horrible experiences with the- ehg.. Xis.. get off me dude. 8:38 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *shoves Xisenin off*

8:38 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: It's a good thing I don't get angry easily.. 8:39 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *anime cryface; eyes sparkly and eyelids drooped* But~.. 8:39 PM

Xisenin: *Adheres to Vok* Not unless you promise not to mess up today's occasion 8:39 PM

Menami: ..*Snickers* 8:39 PM

Xisenin: I'm going to hug you until you die! 8:39 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *rolls behind the couch* pls no 8:39 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *looks to Menami* Eh.. 8:40 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: So are we just gonna hang out all day? Or are we gonna go to that fancy occasion :o? 8:40 PM

Zik: W. 8:41 PM

Xisenin: *Rolls with Vok behind the couch, like an annoying RPG party NPC* 8:41 PM

Zik: ..*WE?

Zik: ...Nuh uh. Me. And Mew. Not you! 8:41 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: YAH STOP.. pleaaaaaaase. 8:41 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: :c 8:42 PM

Menami: ..I don't mind anyone else coming, but.. 8:42 PM

Menami: ..I'd want to be at a seperate table, just me and Zik. ^^; 8:42 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: :c Awhhhh... 8:42 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: ..I aint got money, Mayo. 8:42 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Ah, it's alright. I can pay for ya.. 8:43 PM

Menami: Xisenin? 8:43 PM

Menami: You always have a ton of money on you. *Blinks* 8:43 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: =^^= Eheh..

8:43 PM

Xisenin: The minute you step out of line, I adhere to you again. *He Walks around the couch and sits on It* 8:43 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Since when was Mayo a nickname for Mario o.O 8:43 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Since forever 8:43 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: Since forev- 8:44 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: geez man, you're late to the nickname game 8:44 PM

Menami: ..oh 8:44 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: ......kill me tongue.. 8:44 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Okay ouo 8:44 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: Not YE. 8:45 PM

Xisenin: Are we going? 8:45 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Oookay... Mayo is kind of a weird nickname. 8:45 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: *shrug* I don't really mind it. 8:46 PM Zik: ...*sighs, shuts eyes and pretending to sleep*..

8:47 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Eyy pals, are we gonna go soon? 8:48 PM

Menami: "Pals"? :I 8:48 PM

Zik: Zimmy: Of course, pal! :D 8:49 PM

Zik: ..egh. 8:49 PM

Menami: ... *Rolls eyes* 8:49 PM

Menami: *Grabbing Zik's hand.. smiles* 8:49 PM

Xisenin: YAY! 8:49 PM Mayo-san: Hatbot: YEY!

Zik: ..*opens eyes at, smiles*.. 8:50 PM

Zik: *stands up*.. 8:50 PM

Xisenin has joined the party 8:51 PM

Menami: Alright, lets go. I'll probably have to take lead.. .. Zik, can you open a gap? If you know how to get there, I mean. 8:51 PM

Menami: (Pffff 8:51 PM

Mayo-san: (lol 8:51 PM

Xisenin: (That's the lazy way of saying *follows to destination* ) 8:51 PM Menami: has become the group leader. 8:51 PM

Zik , Kiziklu, and Zimmy have joined the party. 8:52 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: I've never really done anything fancy... except smoke a golden cigar next to a fireplace with some weird... cat person.. 8:52 PM

Menami: (Imagine them all as little Mother sprites with the pixely smiles :'D 8:53 PM

Zik: (*imagines them in an RPGMAKER game* 8:53 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: How's that fancy? 8:53 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: that's just weird 8:53 PM Xisenin: I dig weird!

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Mario's been getting less talkative lately, I wonder why.. >​.< 8:54 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Eh 8:54 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: stop saying eh 8:55 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: it's weird 8:55 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: .. *kisses Mario's cheek* 8:55 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: Eh. 8:55 PM

Xisenin: EH! 8:55 PM

Menami: (Mario: eh im canadian now eh | Vok: stahp 8:55 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: uwu *Kisses Kiziklu back* 8:55 PM

Averii: (I'll probably shoehorn Ave in on Foodcourtia somehow, because teleporters and errors) 8:55 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: >​//w//< 8:55 PM

Averii: (and horrible dimensions full of buffalo wing sauce) 8:56 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: you guys are all lousy northerns D< 8:56 PM

Zik: Explains me accent, no? 8:56 PM

Menami: ..My admin's from the South. 8:56 PM

Menami: Sort of. 8:56 PM

Xisenin: Vok! Appreciate them Canadians or I'll force feed you maple syrup! 8:56 PM Zik: No, she's from the North, living In the South. Duh.
Menami: Yeah :U 8:57 PM

Zik: Zimmy: I-I need a towel... The breaking of the wall is STRONG.. 8:57 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: my admin is from the north, or something.. I don't really care about him >:3 ..*falls over* .. EY- 8:57 PM

Xisenin: Maple skyrup is a registered weapon! 8:58 PM

Menami: Your admin will give you karma if you talk bad about him :I 8:58 PM Zik: Zimmy: *helps Vok up* <3

8:58 PM

Xisenin: *syrup 8:58 PM

Zik: Has this rp gone so far to Hell.. 8:59 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Ech... thanks. 8:59 PM

Menami: ..Anyways, lets go! 8:59 PM

Menami: Zik, a gap, please? 8:59 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: WOAH VOK SAID THANKS 8:59 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: That's a first! 8:59 PM Zik: Zimmy: You're welcome~

8:59 PM

Zik: ..*opens a gap.. walks inside* 9:00 PM

Xisenin: I'm so proud of him 9:00 PM

Menami: *Following after* 9:00 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *mumbling* >​.>​ 9:00 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *follows* 9:00 PM Mayo-san: Mario: *follows*

9:01 PM

Xisenin: *follows* 9:01 PM Zik: *my charries follow yaaay*

9:02 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: This "gap" stuff is weird. 9:02 PM

Zik: Yer weird. 9:03 PM

Xisenin: You just hate change 9:03 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: PffffhahaHAAAHAA look who's talking! 9:04 PM

Menami: *Heading down the streets, trying to find it with directions*.. 9:04 PM

Zik: ... 9:04 PM

Xisenin: *following* 9:04 PM

Menami: ..Shut up, Vok. :U This is why you have no friends. 9:04 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: He started it, but whatever. 9:04 PM

Zik: Zimmy: >​.< Vok, do calm yourself. Ono 9:05 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: :l 9:05 PM

Menami: huehue he starrteteed it 9:05 PM Menami: Ok.

9:05 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Vok.. just stop.. 9:06 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Geez. 9:06 PM

Zik: Zimmy: ^n^; I'll be your friend as long as you don't act rude. 9:06 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: What's with all the drama lately? There's always fights and arguments now ono 9:07 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: I didn't ask for a friend. I don't NEED a friend, okay?? 9:07 PM

Xisenin: That's just Vok causing distress 9:07 PM

Zik: Zimmy: Yes you doooooo. 9:07 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Uhggg -_- 9:08 PM Xisenin: Oh, yes you do. *follows them*

9:08 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: *Holds Kiziklu's hand* owo 9:09 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Are we almost there? 9:10 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: ^^.. Ye make me a real happier person 9:10 PM

Xisenin: I should get him a stuffed animal to chew on 9:10 PM

Xisenin: ^^ 9:10 PM Menami: I think its around the corner..

9:10 PM

Menami: You guys are really cute. *Looks at Mario and Kizik* :3 9:11 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Awhhh... thanks Kiz, I love you so much >​w< 9:11 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: >​///< I love yoouuuu. 9:11 PM

Zik: So dang kawaii 9:11 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: wow, that's probably the cutest thing I've ever seen 9:12 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: ._. 9:12 PM Menami: kawiiii

9:12 PM

Xisenin: FOOOD! *Runs around the corner and smacks into the window of the restaurant* 9:14 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: *getting impatient* Are we there yet-.. finally! 9:14 PM

Zik: ..Xi, we're going to a FANCY restaurant . 9:14 PM

Zik: ... 9:14 PM

Xisenin: *breathes on the window* 9:15 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Heh, what a silly guy. 9:15 PM

Xisenin: *He walks inside* 9:16 PM Menami: ... ^^; Good luck with that Xisenin.

9:16 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: So what do they serve? 9:17 PM

Menami: *Leaning up in her high heels, kissing Zik on the cheek* ^^ 9:17 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Hopefully lots and lots of alcohol >:U 9:18 PM

Xisenin: *He looks around, waiting for them to order first or whatever* 9:18 PM

Zik: -wo Even with yer heels ye can't reach me without yer toes. 9:18 PM

Menami: I can barely reach you as it is! 9:18 PM

Menami: You guys who CAN pay are gonna have to help me pay off the bill though, okay? 9:19 PM

Xisenin: All right! 9:19 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Kay 9:19 PM

Xisenin: :I 9:20 PM

Zik: .. *antenna up*.. 9:20 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot:so 9:20 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: are you guys gonna order? 9:20 PM

Zik: Zimmy: uwu; Mmyaay..~ 9:20 PM Menami: *Walking inside, taking a glance around.. there's some nice violin music, alot of nice decor.. and of course, a bunch of snobby irkens/alien customers-*

9:20 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Echhh... so many snobby people. 9:21 PM

Menami: Wow.. ^^ 9:21 PM

Zik: ....Mmm, eym.. shoire we'll like it ere. 9:21 PM

Xisenin: HI EVERYONE! :D 9:21 PM

Menami: ..Well, wouldn't you expect that in this kind of place? 9:21 PM

Zik: Is very nice. 9:21 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Don't worry! Xisenin will liven up the place. 9:22 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Well, probably. 9:22 PM

Menami: *A waiter comes over,

motioning Menami to fill out some papers from her reservation*.. A

table for two, and another for four, please. ^^ 9:22 PM

Zik: Zimmy: uwu 9:23 PM

Zik: Zimmy: How many of us.. *glance at the group* 9:23 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Wait, I count as person? I can't even eat <.>​ 9:23 PM

Mayo-san: as a* 9:23 PM

Menami: ..Wait.. five! 9:23 PM

Menami: ..Hatbot you dont count :U 9:24 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: oh 9:24 PM

Menami: (Count: *Pops in* Do I? *generic sitcom laugh track* 9:24 PM

Mayo-san: (pfff- 9:24 PM

Xisenin: *stares at the waiter* 9:24 PM

Zik: (Pfff 9:24 PM

Zik: (Mario stop omg 9:24 PM

Menami: *She walks over and fills some stuff out*.. 9:24 PM

Zik: (You must be a clone 9:24 PM Menami: Waiter: ..:I;; *Feels intimidated*

9:25 PM

Zik: Zimmy: ..*blows a kiss to the waiter* 9:25 PM

Menami: (misty has a male twin111!!! 9:25 PM

Zik: (u flirt zim 9:25 PM

Zik: (I wish owo 9:25 PM

Xisenin: Hey waiter 9:25 PM

Menami: Waiter: ..o//.//o;; *Waves to Zimmy* 9:26 PM

Menami: Waiter: ..Hm? Yes sir? 9:26 PM

Xisenin: I think we're hand twins! 9:26 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *Stares at the waiter* 9:26 PM

Xisenin: ^^ 9:26 PM

Menami: Waiter: ^^; ..Oh, by the way. My name is Sploo, and I'll be your waiter today. 9:26 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *giggles*.. 9:26 PM

Menami: (#originalnames 9:27 PM

Zik: Zimmy: How nice of you, Sploo~ 9:27 PM

Xisenin: Okay. Where are we sitting? 9:27 PM

Menami: Waiter: *Walking down the isle, directing them to two tables*.. *Hands them all some menus* 9:28 PM

Menami: Waiter: I'll come back for your drinks soon. ^^ *Walks off* 9:28 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *Sits down at one of the tables* mmk 9:28 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *giggle* c: 9:28 PM Menami: *Sitting down at her table with Zik* .w.

9:29 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *He rests his feet on the table, lounging back* 9:29 PM

Xisenin: *He sits down next to Vok, trollfacing* 9:29 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: ... Well.. Mario. *nod* ... 9:29 PM

Menami: (Gotta go guys ;w; Lets continue this when everyones on for it 9:29 PM Mayo-san: Mario: *Sits down with the others*

*Leans back, looking through the menus* 8:39 PM

Xisenin: *drinks soda* 8:40 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Vok, that's kinda rude... resting your feet on the table is considered pretty disrespectful >​.o 8:41 PM

Kivi: *Sitting at a nearby table, pretending not to notice them* 8:41 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *shrugs* Eh. 8:41 PM

Xisenin: *He bites Vok' s ankles* 8:41 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: (back 8:41 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: OW! 8:41 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Stop that! 8:42 PM

Xisenin: *He releases his jaws* Show your ankles and get bit! Simple as that. 8:42 PM

Xisenin: *resumes drinking his soda* 8:42 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: *nuzzles Kiziklu* uwu 8:42 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Weirdo >​.>​ 8:43 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: ^^ 8:43 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Dodododo.... soooo 8:43 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Is there anything to do around here? 8:43 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *yawns* I dunno. This place is very boring though... 8:44 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Even the music sucks. 8:44 PM

Menami: ....I havent even heard of some of this stuff before ._.;;;;; 8:44 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: Then get out. 8:44 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Nah. 8:45 PM

Menami: ...The only normal thing I can really tell so far is fried tentacles.. 8:45 PM


Kivi: (let me guess, it's the Star Wars bar song, isn't it? XD 8:45 PM

Menami: It's violin music. You might offend a certain SOMEONE, Vok.. ^^; 8:45 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *looking at the Menus* 8:45 PM

Kivi: (Oh, nevermind. 8:46 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: But violin music is pretty boring to me. 8:46 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Can't I have an opinion? 8:46 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: (zik:rev up those sucker pods,cuz I sure am ready for some hardcore feti-*shot by laser* MY LEG! 8:46 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Anybody I meet that likes violin music.. tends to boring and bland. 8:46 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *eyes spark*.. 8:46 PM

Menami: dONT SAY THAT 8:46 PM

Menami: nO!!! 8:46 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: yes 8:47 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: ..? 8:47 PM


Zik: Zimmy: *pulls out violin from his PAK* You want to say that? 8:47 PM

Xisenin: We got violins from humans! 8:47 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Yeah, I do. 8:47 PM

Zik: *peeks at the other table*... 8:47 PM

Xisenin: Humans can eat pizza without burning! They're weird. 8:47 PM

Kivi: *Looks back at them for a second* 8:48 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: . . . booooored 8:48 PM

Menami: .. >​no;; 8:48 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *stands up*... Excuse me if I'm a bit bad without sheet music. 8:49 PM

Xisenin: You have the attention span of a goldfish. 8:49 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Actually, I have a pretty big attention span. I just hate this place .-. 8:49 PM

Xisenin: That's another problem. 8:49 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Ech... don't start playing that thing. 8:49 PM

Zik: Zimmy: .. *raises bow*.. *and.. Night of Nights :'D* 8:50 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *Siiigh* Bravo, bravo! Playing an annoying instrument after I asked you to not! Gooood job. 8:50 PM

Xisenin: You lost authority. Expect disappointment. 8:51 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: You really like starting arguments, don't ya? 8:51 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Meh 8:51 PM

Xisenin: On the bright side, I bought a Irkendo DS! 8:51 PM

Menami: Vok, I SWEAR if you cause something.. 8:51 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Well, I thought it was GREAT! 8:52 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *sighs, tries Maiden's Cappriccio*

Xisenin: Vok, wanna play? *holds out the Irkendo* 8:52 PM

Zik: ...I tink he do good, why ye gotta be rude? 8:52 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: I "tink" violin music is dumb. That's why. 8:53 PM

Menami: Sounds like you just dont have good taste in music then. 8:53 PM

Zik: Ye gonna make funna me accent, mate? 8:53 PM

Menami: Don't make FUN of his accent, you jerk. 8:53 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Oh yeeeah, I'm sorry that I have an opinion. 8:53 PM

Menami: (Brb 8:53 PM

Xisenin: *He idles* 8:54 PM

Menami: (Back 8:54 PM

Menami: Well your opinion stinks :U 8:54 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: mmkay 8:54 PM

Vex Entered the Massive 8:54 PM

Vex: (Hi) 8:55 PM

Zik: (Hi. 8:55 PM

Kivi: *Glares at them* 8:55 PM

Xisenin: *He stares at Vok creepily, making sure to make eye contact* 8:55 PM

Menami: (Yo Vex 8:55 PM

Kivi: (Vexxy! Yay! 8:55 PM

Xisenin: (Hi) 8:55 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Uhggg.. Zim, or whatever the heck your name is... could you STOP playing that AWFUL instrument? 8:55 PM

Menami: :I *Rolls eyes* 8:55 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: You're givin' me a headache. 8:55 PM

Vex: (Can someone fill me in on the RP back on IEW chat?) 8:56 PM

Zik: Zimmy: ..*purposely makes a long screech note* 8:56 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: EChhh... STOP. 8:56 PM

Xisenin: I made a Vok whistle in my spare time. 8:56 PM

Menami: See why you can't be friends with him? *ANtennae twitch* >​no 8:57 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Suuure, blame it all on me. When he's the one purposely trying to annoy me. 8:57 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *bats Vok's head with bow* Mhmhm. 8:57 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: ... Rn... 8:57 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Wow 8:57 PM

Zik: Zimmy: I tried to show it's not so bad, you disliked it. 8:58 PM

Xisenin: *He blows the vok whistle* 8:58 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *Throws Zimmy's violin away* 8:58 PM

Menami: ...!! 8:58 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: THERE. Problem solved. 8:58 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *scREAMS* 8:58 PM

Kivi: Kivi's fiance: Nash Gleigh. 8:58 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: *gaps out* bye 8:58 PM

Kivi: *Glares at him* 8:59 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *sighs, lays down and continues to lounge again* 8:59 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Vok, that wasn't nice. 8:59 PM

Menami: Sploo: *Comes back over, holding a little pad to write down the orders.. looking nervous* Did something happen over here/ 8:59 PM

Menami: ?

Zik: Zimmy: *sees a big crack on it*... ... 8:59 PM

Menami: (hey zom look ur flirt 9:00 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Yup. Looks like WE'RE ALL GONNA GET YELLED AT.. or something. 9:00 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Zimmy seems really upset .n. 9:00 PM

Menami: Sploo: ^n^; Is everyone alright? | We're fine.. sorry about that. We'll try to not make as much NOISE. *Flashes a glare at Vok* 9:01 PM

Zik: Zimmy: ..*big breath*.. *grabbing a fork, bending it*.. 9:01 PM

Menami: Sploo: ..!! Sir you're not allowed to do that to resteraunt property! 9:01 PM

Zik: ..*raises hand* Somebody gonna die today. 9:01 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: *Turns around to nuzzle Kiziklu again... but is greeted with disappointment* ..*antenna droop* 9:02 PM

Xisenin: We're fine, sir. 9:02 PM

Menami: Sploo: You may have to pay for that if you don't fix it.. I'll have to kick you all out of here if you don't calm down. 9:02 PM

Kivi: *Bangs head on table* 9:02 PM

Menami: (mario: kiz com back you meanie 9:02 PM

Zik: Zimmy: ..*unbends it.. puts it down* 9:02 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Wowee! Looks like the kid can bend a FORK! Outstaaanding. 9:02 PM

Menami: Sploo: ..*Nervously smiling* Drinks? *Looking around* 9:03 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *sits down*.. .. Water. 9:03 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: *ports back*.. *squeak* 9:04 PM

Xisenin: Water? You're ordering a dangerous element! 9:04 PM

Zik: ...*antenna flick* Ahn. Ey dont know. 9:04 PM

Menami: (i guess zim isnt gonna flirt with him anymore-- :'D 9:04 PM

Xisenin: I'll have soda. 9:04 PM

Zik: Zimmy: Water isn't dangerous. Chemicals are. 9:04 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *smiles at Sploo* 9:05 PM

Menami: Sploo: ..*Quickly writing down all that*.. | Just a wine. Doesn't matter which kind. Surprise me.. *Looks at Zik, smiling* You want the same? 9:05 PM

Zik: Auh.. ye, shoire. 9:05 PM

Kivi: *At the back of the restaurant is a guy who's face is drenched in clown makeup, and is stalking them* 9:06 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Ey Zim, are you still upset? Apparently you have some sorta unholy temper! Sounds very exciting~ 9:06 PM

Menami: Sploo: That it? ^^ I'll be back to bring your drinks and take your orders. *Walking off* 9:06 PM

Menami: (woa twist plot

Zik: Zimmy: *smiles at Vok.. But says nothing* 9:07 PM

Menami: *Kissing him.. whispering*: Just block out all that other noise. Just you, and me.. ^^ It'll still be romantic if you're enjoying it. 9:08 PM

Zik: As long as nobody ges hurt, ye. *nuzzle* 9:09 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: *Quiet sigh*... I think I'm gonna go soon. I don't really wanna hear so much negativity. 9:09 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: *puppy eyes at Mario* Pleaase staay? Theres food D: 9:09 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Ah... I'll think about it. I'm not in a great mood. 9:10 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: >​^< 9:10 PM

Xisenin: Brink Vok with you, please. 9:10 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Whatever... geez you're always complaining. 9:10 PM

Menami: *Nuzzling, smiling*.. c: Love you. 9:11 PM

Xisenin: He's creating a stench of destruction just by talking. 9:11 PM

Zik: Zimmy: uvu I'd prefer if you left immediately, Vok. 9:11 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: PFFFFFHahahaaaa! Nice one, Zim. 9:12 PM

Xisenin: When he's NOT here, things are okay, and when he is, things aren't. The studies confirm it. 9:12 PM

Menami: *Another waiter comes over, looking annoyed.. tapping on Vok* 9:12 PM

Zik: Zimmy: Look.. you broke my violin, you made everyone upset. It's rude. 9:13 PM

Menami: Waiter: Look, sir, the rest of the resteraunt is getting noise complaints from you. This is a high-class resteraunt.. if I get more complaints, I'll be forced to kick you out of here. 9:13 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Whaaat? Me? NOISE? 9:13 PM

Kivi: *Still glaring at them* 9:13 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: ... How bout he gets out now :U 9:14 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Tell them to stop being so sensitive! 9:14 PM

Menami: *Looking over to Kivi*.. Oh, hi! How'd you get over here? ^^; Did you follow me again. 9:14 PM

Kivi: No. I'm here with my fiance. 9:14 PM

Zik: Zimmy: .. *just cries as he looks at his violin again* 9:14 PM

Menami: Waiter: .... 9:15 PM

Kivi: His names Javiv. 9:15 PM

Menami: Waiter: 9:15 PM

Menami: Waiter: Either you be more quiet or you get the boot. *Walking away*

Zik: (That's a waiter face in general :'D 9:16 PM

Kivi: Javiv: Qua ne shei? 9:16 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *mumbling* >​.>​ 9:16 PM

Averii: (krevspectate intensifies) 9:16 PM

Menami: (Pff Zimmy could just take it to a shop and get it fixedXD 9:17 PM

Menami: Menami: ..*Wave* 9:17 PM

Menami: Sploo: *Coming back with the drinks.. the service being fairly quick.. puts them on everyone's tables* Need a few more minutes to decide your orders? 9:17 PM

Kivi: *Looks back at him* Jeek shouda. 9:18 PM

Xisenin: i will have the CHICKEN FINGERS 9:18 PM

Menami: I need a few minutes. ^^; 9:18 PM

Zik: Zimmy: .. *puts on glasses, reading the menu* ... 9:19 PM

Menami: Sploo: ..Chicken fingers? Erh.. we don't serve those. 9:19 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Do you have any cigars? :/ 9:20 PM

Averii: (half tempted to splatter Ave against the window out of nowhere) 9:21 PM

Menami: Sploo: Smoking isn't permitted inside the building. You'll have to go out. 9:21 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Cigars are really really reaaaally bad for you though :c 9:21 PM

Xisenin: What do you have? 9:21 PM

Zik: ...Eyv never been somwhar fancy, Mew. 9:22 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Whatever. I'll have some later.. 9:22 PM

Menami: Sploo: ..Have you people never been in a place like this before? ^^; I thought this was basic rules. 9:22 PM

Zik: ... Uh.. nope. 9:22 PM

Zik: Eyv the sense to not be a stupid though. 9:23 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: I've been in a few places like this before... didn't last long though. Apparently harassing the incompetent staff wasn't allowed.. 9:23 PM

Menami: Sploo: I mean, smoking inside a building.. 9:23 PM

Xisenin: I have! 9:23 PM

Menami: Sploo: .... 9:23 PM

Xisenin: *proud face* 9:23 PM

Menami: I haven't either, Zik. Honestly.. my first time. I spent alot. 9:23 PM

Xisenin: Well, I'll have the blerrgh. 9:24 PM

Kivi: I go to these places all the time. Just don't look the waiters in the eyes. 9:24 PM

Zik: ...^^ So uh .. s-so much stuff... 9:24 PM

Kivi: *Kivi and Javiv start laughing* 9:25 PM

Zik: Zimmy: ... *looks into Sploo's eyes all seductive* (Pff zimmy no 9:25 PM

Averii: (i have a movie quote somewhere for this!) 9:25 PM

Menami: Sploo: We have multiple baked dishes of exotic alien cattles, foreign wines.. would you all like to try our new shishacabob combo? 9:25 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: You shoulda seen the looks on their faces though! One minute he's yelling at me.. the next BAM! His frea-PFFhahaa-in-ing eye, I shot it right off! PFFFHAAHAHAHAHAaaa oh.. oh man. Great times *He wipes some tears out of his eyes from laughing so hard*.. 9:26 PM

Menami: Sploo: ..*Writing down Xisenin's order first* 9:26 PM

Menami: Sploo: That's nice, sir.. ..*Glances to Zimmy*... *nervousnessintensifies-​* 9:26 PM

Zik: Zimmy: ^^~ 9:26 PM

Kivi: Do you have Oplamagnaskupinhiggi? *Begins laughing again* 9:26 PM

Menami: ..i dont even know what these foods are D; 9:27 PM

Xisenin: *He is listening intently to Vok's story* 9:27 PM

Xisenin: Whoa! 9:27 PM

Menami: Sploo: For deserts, as well.. we have many chocolate shakes dipped in a large pile of whip cream, fudge covered small cakes.. 9:27 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: I don't really want any food.. I ain't hungry. *Twiddling his thumbs around* 9:27 PM

Xisenin: @_@ CHOCOLATE 9:28 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: I wish I was able to eat stuff ;o; 9:28 PM

Zik: Mewww. Lookit.. *gazing at the meats section*.. 9:28 PM

Menami: Sploo: Oh, a robot, hm? ^^ There's actually been development for trying to construct some foods that robots could taste, using special data chips. Want a free sample? *Looking at Hatbot* 9:29 PM

Xisenin: aww. I'm getting hungry.

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Hmmmmmm 9:30 PM

Zik: ..*grabbing a pencil, circling some of the items*.. 9:30 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Sure! :D 9:30 PM

Kivi: Ya know, cyborgs are getting liberation. 9:30 PM

Menami: ? What are you circling? 9:30 PM

Zik: ..*a bit embarrassed he can't read well* Some cool stuff.. 9:30 PM

Zik: Eyll erase it. 9:30 PM

Xisenin: (haz to take shower soon. please continue without meh when i leave) 9:30 PM

Menami: ! Oh, I'll help you, don't worry. ^^ 9:31 PM

Menami: (Oki 9:31 PM

Vex: (hey guys, I just posted a new page on the IEW if you wanna check it out when you have time) 9:31 PM

Xisenin: (sure) 9:31 PM

Menami: Sploo: I'll come back for everyone to make their final orders. If you want to just stick to something small, we also have regular beef burgers and fries. 9:31 PM

Menami: (Ok 9:31 PM

Xisenin: (oh shower time continue without me brb) 9:31 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Wait! 9:32 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Can I have some wine? 9:32 PM

Menami: Sploo: ? Yes? Oh, alright. 9:32 PM

Menami: Sploo: *Scribbling that down, walking off* 9:32 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *giggles* Nice eyes you have~ 9:33 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: That's probably the only type of drink that's decent here. 9:33 PM

Menami: ...Wow Zik, this is alot.. 9:33 PM

Menami: Sploo: ...o///o;; *Hurries his pace* 9:33 PM

Zik: B-but I didn't circle alot. 9:33 PM

Menami: They have really saucy steaks and ribs.. 9:33 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *looks at Zimmy*.. weirdoooo... 9:33 PM

Menami: Oh no, just the menu. All they have is alot. 9:33 PM

Zik: Zimmy: To maintain my beauty.. *grabs mirror, redoes makeup* I will ignore you. 9:34 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *quiet laugh* Okaaay.. 9:34 PM

Kivi: Clown guy: *Still stalking them* 9:34 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: *stares at the clown guy* 9:35 PM

Kivi: Clown guy: *Hides behind menu* 9:36 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *puts makeup away*.. uvu 9:36 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: >​.>​... 9:36 PM

Menami: How about we get a set of ribs and steak for you and me? ^^ 9:36 PM

Zik: Oh..! Oki, but ey like dem soups.. 9:36 PM

Menami: Oh? We can get soup instead of that. 9:37 PM

Menami: Just point. 9:37 PM

Zik: ? But meat. Ono

Zik: (<3 Kepler licked my fingers for playing with him 9:38 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *Pokes Mario* Eyyy Mayonaise, why are you so quiet? IT's bugging me. 9:39 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: I don't feel like talking right now. I'm not in a good mood, as I mentioned before... 9:39 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: *kisses Mario's cheek* ^^ 9:39 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: :l 9:40 PM

Menami: Okay.. then how about ribs and soup? ^^ 9:40 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: *Small smile* Thanks sweetie uwu 9:40 PM

Zik: Yass~ ^^ 9:40 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: *blushu* 9:40 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: You guys are so darn cute :3... 9:41 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: Heh. u//v//u;; 9:42 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Hey Zimmy, what's with all the makeup? You look like a clown.. 9:42 PM

Menami: (zimmy: hon im just a crossdresser | vok: ..ew 9:42 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *scrolling through the menu*.. 9:42 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: You should date that other clown guy over there! 9:43 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: You guys would be perfect for each other. 9:43 PM

Kivi: Clown guy: *Eyes widen*

Menami: (Clown: MY COVER IS BLOWN 9:44 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *giggles to Mario* I think this dish looks soooo good, sooo chocolatey 9:44 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *pokes zimmy* Hellloooooo? 9:44 PM

Menami: Sploo: Is everyone's orders ready? *Walks back* c: 9:44 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Oh, cool... 9:44 PM

Kivi: Clown guy: *Still happens to be stalking them* 9:45 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: I'm more of a meat-lover. 9:45 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: I think so. 9:46 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Where's my freakin' wine? 9:46 PM

Menami: Me and him *Glances to Zik* will take a bowl of mild ribs and the small soup ^^ 9:46 PM

Menami: Sploo: *Writing*.. Be patient. We have alot of customers, okay? 9:47 PM

Zik: Zimmy: Yes~ I'd like the veggie and steak combo and a side of smashed potretis.. | Kiziklu: ..Jus ribs, mate.. 9:47 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: I'll have a crab-flavored chip. If you even have those .o. 9:47 PM

Zik: *erasing the circles*..

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *A waiter comes up* 9:48 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *He is wearing a giant hat* 9:48 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *tapping his foot* 9:48 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Come on.. hurry up. 9:49 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *and a hood* 9:49 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: I've got important stuff to do soon. 9:49 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Waiter: how yall foos doin todey? 9:49 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: REALLY important stuff. 9:49 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Great! :D 9:49 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: waiter:*throws a biscuit at vok* 9:49 PM

Zik: ....O o 9:49 PM

Menami: Sploo: ..*Stares at the waiter* 9:49 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Waiter:*slowly turns around* 9:49 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Horrible .. 9:49 PM

Zik: Zimmy: ...Egh. 9:49 PM

Menami: o_o; 9:50 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Biscuit? Ewwww 9:50 PM

Kivi: *Some weird creature jumps out of his hat* 9:50 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: This things are gross. 9:50 PM

Menami: Sploo: ..*Writing down everyone's orders, and dragging the other waiter away* :U 9:50 PM

Mayo-san: These* 9:50 PM


Zik: Zimmy: ..Iii think Sploo is soo cute. 9:50 PM

Menami: Hey, Zik. Wanna get desert later >​//w//<

.*The waiter reveals himself as Schmoob*

Mayo-san: Vok: Oh greeeeat! Another ANNOYING person! 9:57 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Fantastic. 9:57 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: (@av /image inva... 9:57 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: -.-' so rude... 9:57 PM

Zik: Zimmy: By the way, VOK, I have a boyfriend. 9:57 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken 9:57 PM


Zik: (Omg 9:57 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: (@av 9:57 PM

Menami: (lol i never even watched bionicle 9:58 PM

Zik: (Whats a bionicle 9:58 PM

Menami: (It was a lego show 9:58 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: (^ SATANIST COMMUNISTS 9:58 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Oookay? I don't really care. 9:58 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( BURN IN HALL 9:58 PM

Zik: (Ok. 9:58 PM

Kivi: (Schmoob, i read that in a Russian accent. 9:58 PM

Zik: Zimmy: Urrrghhh... 9:58 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: If you have a boyfriend, why're you flirting with others? 9:58 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( u can only be a k00l kid if u wtch bongoocle d00d 9:58 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: ._. 9:59 PM

Zik: Zimmy: ..Because I like their reactions. 9:59 PM

Zik: Zimmy: Flirting is a way of socialising. 9:59 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( i hav al the colutble logo parts,git guud mun 9:59 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: k 9:59 PM

Menami: Sploo: ..*Tosses Schmoob out the door* 10:00 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Oh, hey Schmo- 10:00 PM

Menami: Sploo: .. Your disguises don't fool me. :I You've wrecked this resteraunt before. 10:00 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: That didn't last long... 10:00 PM

Menami: (pff 10:00 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *shuts eyes* ..... 10:00 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: PFFFFFHahahHAAA 10:01 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:OH C'MON- 10:01 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: He got kicked out! What a loser... pfff.. 10:01 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *car crash* 10:01 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *An explosion goes off* 10:01 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Guy: MY LEG 10:01 PM

Menami: Sploo: Stay out or I'm calling security this time- .... ...*Casually walks away* 10:01 PM

Menami: .... >​no ..I hope he's okay. 10:01 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *A tenetacled abomination casually walks past the resturant from Schml's direction,and tips a big top hat,he holds a fancy cane* 10:02 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Me too. I need him for my personal gains -3- 10:02 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: (Schmoob's* 10:02 PM

Menami: (Schml 10:02 PM

Menami: (:'DD 10:02 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Schml confirm-no

Menami: ..So, this resteraunt's has had problems with Schmoob, huh ._.; 10:03 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: ummm.. okay 10:03 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: That isn't surprising. 10:04 PM

Zik: Zimmy: ..uvu; *his face is the definition of murderous loli* 10:04 PM

Kivi: Ooooooooh, I went here once when Schmoob was here. It was awful. 10:05 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: That disturbed little Irken causes trouble everywhere he goes.. 10:05 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: It's very entertaining! That's the only think I like about him though... 10:05 PM

Mayo-san: thing* 10:05 PM

Menami: Eeeh.. ^^;;;

Zik: ... ... ... Ey dont like dis. 10:06 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: When will our orders arrive? The service is slow.. 10:06 PM

Menami: ..*Turns to Zik* Why? ono;; 10:06 PM

Kivi: Clown guy: *Still stalking them*] 10:06 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Guy:HEY YOOOOUUUU! STUP SCREEMIN,I IZ TRYNG TO EEET *yells at vok* 10:06 PM

Zik: We know them people. 10:07 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: It's almost as slow as Hatbot's processor. 10:07 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: ;n; That was-wasn't nice 10:07 PM


Zik: Zimmy: ... ... 10:07 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: I ain't screaming. 10:07 PM

Zik: Zimmy: Please stop. 10:07 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: guy:STAHP IT HURTS MEH EARS 10:07 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *the guy pokes vok* 10:08 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: guy:DEEEEEEEEEE 10:08 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: ... 10:08 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *Stares at the guy8 10:08 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: guy: my father was...a watermelon. 10:08 PM

Mayo-san: * 10:08 PM

Menami: .. *Kissing him again* Just you and me again. We'll eat and talk. 10:08 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: guy:*gets in vok's face* 10:08 PM

Menami: Just ignore everything else. ^^ 10:08 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: I'm giving you 10 seconds. 10:08 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: guy:you smell like purple. 10:08 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: To get out of my face before I drag you down to hell. :08 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: guy:10 seconds? OH MY IRKUS,YOUR SATANIC@ 10:09 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: guy:DIS GUY IS A SATANIST! 10:09 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: ... 10:09 PM

Zik: (*imagines a chubby small alien like 5 rows away, his arm and head stretched over to Vok* god 10:09 PM

Menami: (XDDD 10:09 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *an alien kid is pointing at vok* *gasps from the restaurant crowd* 10:10 PM

Zik: Zimmy: ..I'm lawfully related to Satan. 10:10 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: guy:BURN HIIMMMM 10:10 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *grins* Time's up... 10:10 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: guy:dazark does that mean 10:10 PM

Menami: Snobby Irkens: .... peh. low-class peasents.. 10:10 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *He shoots a small blast of fire at the guy* 10:10 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The guy is instantly vaporized* 10:10 PM

Kivi: Kivi: Well, this is going be quite a Goplosmakadukragagil. *Laughs with Javiv* 10:11 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Now, now. That's just a small warning shots. Don- 10:11 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *A burnt skeleton falls over* 10:11 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Oh.. um 10:11 PM

Zik: ...Ay, who he think he talking. He a peasant. 10:11 PM

Mayo-san: shot* 10:11 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Monocle alien: I SAY!

Menami: *The same waiter from before comes over, irritated* 10:11 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Alien:Yes,quite shocking. Mmmmmyes ahuehuehue *snooty rich laughing* 10:12 PM

Zik: Zimmy: ..*smile~ at the waiter* 10:12 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *slooowly backs away from the dead guy* 10:12 PM

Menami: Waiter: What did I tell you?! I'm getting more noise reports from you and I'm sick of it!

  • angry black lady* 10:12 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: (why did i think freddy laugh- 10:12 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( cake the cat is waiter confirmed 10:12 PM

Zik: ...*facepalm, shudders* ... 10:12 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: (vokxcake,i ship it 10:12 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Hey, I'm not the one SCREAMING. Your "customers" are so barbaric... 10:12 PM

Menami: Waiter: *She violently grabs Vok's collar, JERKING him back and grabbing him.. throwing him out the door, slamming it* We do NOT allow this kind of behavior! 10:12 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: EHY- I'm not doing anything! 10:13 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: THIS IS UNFAIR! 10:13 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: ...Heh 10:13 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:Hi. 10:13 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: yay 10:13 PM

Zik: Mewww. I don't.. like th'thoughts here. 10:13 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob is covered in burns and scratches* 10:13 PM

Menami: Waiter: You come back in here again and I'm calling security! The authorities, even! *Walking away* 10:13 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *Staring at the waiter* *giving a menacing look* 10:14 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:Wanna look at this pairing game I coded- 10:14 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Rnn.... 10:14 PM

Menami: *Hugging him*.. *She starts thinking of cuddly stuff for him :'D* 10:14 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:.-. 10:14 PM

Zik: ..*eyes shut* Thank ye. 10:14 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: I'm tempted to BURN this pathetic place to ashes. 10:15 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*yawn* 10:15 PM


Zik: Kiziklu: yee.mp3 *stares at Zik* | nope.avi 10:15 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: That waiter.. has no idea who I am! Rnn... 10:15 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:I'd say something but I'm pretty tired after sneaking around the apartment all day. I'm gonna get some shut eye. 10:15 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: *looks over at Vok* pffff 10:15 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: What a drama queen :P 10:16 PM

Zik: Zimmy: Uhuhuhuhu! 10:16 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:Oh uh Vok. 10:16 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: What 10:16 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:There's something I should tell youuuuu 10:16 PM

Zik: (vok is,my bae 10:16 PM

Menami: Sploo: *Coming back, holding MULTIPLE dishes.. does a polar express style hot chocolate waiter dance, flipping over and kicking and twirling the dishes, they all perfectly land on the tables* uvu~ 10:17 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:There's been rumors of Nightmare Irkens sneaking around on Irk. 10:17 PM

Zik: (AwwYISSSSSS 10:17 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:If you ask me,I think they're planning something. 10:17 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Good. 10:17 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: That's... good. 10:17 PM

Kivi: (Guys, I'm gonna go now. You can continue without me, if you'd like. 10:17 PM

Menami: Sploo: And there's your orders. ^^ 10:17 PM

Menami: ! *Claps* :3 10:17 PM

Menami: (Ok 10:17 PM

Zik: Zimmy: Uuuu! *giggling, claps* 10:17 PM

Kivi: (Bye. 10:18 PM

Zik: (Bye 10:18 PM

Mayo-san: (byee 10:18 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *kisses his cheek* Uhuhuhu~ ^^ 10:18 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: So uh..I'm guessing you should warn your son and your friends. 10:18 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:Oh uh,by the way. 10:18 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*takes out a strange red glowing bucket* 10:19 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Warn them...? Yeah.. sure, I'll do that. 10:19 PM

Menami: Sploo: *Blushes* !.. ..E-Eheheh.. .. I'll come back later if you all want dessert, and with the bills. *Walking off* 10:19 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob dumps it on him,causing extremely painful burns and itching* 10:19 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:HA! THAT'S FOR THE LOONY BIN! 10:19 PM

Zik: (*tune* everybody haaates voook 10:19 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob takes out an LSD remote and presses it,a portal opens* 10:19 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: RGHGGGG- 10:20 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:huehuehu *jumps into it* 10:20 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *It closes* 10:20 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *Spazzing* 10:20 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: You i-idiots... have no idea.. 10:20 PM

Menami: Wow, this food.. ^^ 10:20 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: You'll all regret being so horrible to me, when it happens. 10:20 PM

Menami: Go ahead and eat Zik! I'm not gonna eat as much as you. *Nomming on a rib*.. 10:20 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The acid quickly dries into a fragile crystalline substance encrusted on vok's skin* 10:21 PM

Zik: Oh, uh. Oki. 10:21 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: ... 10:21 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *It breaks a bit,flaking off* 10:21 PM


Zik: *purrr, eating*.. 10:21 PM

Zik: Zimmy: ..*slowly stares out the window* 10:22 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( pm quick mario 10:22 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *Shaking in anger* 10:22 PM

Menami: Feeling better? uvu 10:22 PM

Menami: Ooh, we'll get something good for dessert.. and we could even share it all like a movie.. >​////w////<;; 10:23 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *starts picking off the substance* How did he get his hands... on this stuff? 10:23 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Maybe he's closer then I think... 10:23 PM

Zik: Zimmy: ..*frown* ... *just eats* .. | Kiziklu: ..*nom.. offers to Mario.all cute* 10:23 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The flakes of the substance grow tiny spider legs,and crawl away,hissing* 10:23 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *They're tiny* 10:24 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( well uhh i'm gonna go now 10:24 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( you can continue without me 10:24 PM

Mayo-san: (ok 10:24 PM

Zik: (Oki 10:24 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Mm... I'm gonna go check on Vok. 10:24 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( mario check pm quick 10:24 PM

Mayo-san: Mari: I'll be back soon. 10:25 PM

Mayo-san: Mario** 10:25 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: Nuuuu, stay.. 10:25 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: 8c

Mayo-san: Mario: I won't be long uwu 10:25 PM

Zik: ..^^ Ufufufu.. So good. 10:26 PM

Menami: (I gotta go anyways so lets continue at another time ok >​o< 10:26 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: *Kisses Kiz* 10:26 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: Oki. 10:26 PM

Zik: Kiziklu: ^//^ 10:26 PM

Mayo-san: (alright 10:26 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: (recod or i wil rek u m8 10:26 PM

Menami: (See you guys 10:26 PM

Mayo-san: (byee

Menami: ^//^ *Finishing up her portion, looking over*... Hey, you ready for dessert Zik? :3 8:59 PM

Zik: Oh uh.. ye. *eyes wide* Eym always hungry. 9:00 PM

Menami: *Smiling, giggling* You've got a big appetite. I know you well. 9:02 PM

Zik: Eh, but ye know whoi. 9:02 PM

Menami: I know. *Nods*.. I'll make sure not to get you fat. :3; 9:04 PM

Zik: ..Reaally impossible. - o 9:05 PM

Menami: Oh, it's possible. I'm not stupid. 9:05 PM

Zik: *gives a stare* Eyv ribs showin, thinkin eyl be fat by the enda this yes? 9:06 PM

Menami: ..No! 9:07 PM

Menami: I didn't say that at all. ^^; 9:07 PM Menami: I mean, I'm just saying I wont let you eat TOO much to overstuff.

Zik: Mmhm..? 9:07 PM

Menami: ^^; I guess I misheard you. 9:08 PM

Xisenin Entered the Massive 9:08 PM

Xisenin: Xffgvvg 9:08 PM

Mayo-san Entered the Massive 9:08 PM

Zik: *hisss* <m< 9:08 PM

Zik: (Hi. 9:08 PM

Menami: *Hey 9:08 PM

Menami: *(Hey 9:08 PM

Menami: ..*Kisses* Stop. :U 9:08 PM

Zik: =3=; 9:09 PM

Xisenin: *eats food* 9:09 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Where the heck is that food chip? 9:09 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: ..Not sure. *He opens the door, and walks over to Vok* 9:10 PM

Menami: Sploo: !! *Rushing back* Sorry for your late order. ^^; *Holding out the chip to him*.. Is anyone here ready for the dessert course? 9:10 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Yay! :3 9:10 PM

9:10 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Hey Vok, are you alright? 9:10 PM

Xisenin: CHOCOLAAATE 9:11 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: ...Eh 9:11 PM

Zik: ..Auh yee. | Kiziklu: Well.. nyes. | Zimmy: Uhu. ^^ *runs finger on Sploo's chin* (zimmy stap 9:12 PM

Menami: Hey Zik.. ...Want to get a chocolate shake o//w//o And cake.. 9:12 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Kinda annoyed. Especially because of that Zimmy person.. 9:12 PM

Xisenin: CHOCOLAAATE *staring at the waiter* 9:12 PM

Menami: Sploo: ..! H-Hm? ^^;;;; 9:12 PM

Zik: Oh, shoire. | Zimmy: ^^ I think you're the sweetest thing here. 9:13 PM Mayo-san: Vok: People seem to

like mistreating me. Why would they do that? I have an amaaazing

personality! I guess they can't handle a few jokes... pff..

Menami: Sploo: ..*Small blush* That's.. very kind..? 9:14 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken Entered the Massive 9:14 PM

Zik: Zimmy: Uhuhu. ^^<3 9:14 PM

Xisenin: No, you're just a burden that we love *pets Vok* 9:15 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Look... Vok.. I know you can change. Everybody mistreats ya because you act like

a jerk.. what happened to the Vok I used to know? 9:15 PM

Menami: Sploo: Anyways.. everyone's orders, please? 9:15 PM

Menami: ..A chocolate shake and two cakes, please. ^^ 9:15 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( YOU DIDn"T HAVE TO CUT MEEE OUUUTTT 9:15 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Eh. I'm pretty sure I was always like this. 9:15 PM

Zik: (Vok is outside owo 9:15 PM Xisenin: Solid chocolate!

Menami: Sploo: *Running off.. coming back within a few minutes of the order, putting the plates down* ^^ *Walks off* 9:17 PM

Zik: Zimmy: Byeee~ 9:17 PM

9:18 PM

Menami: ..*Grabbing two straws.. puts them in the same shake, one towards Zik.. blushing and giggling* 9:18 PM

Zik: (Schmoob's being a bug :P 9:19 PM Xisenin: CHOCOLATE *eats the block of chocolate*

9:19 PM

Zik: Eheh. 9:19 PM

Menami: *Drinking out of one* ^^ It's like the romance movies~ 9:19 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *He takes out one of his prized cigars, and lights it with his hands* 9:19 PM Zik: Zimmy: *purr, eating a large chocolate-strawberry sundae*..

Mayo-san: Vok: Look bud... I'll try to tone my jokes down a bit then, okay? 9:20 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: )* 9:20 PM

Zik: ..*smiles*.. *drinking with her* 9:21 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Thanks Dad. *Hugs Vok* 9:21 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Ech... uh, sure thing. 9:21 PM

Xisenin: :D *He smiles, sitting still* 9:22 PM

InvaderJib Entered the Massive 9:22 PM

InvaderJib: ... 9:23 PM

Zik: ^^ *nuzzle*.. 9:23 PM

Xisenin: The Krusty Krab Pizza is da Pizza For You and Me! 9:23 PM Menami: *Purrpurr* :3

9:23 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: I'll sit with ya for awhile.. I'd feel bad if I let you sit around alone. 9:24 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: (mario: thnx u daddeh 9:25 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken 9:25 PM


Zik: (Omg yes 9:26 PM

Menami: (XDDD 9:26 PM

Mayo-san: (pfff 9:26 PM

Zik: ^^ This aint too bad. 9:26 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Yeah.. sure 9:27 PM

Xisenin: *He falls asleep* 9:27 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Yarp is in the backround with Draxx at a table,messily devouring food* 9:27 PM Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Draxx stares at menami*

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Draxx:..... 9:27 PM

9:27 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Draxx:*Stare intensifies* 9:28 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Eh, this reminds me of when I was a kid, and how I'd watch the starry nights with you. 9:28 PM

Xisenin: *He looks at them* How did they get in here? 9:28 PM Mayo-san: Hatbot: Mario is taking a long time >​.<

Mayo-san: Vok: *Ignoring Mario* 9:30 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( pencil article caused vok's insanity confirmed 9:30 PM

Menami: (omg XDD 9:30 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *coughs up some smoke* Ech... I should cut down on the cigars. 9:31 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Naaah... 9:31 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( he was behind everything 9:31 PM

Zik: uvu 9:31 PM

9:31 PM

Xisenin: *He kind of stares at Zik and Menami, and around the restaurant* 9:32 PM

Menami: >​w< I'm glad you like it. 9:32 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Do you remember the old days? uwu We used to do so much together.. 9:32 PM

Zik: Ye. .w. 9:33 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *twiddling with his thumbs* ... 9:33 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *a crystal alien similar to the crystal girl from hobo 13 comes up,wearing goggles and a waiter uniform* 9:33 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Alien:Did someone order the Fried Chocolate filled Mc'Gorulloan? 9:33 PM

Xisenin: Nope. 9:33 PM

Menami: .... 9:34 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Alien:How about the Chocolate milkshake filled with coco chunks? 9:34 PM

Menami: ..*She suddenly becomes a bit tense, looking at Zik intently*.. 9:34 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( lir check pm quick 9:35 PM Menami: ..*Awkwardly sipping*

9:35 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: What's taking Mario sooo long >​m<! It's making me really nervous.. 9:36 PM

Zik Entered the Massive 9:36 PM

Mayo-san: !?* 9:36 PM

Zik: ... Erh, why ye nervous. 9:36 PM

Menami: ..It's uh.. 9:36 PM

Menami: ..... ..*sIP* 9:36 PM

Zik: Nervous thoughts make me nervous. 9:36 PM

Zik: Stop being nervous. 9:37 PM

Menami: (menami u can do it 9:37 PM

Zik: (Best advice 9:37 PM

Xisenin: Sure. 9:37 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Alien:*hands shake to xi* 9:37 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The alien walks away* 9:37 PM

Menami: (do it mewnahmi 9:37 PM

Menami: Oh, I'm not.. 9:37 PM

Xisenin: *takes it, and holds it there, derping* 9:37 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( brb continue without me 9:38 PM

Menami: *Her hands shake a bit, sitting up straighter*.. .. Hey, can I ask something? 9:38 PM

Zik: Ey s'pose. 9:38 PM

Zik: *looks at*.. 9:39 PM

Xisenin: :| 9:39 PM

Menami: This is the perfect place to ask. And it's.. why I asked you out here in the first place. *Her voice becomes a bit louder, shakily breathing*.. 9:39 PM

Menami: You love me.. I love you. We've been together a long time, haven't we? 9:39 PM

Zik: ..*antenna up, nerved* 9:40 PM

Zik: *blinks*.. Wholl if ye gotta ask somin, woman up a little 9:40 PM

Zik: *smile~* 9:40 PM

Menami: *Calming down*.. Of course! *She smiles back* 9:41 PM

Menami: ^^.. Zik. 9:41 PM

Zik: Whot? 9:41 PM

Menami: ..You're one of the best things that's happened in my life. And there are few things.. that can go and take place into that spot. 9:41 PM Menami: Almost nothing.

9:41 PM

Zik: ..Coo'. 9:42 PM

Menami: And.. aah.. 9:42 PM

Zik: Ey like ye too. 9:42 PM

Menami: ..*Smiles, a bit tearyeyed* And I'm glad your brother came along. *Nods to Zim* 9:42 PM

Zik: ??? 9:43 PM

Menami: ..Because this is something special I'd want him to hear. 9:43 PM

Menami: And you. ..And everyone else who can hear on. 9:43 PM

Zik: Zimmy: ! ..*runs to their table* 9:43 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: :o 9:43 PM

Zik: Zimmy: DONT say yet. 9:43 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: *rolls over to their table* 9:43 PM

Menami: ..??? *Antennae twitch* 9:43 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: What's going on?? :U 9:43 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *grabs phone* Go now *presses record* 9:43 PM

Menami: ^^;;;;! 9:44 PM

Zik: Uhh! Ono 9:44 PM

Menami: *She blushes a bit*.. E-Ehehe.. 9:44 PM

Menami: ...Zik. I love you with all my heart, man. I never wanna leave you. Not ever.. 9:44 PM

Menami: ..So that's why I have to ask.. *Reaching into pocket* 9:44 PM Zik: *looks at Menami* ?

9:44 PM

Zik: ..*antennas wiggle*.. 9:45 PM Menami: *Leaning down a bit, smiling.. and holding out a small case with two wedding rings, opening them*.. *Inside is a heart necklace with a photo of them, and a bit of chocolate* .. ..*She cries a bit, her voice shaken, but still smiling*..

Kiziklu Bey. Could you please marry me?

Zik: ..! *blush*.. *just silent, staring at her and what she's holding* 9:47 PM

Zik: Kiz: *looks behind* ..Owo! 9:47 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: :o Woah!! *His arms flail around a bit* YAAAY! 9:47 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: That's so sweet! ^w^ 9:48 PM

Menami: *Breathing a bit heavily in all her nervousness, smiling despite*.. 9:48 PM

Zik: ..W-woah ye!! Ah'course! 9:48 PM

Menami: ..R-Really?! O-Oh my gosh..!!! 9:48 PM

Menami: YES!! *Hugs him* 9:48 PM

Zik: *awkwardly tries to pick up but can't because weak bby* 9:48 PM

Vex Entered the Massive 9:49 PM

Menami: *Kissing and giggling, hugging tight* 9:49 PM

Menami: (zimmy: *fangirl squealing* 9:50 PM

Zik: *just completely drops his cane and huggles, standing up even.. sorta* 9:50 PM Zik: Zimmy: EEEEE<3

9:50 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *his Heartspirit glows and spins around himself, then it nuzzles them* 9:51 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Bob's gonna be pissed .3. 9:52 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Oh well 9:52 PM

Zik Entered the Massive 9:52 PM

Zik: Screw Bob!! Woohooo! 9:52 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: He's gonna scream sooooo loud. 9:53 PM

Menami: *Not hearing Hatbot, too happy with Zik*.. >​///w///<!! 9:53 PM

9:53 PM

Zik: ! *slips a bit, falling backwards* ^^;! 9:54 PM

Menami: (Count: ..let me plan the decorations- | Zik: paaa you'll make it all gothic D; | Count: ..yeah so? 9:54 PM

Zik: (Zimmy: Allow me | Zik: your colourd hurt my eyes 9:54 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: .3. 9:56 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: So when's the wedding gonna happen? 9:56 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: (Schmoob will be the best man and make the cake- 9:56 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Ooooh! Who's gonna be the best man? 9:56 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: (*menami and zik statues with fionna and Schmoob doll heads taped on* 9:57 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Schmoob:the baker made a mistake 9:57 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Who's gonna be the ring bearer? :o 9:57 PM

Zik: (Omg 9:57 PM

Menami: (XDD 9:57 PM

Zik: Whot, ye think ey got the ideas?! 9:57 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Oooh, ooh! Who's gonna be the decorator? >​o< 9:57 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: (then cake grows 6 legs and eats everyone because Schmoob 9:58 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: the cake* 9:58 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: I have sooooo many questions owo 9:58 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Draxx appears from under the table* 9:58 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Draxx:LEMME BE DA BEST MAN 9:59 PM Menami: *Helping him back up*.. !!! --

9:59 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: .. ehhhh 9:59 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Draxx:PWWWWEEEEEAAAAZZZE​EEE 9:59 PM

Zik: *fAlls* 9:59 PM

Zik: NO WHO ARE YE 9:59 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Draxx:No? 10:00 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Draxx:Oh..ok,well...I understand. 10:00 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Well this is pretty awkward.. 10:00 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Draxx:*picks up a piece of xi's chocolate and slowly smears it on zik's face* :I 10:00 PM

Menami: ^^;;;; .. 10:00 PM

Menami: ...*Slowly... kicks Draxx to the other table* 10:00 PM

Zik: ..., 10:00 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Draxx:*slowly goes back under table with a creepy grin* 10:00 PM

Menami: ..ene; 10:01 PM

Zik: *gaps Draxx outside* no 10:01 PM

Zik: *licks the chocolate off* ... 10:01 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Draxx has dissappeared* 10:01 PM

Menami: How about we all decide who's in charge of what when everyone knows the news? ^^ 10:01 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: The best man will probably be Zimmy.. or someone. 10:01 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Yarp:OOOHH BOY! A WEDDING?! 10:01 PM

Menami: I'd like to keep this

erh.. away from Bob for as long as possible though. I'd like to talk

to him PERSONALLY about it myself, okay? He'd take it harder from anyone

else. 10:02 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Yarp:There's gonna be cake right? 10:02 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Um... don't let Vok know then. That'd probably be the first thing he'd do... 10:02 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Yarp: I will summon satan if not. 10:02 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:Bob wouldn't do that hatbot. 10:03 PM

Zik: ..No cake for ye. 10:03 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Yarp:*stares at zik,motionless* 10:04 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: I didn't say Bob would do that. I said Vok would do it >​.o 10:04 PM

Menami: (..welp i just got contacted on skype by a person with an elfen lied icon, and then i realize it's one of my best irl friends 10:04 PM

Menami: (im fucked. 10:04 PM

Menami: (save me somebody 10:04 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( why 10:04 PM

Zik: (no 10:05 PM

Menami: (eeeh and shes super hyper 10:05 PM

Menami: (she probably wont shut up about it 10:05 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( oh-OH- OH DEAR LORD 10:05 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Ooooh, oooh! Can I be the flower-job-person-thingy​? 10:05 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: Oh uh..forgot I said that then. 10:06 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Schmoob is wearing a tuxedo and has a broken comb stuck in his horrible hair* 10:06 PM

Zik: ..Yall askin too much at once.. @n@ 10:06 PM

Menami: <n>​.. 10:07 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:I'LL be the best man! Cuz I'm menami's bestest friend,and stuff. 10:07 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:*puts arm on menami* Right? 10:07 PM

Menami: ( quick somebody call the save me police 10:07 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Doesn't Zik get to choose the best man? 10:07 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( S A V E H E R 10:08 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( friend: you can't 10:08 PM

10:08 PM

Zik: ..If ye had a conscience, Hatbot, eyd be dying mentally. Stap. 10:08 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Yarp:HATBOT HAS NO SOUL :D 10:09 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: ... :c 10:09 PM

Zik: ..*pets* 10:09 PM

Zik: ... 10:09 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Yarp:That's incredibly depressing! 10:09 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:..Uh...anyway...I'l​l even order a cake for you guys! 10:10 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: *he rolls away* 10:10 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob: As a uh..sign of my appreciation or something. 10:10 PM

Menami: ..Guys, CALM DOWN! 10:10 PM

Menami: (almost typed "cam down" jfc 10:10 PM

Zik Entered the Massive 10:10 PM

Mayo-san: (pffffffff- 10:10 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( ssssh no tears 10:10 PM Menami: ..Can we have a little time to OURSELVES to make the decisions? Please?

10:11 PM

Zik: @n@; Eyd appreciate yer thoughts going away. 10:11 PM

Menami: (XD 10:11 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken:

Yarp:That depends on what you both are doing at that said time besides
making decisions. Ever heard of having a bit of fun before your wedding
night- 10:11 PM

Averii: (Krev hath return from the realm of swim practice) 10:11 PM Menami: .... o////o;; uh-

Mayo-san: Hatbot: What's that supposed to mean? <.>​ 10:12 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:You seem pretty strange today Yarp. 10:12 PM

Menami: *Face turning purple*.. 10:12 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Yarp:Oh I'm going through a sugar rush. 10:12 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: I don't get it o~o 10:12 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Yarp:I see colors. 10:13 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *pREPARE YOURSELF he has a purse* 10:13 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Yarp faints* 10:13 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: I don't geeeeet it 10:14 PM

Zik: (Zik: there's always time for tentacles 10:16 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken:

10:17 PM

Menami: *Grabbing Zik's hand*.. Well, I wanna talk to Zik in my apartment for a while, okay? ^^;

I'll talk to you all later on when everything's settled down. 10:18 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken:

Menami: We'll make decisions soon enough. 10:18 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: I feel like we're missing some important stuff. 10:18 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: *shrug* Oh well. 10:18 PM

Zik Entered the Massive 10:18 PM

Zik: (Me 10:19 PM

Menami: *Walking out with Zik* ^^ 10:20 PM

Zik: ..whotever happened to paying the bill. 10:20 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Oh yeaaah, I almost forgot! I'm gonna get sweet sweet revenge on Zi- 10:20 PM

Menami: (thats me too omg 10:20 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: oh hey guys 10:20 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *walked out, sTARES * 10:20 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: ._. 10:20 PM

Zik: Zimmy: ... *SLAMS Vok with purse* 10:21 PM

Menami: .. Uh, Zik. ^^; Apartment gap? 10:21 PM

Zik: (z I mmy no calm 10:21 PM Mayo-san: Vok: What!? I was gonna say... Zin

10:21 PM

Zik: cane 10:21 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: That guy owes me a lot. 10:21 PM


Mayo-san: Vok: And ow- 10:21 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Reaaaally? A purse. 10:22 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *walks back in to grab his cane.. whack Vok with it, then hand it back* 10:22 PM

Menami: ..oh yeah i dragged you 10:22 PM

Menami: ^^;; 10:22 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: ERH-- Stop that. 10:22 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: It doesn't really hurt.. it's just really annoying. 10:22 PM

Zik: Zimmy: You're going to die *smile* (#subtle 10:22 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Yarp: I think I'm gonna go home. 10:22 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Yarp walks away suddenly* 10:23 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Welp, I can't complain. Annoying people tend to be annoying.. 10:23 PM

Zik: Zimmy: *walks BACK in to grab his broken violin* 10:23 PM

Menami: *Waiting for the gap*.. 10:23 PM Menami: Ehn.

10:23 PM

Zik: ...*walks in a gap he opened* Ye remember ey don't have a workin right leg. 10:24 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Did anybody even pay the bill? 10:24 PM

Menami: ..Oh! I left my part of the money back there. 10:24 PM

Menami: Don't know about you guys. *Holding onto the ring box* 10:24 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: I think I left my part back there. 10:24 PM

Menami: I remember, Zik. Sorry. ^^ *Walking in behind* 10:25 PM

Zik: Zimmy: ..*smile~* Myy brotherr is bearing a fiance~! <3 10:25 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: Thanks, Captain obvious. 10:25 PM Zik: Zimmy: Ahahaha...

10:25 PM

Zik: Zimmy: Your chance to get along with me is dead. Good night. *follows them* 10:26 PM

Menami: (Ok I gotta go 10:26 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Schmoob:Well,it looks like everything is turning out fine so far. 10:26 PM

Menami: (Lets end it there 10:26 PM

Xisenin: *He wakes up* 10:26 PM

Xisenin: AHH 10:26 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Wait, is there gonna be a batchelor party too? 10:26 PM

Mayo-san: (ok 10:26 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *Everyone has left the resturant* 10:26 PM

Xisenin: (K) 10:26 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( wait 10:26 PM

Xisenin: Darn. 10:26 PM

Mayo-san: Vok: I don't really care. You're annoying anyways...

  • Meanwhile in the restaurant*


Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( ITS IN MY BRAIN 10:36 PM

Mayo-san: (it's one of those psychic monkeys crav always talks about 10:36 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( omg 10:36 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( rifts are real confirmed 10:37 PM

Mayo-san: (so um 10:38 PM

Mayo-san: (continue? 10:38 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( yesh 10:39 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( so forget everything about xi being left 10:39 PM

Mayo-san: (mmkay 10:40 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Drat... where is it? 10:40 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: *searching around the restaurant* Hm.. 10:40 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Uhgg this is gonna take foreverrrr >​m< 10:40 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: No it won't. It can't be that hidden... 10:41 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: ... Hmmm 10:41 PM

Mayo-san: (you can do that thing now- 10:42 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( brb 10:42 PM

Mayo-san: (oH- 10:42 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: (so uh 10:47 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: (continue 10:47 PM

Mayo-san: (ye 10:48 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: .. 10:49 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *A shadow figure is in the back of the room,holding Mario's wallet* 10:49 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: shadowy* 10:49 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: *looks over at the shadowy figure* Ey... have you seen my wallet anywh- 10:50 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The figure walks backwards,going into the bathroom* 10:50 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Hey! That's MINE. 10:50 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: *chases after the shadowy figure* 10:50 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Rnnn.. you little thief.. 10:50 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Suddenly this isn't boring! :D 10:51 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( brb 10:51 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( back 10:54 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The figure takes out a gun,and shoots it at mario,firing a metallic object into his shoulder* 10:54 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: OW- ...Rck.... ahn... 10:55 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Maaaayo? :c! 10:55 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Don't hurt Mayo! >​.< 10:55 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The object is a small probe like robot,it digs into his arm and disappears* 10:55 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: *Holding his shoulder in pain* ... Who ARE you? 10:56 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *6 spider legs come out of the figure* 10:56 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Reveal yourself before I call my FRIENDS on you. 10:56 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( im batman 10:56 PM

Mayo-san: (pfff 10:56 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: *Pulls out the staff Zik give him* 10:57 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Tell me or I WILL attack you. 10:57 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Oooooh snap! 10:57 PM

Mayo-san: Zik gave him** 10:57 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: ... Hurry UP. 10:58 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The figure's spider legs shoots at an air vent above,causing the cover to break* 10:58 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Figure: Foolish Irken. 10:59 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Figure:If only you knew what your father was involved with. 10:59 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Figure:It's a shame you will all die soon. 10:59 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *One of his spider legs flicks the hot melted air vent cover at Mario* 11:00 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Rnnn... *Backs away from the air vents, and tries shooting the figure.. although his aim is extremely off from the Air vent's disruption* 11:00 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The spider legs activate a shield,and he climbs up into the vent* 11:00 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: AHNNNGG... *holding his wound in pain* 11:00 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: ono 11:00 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The figure crawls further into the vent,and sits down* 11:01 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: My... father.. eh? 11:01 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *His spider legs retract* 11:01 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *A hologram screen comes up* 11:01 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: Vok has a LOT to explain... 11:01 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: *gathers his stuff, and begins to walk away* 11:01 PM

Mayo-san: Mario: *mumbling with frustration* 11:02 PM

Mayo-san: Hatbot: Welp.. this suuucks. 11:02 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The figure takes off his hood* 11:02 PM

Mayo-san: (rp end? 11:03 PM

Mayo-san: (oh 11:03 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Figure: Yes...I've probed him. 11:04 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: Figure:The attack will start soon..I will meet you back on the homeworld. 11:05 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The figure has blue cybernetic telescopic eyes,and grey skin* 11:05 PM

Mayo-san: (ooooooh snap 11:05 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: *The screen fades,and the figure crawls away* 11:05 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: (end 11:06 PM

Schmoob the Horribly Insane Irken: ( Veldron confirmed 11:06 PM

Mayo-san: (that was pretty good 11:06 PM

Mayo-san: (i wonder what that probe's gonna do to mario-