I was born in a smeetry which was entered by a man infected with a horrible virus. That virus spread through touching, and everyone was infected eventually. I don't know how I avoided infection, but I was put in a teleporter and ended up here. I don't know what happened to the virus. All I can remember about that time was the horrible screaming...
— Hom

Hom is a female Irken assassin who was teleported to the planet Hagabagajibnab when she was a smeet.


Early LifeEdit

Hom was born in a smeetry which had an outbreak of a virus which the scientists called "Rache". She was the only survivor, and witnessed what is commonly called the "Irken Black Death".

Life on HagabagajibnabEdit

On the planet Hagabagajibnab, she was raised and trained by a man named Jig. However, Jig was being hunted by a man named Yax Yanigan, and when the bounty hunters found him, he ripped his PAK off and sent it to Hom, who has had it ever since.

Becoming an AssassinEdit

After Jig's death, Hom hid her identity and started going by "Nimanaka". She then started a career of assassinating people for money, until she has enough to get back to Irk.

Personality Edit

She is very mysterious, and barely ever talks. She is willing to kill, but secretly has guilt for it. She does not use weapons, for she thinks they are for cowards. Instead, she uses hand-to-hand methods of killing.

Appearance Edit

Hom has dark green eyes, the usual female antennae, is 5'9, green spots on her PAK, an old green Irken Spec Ops uniform, and a huge birth mark on her forehead. This birth mark looks like an R.

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