A soldier in service on Hobo 13, Herm is (as far as anyone really knows) a dutiful member of the Blob race, and a pretty neat guy.

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A short and stout, yet skilled and talkative individual, little is actually known about Herm, aside from his technical skill and the fact that he tends to eat all cafeteria leftovers.

Unfortunately for him, he has a tendency to be involved with rather unfortunate incidents that would otherwise kill someone. For example, during an incident in one of the training simulators, Herm was filled with enough voltage to vaporize a normal being - yet he survived - and was later seen at the cafeteria once more, chowing down on lunch's leftovers.

He also tends to get around, and is a close friend of many, such as Mario and Ader.

Appearance Edit

Herm is shaped rather like a starfish, with a rather pointy head for his race. He also has a splotched green as his skin tone, freckled with darker spots, and is rather strong, hence his unusually fit arms (especially for a blob). Additionally, he has two rather dead and intent green eyes as well, more Irken than other members of his species, with rather prominent eyebrows.

In general, actually, Herm is quite unlike many other blobs.

In addition, he tends to wear a simple, sleeveless black sweater, an armored vest, and a backpack full of tools in addition to some pants tucked into boots.

Personality Edit

Talkative and indifferent, Herm is considered very reliable and pleasant to be around. His characteristic shrugs are both a source of joy and laughter, and he often provides excellent advice.

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  • Herm has a variety of nicknames, such as Hermmy, Herm-Man, or The Herm.
  • His design is based heavily on Patrick Star's from Spongebob, and their usual clothes are loosely based on those of Adam Jensen's from Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
  • Herm has an insignia seen in the Mother series and Undertale emblazoned on his vest (from the chests of the Starmen and Papyrus, respectively).
  • Herm's character was inspired by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's late background character, Morn.
  • Herm has grown rather popular with multiple Irken Conquest participants, despite his initial nature as a redshirt with literally no lines, and has grown to become something along the lines of Irken Conquest's Chuck Norris.

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