Hobo 13 is a desert covered world the planet is currently allied with the Irken Empire presumably one of few planets like the planet-jackers homeworld that the Irkens have not tried directly to counquer. The planet is currently used by the Irken Empire for military training for possibly very few irkens because most irken military trainees go to the planet Devastis which is part of the Irken Empire to become irken warrirors also different races from all over the universe come to train on Hobo 13 . Hobo 13 has a very desolate barren surface with few plant life or vegetation in fact the only actual plant life that is seen is a dead tree beside a canyon however the planet's geology is not dead as its surface appears to be common with lava flows the planet might be prone to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes may be a regular occurrence. The planet may have a relatively short distance from Earth considering it did'nt take Zim that long to get their in a voot cruiser from Earth indicating that Hobo 13 is far off from the Irken Empire in distance like Earth is.

Hobo 13 intelligent inhabitants are known as the Hobos who identify themselves through the use of numbers they are huge humanoid beings with brownish green skin who appear to have metal armour over their bodies with two wires going up to their heads from their backs and a red possibly electronic monocle which is probably used to improve vision in battle or a replacement device for a lost eye. Hobo 13 is also home to the Hogulus savage ram like creatures with six eyes they are presumed to be native to the planet although they could of been brought over from another planet to serve in training exercises on Hobo 13 there also exists vicious squid plant like creatures that seem to suck nutrients from small water sources in Hobo 13s canyons

In the episode Hobo 13 the Almighty Tallest send Zim to this planet hoping that he will get destroyed or really hurt so they don't have to deal with him in the future he eventually passes every military training exercise to the Almighty Tallests fury and astonishment .

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