Jthm mr satan by chi nasagawa

Mr.Satan,the ruler of Hell

Location Near Z-14
Physical Laws Radically different
Status Active
Multiverse Z
Affiliation(s) Satan,demons
Notable facts Home Of Satan
First appearance Trial From Hell

Hell is an alternate dimension ruled by Satan . It is the home of demons and Satan himself.

Description Edit

Most of Hell seems to resemble Earth however, there are a few regions of hell that resemble traditional descriptions of the underworld(Such as brimstone and lakes of molten rock,etc). It seems to be populated mostly by human souls taken to hell by Satan or his demon minions. However, other supernatural creatures often visit this realm. There also seems to be some form of native fauna to this dimension, mostly consisting of nightmarish creatures based on the fears of humans. 


Hell has existed for at least 12 trillion years, along with possibly Satan himself. However,it is currently unknown how Hell came into existence. It was populated by Satan and whatever creatures he created for fun. Until one day Satan formed a deal with God allowing him to choose whatever souls on Earth he wants, and bring them to hell after they die. 

A really long time later, recently a trial was made in hell for the multiversal crimes of Lurk. Lurk was originally supposed to be trapped in hell for eternity or banished to an unnamed realm filled with horrifying eldritch abominations for 100 years. Lurk was instead sentenced to the looney bin planet due to his apparent horrible mental unstability. 


  • This realm is almost exactly like the hell featured in JTHM.
  • Satan considers Lurk a possible threat to his entire realm, making him one of the only beings Satan considers a legitimate threat.
  • Isosceles plans to visit this realm some day.
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