"I will hunt Zim down to the dark corners of space and I will give him a front row seat to his doom!" -Heala

Heala is an Irken who wants to kill Zim to avenge her broken leg. She plans to overthrow the Control Brain and rule the Irken Empire after doing this.


Heala was an Irken who was always quite Defective. She was to be an Invader in IID1, but was shot down by Zim. Her leg was broken. She swore to pull vengance against Zim and has been hunting him down ever since.


Despite her name, Heala is very cruel and repulsive. She often kills every living thing in her way and spares not a single bit of life.


She has curled antenae, blood red eyes, a blood red uniform, and the spots on her PAK are blood red.

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