Horrible Planet of Doom is a planet owned by the Irken Empire that is designated for banishment. This is where traitors are usaully sent when banished. There are two buildings, a clothes store and a hardware store,  and they are so boring that occasionally an Irken's head explodes when he or she walks in. The Hardware store has a store window with tvs that play nothing but the weather channel, and since this planet has no weather it is exactly the same every day. A portal to the Nightmare Dimension can be opened here. In fact, it is opened by attempting to change the channel on one of the TVs three times. Deep below the surface of the planet is a dungeon containing the Zerian Crystal, which can be accesed by changing the TV'S volume to 34, 0, and 98.  

There are rarely ever ships present on the horrible planet of doom, because of there were, it would give prisoners a chance to escape. The only time a ship would be present is to deliver a new prisoner.

History Edit

Horrible Planet of Doom was formally known as Planet Gleep. It was inhabited by the Gleepions, a friendly, peaceful race. The planet was attacked by the Xerians , and since the Gleepions lacked weapons, they were defenseless. The Xerians killed all of the Gleepions, and drained all of the Planet's life. Two centuries later, the Irkens discovered the planet and designated it as a prison.  


Horrible Planet of Doom has no water, plants, or anything along those lines. In fact, the entire planet is just a grey surface. Considering most Irkens are prepared for this, this is used as a way for prisoners to suffer more, given the lack of oxygen.


  • Only a handful or irkens have visited this place and lived to tell the tale. None of them went into the scary hardware store though.
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