The Invader Club was founded in 2009 by InvaderDES (Invader Destiny). Since then, a small group of Invaders have banded together and expanded on the creation. ALL Invaders may join unless they are unworthy of their title.

In 2009, a member by the name of "Invader Meen" expanded it onto Wikia (under the name Invader Club Wiki) and it has since grown into The Irken Empire.


SIR Units

Each Invader has a SIR Unit, or Standard Information Retreival Unit. They are robots that aid their masters by collecting information and analyzing weakness of the host planet.

Master: Invader Meen

  • L.I.R.

Master: Invader Lii

Master: Invader LiAnn

Master: Invader A

  • CoaCoa

Master: Invader Jam

  • Quiz

Master: Invader Blu


Only one case of decommissioning has been documented, involving Invader Blu and a vandal named Invader Red. Invader Red was parasiting off of Blu's ideas and was decommsioned shortly after.

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