Hatbot Noir MiniTitle

When a top-hat robot runs out of detective classics, he takes opportunity by the throat.

Unfortunately for Invader Averii and a fellow named Mario, they're dragged down too - into Hatbot Noir, a world built from memory and madness, rife with Saxophones and Fedoras, plus friends and foes from past and present.

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  • Mario originally suggested the RP as a joke, starring 'Mob-Boss Averii and Classy Entra.'
    • Cravitus took it seriously, resulting in the base elements one late night (6-29-2015).
      • The next morning, Cravitus continued to pursue it, and it was deemed a potential RP after more users heard/read/saw it.

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Act One Edit

Session One - 6-30-2015

  • 10:45 Cravitus
    • Averii stepped back, and stared at the exposed sim-circuits for a moment as he dusted off his jacket, then glanced back.
    • He hated maintenance on the old Holo-Simulators, but someone had to do it. Hobo-13 only had so many people.
    • That and he wasn't going on Kitchen Duty ever again...
    • Ave: "Mario, can you hand me the Datapad?"
  • 10:46 Long Time
    • Mario: Suuuuure. You won't shoot me in the foot this time, right?
    • Mario: *hands the datapad over to Ave*
  • 10:46 Cravitus
    • He sighed, and took the machine, turning back to the circuits.
    • Ave: "Are you ever going to forgive me for that?"
  • 10:46 Long Time
    • Mario: No.
  • 10:47 Cravitus
    • Ave scrolled through a list of checks, and sighed. Almost done.
  • 10:47 Long Time
    • Hatbot: This is AWFUL, TERRIBLE, PAINNNNNNN.
    • Hatbot: *flailing his arms around*..
    • Mario: Um... what?
  • 10:47 Cravitus
    • Ave: "Well, I won't shoot it again if you get him to quiet down..." He groaned.
  • 10:48 Long Time
    • Mario: You expect me... to get HATBOT to quiet down? *Chuckles*... that'll never happen.
  • 10:49 Cravitus
    • Ave turned away from the circuits once more, shaking his head in resignation.
    • Ave: "Private Herm, how's it going on those failsafes?"
    • A short, stout blob-like creature shrugged.
  • 10:49 Long Time
    • Mario: Hatbot... I honestly have no idea what you're talking about...
  • 10:49 Cravitus
    • Ave flinched in pain from the screeching.
    • He missed his helmet already.
    • Ave: "For that matter, what's a Fedora?"
  • 10:50 Long Time
    • Hatbot: Some cool hat that humans created. I think... not too sure.
  • 10:50 Cravitus
    • Ave paused.
    • Ave: "Still don't know what a human is, but whatever..." He sighed.
    • Ave looked back to the circuits, and his PAK produced a mechanical arm, which began to trace damaged circuits.
    • (I'm saying circuits waaaay too much)
  • 10:51 Long Time
    • Hatbot: You don't know what a human is!? Have you been living under a ROCK!?
    • Hatbot: Y'know, the walking meat sticks?
  • 10:51 Cravitus
    • Ave: "There's lots of walking meat-sticks," He shot back.
  • 10:52 Long Time
    • Hatbot: Hmmmmm... trueee...
  • 10:52 Cravitus
    • Ave: "Plenty of bullet sponges too, for that matter..."
  • 10:52 Long Time
    • Hatbot: Say, what're you working on anyways...?
  • 10:52 Cravitus
    • Ave glanced back at the Datapad, just to check.
  • 10:53 Long Time
    • Hatbot: Hellooooo? *pokes Ave*
    • Hatbot: What is this thing?
  • 10:53 Cravitus
    • Ave: "...Apparently the Simulator's primary memory access circuits. Lets it find elements from it's databases to make the simulations."
  • 10:53 Long Time Hatbot: Can it tell time?
  • 10:53 Cravitus
    • Ave shrugged.
    • Ave: "I dunno."
    • Ave: "For all our intelligence, sometimes we, oh, great and magnificent space-faring races,"
    • Ave: "Forget features like time-telling."
    • Ave scoffed.
  • 10:54 Long Time
    • Hatbot: "Simulation".... huh? So it's a simulator..? Oooohhoho!
  • 10:54 Cravitus
    • He turned to the hat-bot, and eyed it for a moment.
    • Ave: "Is there anything you can do besides talk and poke things?" He asked.
  • 10:54 Long Time
    • Mario: *Sigh*, can't you just continue watching those grey and walk humans again?
  • 10:55 Cravitus
    • Ave's antennae perked up for a moment.
  • 10:55 Long Time
    • Hatbot: Hmmmmm.... no MARIO I RAN OUT OF THEM YOU FOOOOOL!
  • 10:55 Cravitus
    • Averii: "...Don't you mean black and white?
  • 10:55 Long Time
    • Hatbot: Oh yeah... wait, how'd you know?
    • grey and black*
  • 10:55 INVADER VEX
    • (I gtg
  • 10:55 Cravitus
    • Ave shrugged.
    • Ave: "I can't stop listening to things sometimes."
    • (Goodbye, Vex)
  • 10:55 Long Time (wat
    • ("grey and walk"
  • 10:55 INVADER VEX
    • (Bye
  • 10:55 Long Time
    • (bye Vex
    • (what kind of typo-
  • 10:56 Invader Jib
    • (bye
  • 10:56 Cravitus
    • (ave shall correct all spoken typos)
    • (They shall be forever immortalized.)
  • 10:56 Long Time
    • Hatbot: So this is the main thingy that controls it all, huh?
  • 10:57 Cravitus
    • Ave nodded.
    • Ave: "Pretty much everything," He turned, and looked to the short blob-man at the other end of the room.
  • INVADER VEX has left the chat.
  • 10:57 Cravitus
    • Ave: "Herm over there's working on the safety protocols and all that, plus a few systems route through elsewhere,"
    • Ave: "But yeah, here pretty much everything can be controlled."
  • 10:57 Long Time
    • Hatbot: Oh um..... coooool.
    • Hatbot: Very.. very.. coooool.
    • Hatbot: Hey, um, Ave.
  • 10:57 Cravitus
    • Ave looked back to the circuitry.
    • Ave: "Yes, top-hat-robot thing?"
  • 10:57 Long Time
    • Hatbot: I think I saw some sort of wire sparking back there.
    • Hatbot: You should go patch it up, y'know?
  • 10:58 Cravitus
    • With a sigh, Ave retracted the robotic arm.
    • Ave turned again to Herm.
  • 10:58 Long Time
    • Mario: *Sigh* I'll help.
  • 10:58 Cravitus
    • Ave: "Private, I thought you said that they corrected any structural damages last week!"
    • The blob-creature shrugged.
    • With a groan of exasperation, Ave strode over to an exposed patch in the floor.
  • 10:59 Long Time
    • Mario: We should probably fix it now, to get it out of the way...
  • 10:59 Cravitus
    • Ave nodded.
  • 10:59 Long Time
    • Hatbot: *Rolls off of Mario, and to the Controls* Yeah um, I'll just watch this blob guy work for a bit...
    • Hatbot: He's probably a cool dude...
  • 10:59 Cravitus
    • The blob-creature shrugged.
  • 11:00 Long Time
    • Hatbot: Is all you do shrug?
  • 11:00 Cravitus
    • The blob creature shrugged once more.
  • 11:00 Long Time
    • Hatbot: meh.
  • 11:00 Cravitus
    • Ave: "Now, let's see what the protocol is for exposed wires-"
    • Suddenly, he crumpled to the floor in a heap, and everything went dark.
  • 11:02 Long Time
    • Mario: Er Ave, how do ya- *suddenly, his vision is reduced to nothing but black*.

Session Two - 7-1-2015 Edit


(You're yelling us awake because we're sleeping on the job, from your perspective)


Invader Jib



Long Time

(up to the*



lek and menami stared into each others eyes

    • 8:13

Invader Jib

Jib: *Slams on some kind of counter* 

    • 8:13


(oh god XD

    • 8:13


(what have i doneeee

    • 8:13



    • 8:13

Invader Jib

Jib: Quit sleeping on the job! 

    • 8:13


(The title card

    • (just
    • 8:14


(jib pleas

    • 8:14


Ave: "h-HM!?"

His eyes flickered open, and he wniced at the sudden brightness.

    • 8:14

Long Time

Mario: ..*Holds his head*.... Errr.... what?

    • 8:14


Ave: "WHAT IS THIS?!" He shouted, shielding his eyes from the light.

    • 8:14


(for now i work on this

    • 8:14


Ave: "Where am I?!"

    • 8:15

Long Time

Mario: Ave, where are we!? 

    • 8:15


Ave blinked a few times, and grit his teeth in annoyance.

    • 8:15

Long Time

Mario: *looks over to Jib*... And why is Jib here?

    • 8:15

Invader Jib

Jib: Uh..

    • 8:15


Ave: "...Who?"

    • Ave glanced at the cybernetically-enhanced Irken, then at the strange, alien clothing they wore.
    • 8:16

Long Time

Mario: And... dressed like some sorta earth officer... ._.

    • 8:16

Invader Jib

Jib: You've been working here for at least three years

    • 8:16



    • 8:16


Ave: "Right, I think there's been a mistake..." Ave grunted, standing up.

    • 8:16

Long Time

Mario: Um.... no? I work at a place called Karthz.

    • Mysteriousjillguy has left the chat.
    • 8:16


Ave: "Where are we?"

    • 8:17


(Brb, continue on

    • 8:17

Invader Jib

Jib: The station, you know that!

    • 8:17

Long Time

Mario: No we didn't, because we DON'T work here!

    • 8:17

Invader Jib

Jib: *Sigh* Did you get some kind of head injury?

    • 8:18


Ave: "Yeah, I think there's been a misunderstanding..." He rolled his shoulders.

    • A splitting headache suddenly made itself known.
    • Ave: "Oooh, I'm gonna say yes..."
    • 8:18

Long Time

Mario: One minute we were working on the simulator, and then.... wait... simulator... then.... oh....

    • 8:18


(mario: ...a-averii 

i think we're in 

the matrix

    • 8:18

Long Time

Mario: Ave, I think I know what's going on....

    • (lol
    • Mario: We're in the simulator.
    • Mysteriousjillguy has joined the chat.
    • 8:19


(We are the chosen ones)

    • (shadebullettimeave.jpg
    • 8:19

Long Time

Mario: And for some reason Jib is an angry police officer. 

    • 8:19

Invader Jib

Jib: Is this some kind of joke? *groans and walks over a bit*

    • 8:19


Ave: "Yeah, I think we're gonna need a moment, er, sir..."

He clutched his head for a moment in pain.

    • 8:19


( you take the red pill,you see the truth

    • 8:20

Invader Jib

Jib: Uh-huh..

    • 8:20


( you take the blue pill,you stay in the matrix

    • 8:20

Long Time

Mario: But.... Ave, how did the simulator start by itself? 

    • 8:20


Ave: "I swear to Irk I'm going to kill Herm if he did this..." He grunted, and straightened his back.

    • Ave suddenly nudged mario in the shin.

Ave: "First thing's first, Mario,"

    • 8:20

Long Time

Mario: Maybe Herm decided to get revenge from all the awful yelling you always caused.

    • 8:20


He looked to the annoyed Jib.

    • Ave: "That may be, but let's just play along, shall we?"
    • Ave: "Figure out what kind of mess we're really in."
    • 8:21

Long Time

Mario: Err...... suuure..

    • 8:22


Ave: "Sorry, Sir," He sighed, looking to Jib. "Well make sure to straighten ourselves out by morning."

    • 8:22

Long Time

Mario: So um, Jib... or uh, Sir, do you need us for something?

    • 8:22

Invader Jib

Jib: Yeah, please do *walks off*

    • 8:22

Long Time

Mario: Or that, that works too...

    • 8:23


With a sigh, Ave's shoulders slumped.

    • 8:23

Invader Jib

Jib: *Yells over* And no, not yet

    • 8:23


Ave: "Mario, did you touch ANYTHING at all?"

    • 8:23

Long Time

Mario: No, of course not!

    • 8:23


Ave glared tiredly at them, still groggy and in pain from whatever blacked him out.

    • 8:23

Long Time

Mario: I may have put some dirt in your drink, but that's it...

    • 8:23


Ave: "Then who did? Herm couldn't have started this, he was in the wrong station."

    • 8:24

Long Time

Mario: I um... I don't know. I guess we'll just have to play it out until we find out...

    • 8:24


Ave: "We'll also discuss the dirt-drink later."

    • Ave suddenly noticed something as he reached for his forehead, and bumped the cloth hat atop it.
    • Then, he glanced to Mario's hat.
    • 8:25

Long Time

Mario: Also, you're lookin' really fancy, Ave.

    • 8:25


Ave: "...Thanks, but..."

    • Ave looked around.
    • Ave: "Where's Hatbot?"
    • 8:25

Long Time

Mario: Didn't know you liked that kind of stuff...

    • Mario: Well, he was hanging out with Herm, remember? 
    • 8:26


Ave nodded, and looked over himself quickly again.

    • It wasn't old venerable, but it WAS nice.
    • Ave: "Well, have you considered maybe your freakin' robotic tophat did it?" He grumbled, looking over the what he assumed was a Fedora.
    • 8:28

Long Time

  • Suddenly an ominous voice near them can be heard*...

???: Ohhhh hey, it WORKED!! So anyways, you two.... you're in a pretty cool place now, as you can see. I want you to act with your surroundings, and the others like a noir movie. The farther you get, the more you'll know about how to escape... or something like that, I dunno. Just remember to be like one of those COOL MYSTERIOUS BLACK AND WHITE GUYSSS!

    • 8:28


Ave grimaced.

    • Ave: "You know what, it sucks to be right."
    • 8:28

Long Time

Mario: *His eyes slightly widen* Errr.... dangit...

    • 8:29


Ave: "I should've shot the hat, in retrospect," He sighed.

    • 8:29

Long Time

???: Also, NO CHEATING! Ciao! 

    • Mario: You do that, and I'll kill you.
    • Mario: I'm sure all of this is meant to be harmless... just some sort of game for Hatbot...
    • Mario: Just er... play along, will ya?
    • 8:30


Ave shrugged.

    • Ave: "Fine."
    • 8:30

Invader Jib

Jib: *runs back into the main room* 

    • 8:30

Long Time

Mario: Also, I like the looks he chose for us... preeeeetty good looking, huh?

    • 8:30


Ave nodded, and looked to the fast-approaching Irken.

    • 8:30

Invader Jib

Jib: I just got a call from downtown

    • Jib: Apparently there's been a murder
    • 8:31


Ave rolled his eyes.

    • 8:31

Invader Jib


    • 8:31


Ave: "Where's the nearest vehicle?"

    • Ave: "And which way is downtown?"
    • 8:31

Invader Jib

Jib: In the garage..thingy *points to a door* 

    • 8:31

Long Time

Mario: Hm, another murder eh? We'll solve it Chief... we always do.

    • 8:31



    • 8:32

Invader Jib

Jib: And should know where downtown is?

    • 8:32


Ave: "Forget it, we're leaving," He groaned, and he yanked Mario by the arm towards the door.

    • 8:33

Invader Jib


    • 8:33


(I accidentally posted the first one too early)

    • 8:34

Long Time

Mario: Don't worry Ave, this'll probably be easy...

    • Mario: Two decently smart guys, one murder? Done!
    • 8:35


Ave: "Plus it's the Simulator. Safety features, we can probably walk through whatever they throw at us."

    • 8:35

Long Time

Mario: Also, these vehicles are pretty low technlology-wise... but what would you expect from earth vehicles?

    • 8:35


Ave shrugged.

    • 8:35

Long Time

Mario: They look nice, at least...

    • 8:35


Ave: "I still have little idea what Earth is."

    • 8:36

Long Time

Mario: Ehh... don't worry, I'll guide ya.

    • 8:36


Suddenly, red and blue light and sirens are heard from ahead!

    • (i should've held that for another second
    • (you don't hear light
    • 8:36

Long Time


    • 8:36


(I was going to question but I was going to leave it to the one of the "two smart guys"' admin.

    • (:'D
    • 8:36


Ave: "I think this is it..." Ave sighed, adjusting his hat and eyeying the barricade and parked vehicles.

    • 8:37

Long Time


    • Mario: Yeah, that's definitely it..
    • 8:37


Ave: "Stop the car, the faster we get this done the faster we get out of here."

    • 8:38

Long Time

Mario: Alright, *slows down, and eventually stops*.

    • Mario: They're called the police, by the way.
    • 8:38


Ave popped the door, and got out first.

    • 8:38

Long Time

Mario: *Follows Ave*..

    • 8:38


Ave: "Well, that's nice to know," He sighed, striding forward.

    • Ave: "Where are all the officers, though? There's all the cars here, but they're empty."
    • INVADER VEX has joined the chat.
    • 8:39



    • 8:39


(ohai vex

    • 8:39

Long Time

Mario: Huh? Hmm..... maybe near a crime scene, or something like that?

    • (hey
    • (Guess it's time to switch over to the finale? 
    • 8:40


Ave: "I don't like this..." He grunted, and instinctively reached for his hip.

Session Three - 7-1-2015 Edit

  • Ave suddenly paused in surprise as his hand wrapped around a familiar handgrip.
  • 10:05 Long Time (waait
  • 10:05 Cravitus Ave: "Mario. Have I always had this gun on me?"
  • 10:05 Long Time (i need the halo jazz
  • 10:05 Cravitus (one sec
  • 10:05 Ametrineskies (always necessary
  • 10:05 Long Time (yup
  • 10:05 Cravitus (
  • 10:05 INVADER VEX (Meanwhile, Vex's season three teaser: Shards_Keep_sword.jpg
  • 10:05 Long Time (ye
  • 10:05 Ametrineskies ( *unfittingly listens to this*:
  • 10:06 Cravitus (krev is still listening to doom
  • 10:06 Long Time Mario: ..What gun?
  • 10:06 Cravitus Ave pulled a laser pistol out of a holster that hadn't been there a minute ago.
  • 10:06 Long Time Mario: Oh, that wasn't there.. before.. um
  • Mario: Weird.
  • 10:07 Ametrineskies (*right as that was typed, a loud motorcycle goes by* the *intense irl soundtrack
  • 10:07 Cravitus "...Did Earth-Films have Irken Laser Technology?"
  • 10:07 Long Time Mario: *Checks his hip too, and sees a holster containing a laser pistol*..
  • 10:07 Cravitus (For reference - File:T381.png
  • 10:07 Long Time Mario: No, I don't think so.
  • 10:08 Cravitus Ave: "This isn't right.
  • 10:08 Long Time Mario: Wait.. waaaait...
  • Mario: I think the simulation is using our memories, I mean... it used Jib as a police chief.
  • Mario: And now irken technology?
  • 10:08 Cravitus Ave scoffed.
  • 10:08 Long Time Mario: Either that, or Hatbot is just lazy.
  • 10:09 Cravitus Ave: "I'll believe it when I see proof."
  • Ave: "Now come on, let's get a move on. Find the body, find the clues, get out."
  • 10:09 Long Time Mario: Mmmk... anyways, let's scope out this area. We need clues, and we need them now.
  • 10:09 Cravitus Ave moved forward, and raised his handgun before turning the corner.
  • 10:10 Long Time Mario: *Readied his handgun as well, following right behind Ave*
  • 10:10 Cravitus Ave whistled, and lowered the handgun as he eyed the broken glass windows of a store.
  • Ave: "I guess someone really hated glass."
  • 10:11 Long Time Mario: ... Yeah, it was the glass they hated, totaaaaally.
  • Mario: Not the victim or anything, no, the glass.
  • 10:11 Cravitus Ave moved forward, and raised the pistol again as he ignored Mario's sarcasm.
  • 10:11 Ametrineskies (darn glass
  • (its always in my way, blocking out the outside world's elements
  • 10:12 Mysteriousjillguy (yes
  • 10:12 Long Time (yea man
  • (stupid glass
  • Mario: *Continues to follow Ave*
  • 10:12 Mysteriousjillguy (stupid invisible forcefields
  • 10:12 Ametrineskies (darn it.
  • 10:12 Long Time Mario: Wait a minute, why do we have our guns up... the police are already here, right?
  • 10:12 Cravitus Ave: "But we haven't seen a single man, Mario."
  • 10:13 Long Time Mario: Well they couldn't of all vanished at once.
  • Mario: Maybe a doughnut and coffee break, humans do that, right?
  • 10:13 Mysteriousjillguy (rifts and lsd portals probably took em
  • 10:13 Cravitus Ave: "All of them at once? I don't think so. Let's check the store."
  • 10:13 Mysteriousjillguy (called it
  • 10:13 Long Time Mario: Wait, you wouldn't know....
  • Mario: Hm, wait.. *searches his pockets*... hmm... aHA! *Pulls a flashlight out* I found a flashlight... it'd probably help us out.
  • 10:14 Cravitus Ave: "Convenient." He deadpanned.
  • 10:14 Long Time Mario: You know... to not blindly search the store.
  • 10:14 Mysteriousjillguy ( accidentally clicked on ad
  • 10:15 Long Time Mario: Yeah... too convenient, Hatbot needs to step up his game.
  • 10:15 Mysteriousjillguy (
  • 10:15 Cravitus Ave moved forward, and attempted to open the door.
  • 10:15 Mysteriousjillguy (wh
  • 10:15 Long Time (wha
  • 10:15 Ametrineskies (hreat
  • 10:15 Cravitus To his surprise, it moved effortlessly.
  • 10:15 Long Time Mario: *Turns the flashlight on, and shines it in the store*... hm...
  • Mario: ...*Looking around*
  • 10:16 Cravitus Ave stepped forward, and entered the building.
  • 10:17 Long Time Mario: Hmm...
  • Mario: *Walking around*... I don't see any evidence.. yet. How about you?
  • 10:18 Cravitus Ave: "Negative. Doesn't help that you have the flashlight and I don't."
  • Mysteriousjillguy has left the chat.
  • 10:18 Long Time Mario: *Walks over to one of the corners*
  • 10:18 Cravitus Ave eyed the blank shelves in the building curiously.
  • Ave: "Maybe someone took everything that wasn't bolted down."
  • 10:19 Long Time Mario: You're sure Jib said the murder case was here?
  • 10:19 Cravitus Ave: "He said it was downtown, wherever that was. I'm just assuming we're in the right place."
  • 10:20 Long Time Mario: Well, I reaaaaally don't see anything murder-wise.
  • 10:20 Cravitus Suddenly, Ave stepped in a puddle of something oddly warm.
  • 10:20 Long Time Mario: Maybe a robbery, but that's it.
  • 10:20 Cravitus Ave: "Mario? Flashlight. Me. Now."
  • 10:20 Long Time Mario: Ummm.. ok. *Hands the flashlight to Ave*.
  • Mario: What's tha matter, Ave?
  • 10:21 Cravitus Ave immediately redirected the light to his feet, and flinched a bit at the sudden familiarly pink pool.
  • 10:22 Long Time Mario: That does NOT look good, Ave.
  • 10:23 Cravitus Ave: "Do pools of Irken Blood ever look good?" He hissed, and slowly looked over the floor again.
  • 10:23 Long Time Mario: If you're a cannibal, probably. But for us, naah.
  • Mario: Where does it lead?
  • 10:24 Cravitus Ave turned, and looked down an aisle.
  • Ave: "Follow the bloodstains, I suppose."
  • Ave: "You take point this time."
  • 10:25 Long Time Mario: Pfah, look at us! We're like actually detectives, fightin' crime side by side an-
  • Mario: I'll just get going, then.,
  • 10:25 Cravitus Ave: "Yeah, that's probably a good idea."
  • 10:25 Long Time Mario: *Follows the trail of bloodstains*..
  • 10:25 Cravitus Ave followed, keeping the light trained on the pink.
  • 10:26 Long Time Mario: Even though this is a simulation.. I'm still getting a really bad vibe from this place.
  • Mario: Like... this is kinda creepy.
  • 10:27 Cravitus Ave: "The fact that the robotic tophat you wear has trapped us in a simulation to please him,"
  • Ave: "Or the fact that we're in a deserted crime scene and haven't found out where all the bloodstains came from yet?"
  • 10:27 Long Time Mario: Probably both.
  • Mario: Also, when I get back, Hatbot's gonna get punished for this...
  • Mario: Prehaps, 2 weeks of no Noir films, or something like that.
  • 10:28 Cravitus Ave: "Aye-ffirmative to the punish, not so much to the punishment itself."
  • 10:29 Long Time Mario: Hmf... whatever... *Walks around the corner..*
  • Mario: *His eyes widen, and he stops in his tracks*...
  • Mario: A-Ave... take a look at this...
  • 10:29 Cravitus Ave: "What's wrong? You afraid of the dar-"
  • Ave suddenly stopped, and his jaw hung open mid-sentence as the light lit up a small pile of charred and bloodied bodies.
  • Ave gulped audibly, and his mouth suddenly felt dry.
  • 10:30 Long Time Mario: U-Uh... wow....
  • Mario: Didn't expect this..
  • 10:31 Cravitus Ave: "Oh. That's where the cops went," He remarked, his voice seemingly smaller as he crouched down and poked at one's uniform.
  • 10:31 Long Time Mario: And to think.. all of this was simulated by HATBOT? But *he's always so... innocent.
  • Mario: Maybe taking him on all my "adventures" with the others is kinda... what's the word...
  • 10:32 Cravitus Ave: "A bad influence?"
  • 10:32 Long Time Mario: Er... yeah.
  • 10:32 Cravitus Ave dragged one of the corpses off the pile and uncerimoniously dumped them back-first into the pool of blood beneath the pile.
  • Outside of his vision, a small white note fluttered onto the dry tiles nearby.
  • 10:33 Long Time Mario: Do you have some sorta camera with you? We should take this evidence back to the station.
  • Mario: I don't think officer Jib will be to happy about this, though.


  • 10:33 Cravitus Ave: "I should have one in my PAK..." He grumbled, and reached for it.
  • Suddenly, Ave froze.
  • He reached again for his PAK.
  • Ave: "...Mario. Where is my PAK?"
  • 10:34 Long Time Mario: Come on Ave, we don't have all da-
  • Mario: Wait.. what?
  • Mario: Wait.. it's.. it's GONE!?
  • 10:34 Cravitus Ave stood back up.
  • Ave: "Turn around, quickly!" He ordered.
  • 10:34 Long Time Mario: Is my PAK gone too!?
  • 10:34 Cravitus Ave: "Just do it!"
  • 10:34 Long Time Mario: *Turns around*
  • 10:35 Cravitus Lo and behold, Mario's back was clean of any life-supporting mechanical backpack device.
  • 10:35 Long Time (wow the halo music fits extremely well with this rp
  • 10:35 Cravitus (Ye
  • 10:35 Long Time Mario: Well, spit it out man! Is it there or not!?
  • 10:35 Cravitus Ave: "...Not there."
  • 10:36 Long Time Mario: How... urg... *holds his head* how's this possible? We need our PAKs to live.
  • 10:36 Cravitus Ave: "We're not dead yet, though, so I guess that means he's just taken them away for this little game he's rigged..."
  • He looked back to the bodies.
  • Ave: "Demented as it is."
  • INVADER VEX has left the chat.
  • 10:36 Cravitus Ave: "I doubt he'd be stupid enough to ACTUALLY REMOVE our PAKs."
  • Ave then paused, reconsidering his words.
  • Ave: "Is he?"
  • 10:37 Long Time Mario: Well.. it's Hatbot we're talking about.. and um.. I don't know.
  • 10:37 Cravitus Ave: "If we come out of this alive someone's getting choked out or ripped apart."
  • 10:37 Long Time Mario: He can be extremely smart at times, or just really annoying. Maybe dumb.. hard to tell if it's him being dumb, or annoying at points.
  • 10:37 Cravitus Ave looked back to the bodies, and then noticed the paper on the ground.
  • Ave: "...What's this?" He muttered, and picked it up.
  • 10:38 Long Time Mario: That being said, Hatbot has full control of the Simulation. We shouldn't talk smack about him...
  • Mario: He could make our investigation harder..
  • 10:38 Cravitus Ave: "'To the cleaners; Sorry about the mess. You'll be getting extra.'"
  • 10:39 Long Time Mario: ...uh.
  • 10:39 Cravitus Ave: '"It's in the usual place; 62nd on... Vexington Street?'"

Ave paused.

  • 10:39 Ametrineskies (darn it vex
  • 10:39 Long Time Mario: I guess they hired to cleaner's to be quiet, for some extra Earth/Irken/Whatever currency?
  • 10:39 Cravitus Ave: "Whoever wrote this script sucks, regardless,"
  • 10:39 Long Time (vexington street
  • (yes
  • 10:40 Cravitus Ave continued reading it.
  • Ave: "'Sincerely, The TDs.'"
  • 10:40 Long Time Mario: TDs... huh... TDs...
  • 10:41 Cravitus Ave: "What in the Irkloving Tallest is a TD?"
  • 10:41 Long Time Mario: I have no idea.
  • 10:41 Cravitus Ave sighed, unable to come up with anything himself.
  • Ave: "Welp, we better pocket this, search the rest of the bodies.
  • Ave looked back to the corpse before him as he pocketed the note.
  • 10:42 Long Time Mario: Euuuhg.... searching dead corpses...
  • Mario: Yeah um, how about you do that while I try to figure out this note thing.
  • 10:42 Cravitus Ave: "You'll get over it," Ave sighed, checking the pockets of the officer.
  • Nothing.
  • Not even a badge.
  • INVADER VEX has joined the chat.
  • 10:43 Long Time Mario: TD... TD... maybe it's something from one of Hatbot's movies.
  • 10:43 Cravitus
  • Ave: "Empty..." He grunted, rolling the body away uncerimoniously.
  • Ave: "Respect for the dead can go shove it..." He grunted, lifting the next body off.
  • 10:44 Long Time Mario: Well, they're just simulations. I hope.
  • 10:44 Cravitus Suddenly, a familiarly blobby arm flopped out from under the pile, albeit faded and burnt.
  • Ave froze, and looked at it for a moment.
  • 10:45 Long Time Mario: Find somethin'?
  • 10:45 Cravitus Ave: "...Does this look like just some other simulation to you?!"
  • He muttered nervously, dropping the corpse in his hands and pointing to the arm.
  • 10:46 Long Time Mario: Um...
  • Mario: That's not what I think it is... is it?
  • Mario: Herm? The Herm-man? My main man HERRRRM?
  • 10:47 Cravitus Ave: "Herm, if you can hear us, hold your breath!" He shouted, and began to yank corpses off uncerimoniously.
  • Ave: "Help me with this!"
  • 10:47 Long Time Mario: *Helps Ave yanking the corpses off*
  • Mario: Oh man, we can't let Herm die!
  • 10:48 Cravitus The body is facedown, and jiggling softly with each movement.
  • 10:48 Long Time Mario: Who else is gonna shrug and make sarcastic-herm-styled comments?
  • 10:48 Cravitus The body suddenly attempted to shrug.
  • 10:48 Long Time Mario: ..! Herm?
  • 10:48 Cravitus Then, it went limp.
  • 10:48 Long Time Mario: NOOOOOO!
  • 10:49 Ametrineskies (D; not hte shruggy man *cries*
  • 10:49 Long Time (gonna miss his constant shrugs
  • 10:49 Cravitus With the last corpse gone, Ave attempts to flip the body of the blob-man!
  • 10:49 Ametrineskies (*throws something im working on*
  • 10:49 Cravitus (is gud
  • 10:49 Long Time (Cool :o
  • 10:49 Cravitus Ave: "Sweet merciful Irk this guy is heavy-"
  • 10:49 Ametrineskies (nyeeess
  • 10:49 Long Time (is that Zik?
  • (or someone else
  • 10:49 Ametrineskies (Thanks
  • (Yeah
  • (Obvious Zik is obvious
  • 10:50 Cravitus Suddenly, the body flips, and Ave yelps as his legs are trapped under it.
  • 10:50 Ametrineskies (Im hoping he's in the rp later. -w- I just need to find a slot
  • 10:50 Long Time Mario: Oh.. oh my. Don't worry Ave! *Tries to tug Ave back*..
  • (Any character can really come in at almost any time.
  • 10:50 Cravitus Ave: "Get this THING off of me!" He growled.
  • 10:51 Long Time (that's the easy thing about simulation rp
  • 10:51 Cravitus (I mean, not quite yet, right now)
  • 10:51 Long Time (well yeah
  • Mario: *Tries flipping Herm off of Ave*..
  • 10:52 Cravitus Ave: "I think he's crushing my legs! Private Herm, I order you to stop crushing my legs!"
  • 10:52 Long Time Mario: What did you FEED THIS MAN?
  • Mario: He's sooooooo heavy!
  • 10:52 Cravitus Ave: "The cafeteria fed him all the spare scraps!"
  • 10:52 Long Time Mario: WHAT? He's gotta be at least... 500 pounds..
  • Mario: Regardless, I'm gonna miss that blob-face-- wait a minute... his...his face is literally burnt off
  • 10:53 Cravitus Ave: "...What?"
  • 10:53 Long Time Mario: His FACE. It's GONE.
  • 10:54 Cravitus Ave grunted, and shoved himself out from under the blob
  • Ave: "What do you mean, gone, this is a sim, it can't be-"
  • Ave froze, and looked at the charred, burnt-marshmallow-like remains of Private Herm's face.
  • 10:54 Long Time Mario: Ave... I don't think this Herm.. is a simulated Herm...
  • 10:55 Cravitus Ave: "...That can't be right, Sim Safeguards ALWAYS prevent lethal injury... Heck, ANY injury!"
  • 10:55 Long Time Mario: But... weren't you in the middle of FIXING it!?
  • 10:55 Cravitus Ave: "No, Herm was!"
  • Ave paused.
  • 10:56 Long Time Mario: Oh... Herm.. was... fixing... oh my..
  • 10:56 Cravitus Ave: "...This is what happens when you play with live circuits."
  • Ave: "At least, probably."
  • Ave turned to Mario.
  • 10:57 Long Time Mario: For Irk's sake Herm, you fool!
  • 10:57 Cravitus Ave: "You do realize that if this isn't a Sim-Herm, your freakin' tophat's gone homicidal, right?"
  • 10:57 Long Time Mario: ......
  • Mario: No no no no no... my hatbot? Never... nope, never phfaaah.
  • Mario: Herm probably did it himself, yeah.
  • 10:58 Cravitus Ave: "I mean, Herm was probably just fine until the power turned on."
  • 10:58 Long Time Mario: No. No. No. No. No.
  • Mario: Something else happened, we're just idiots, and we don't know it.
  • Mario: MY Hatbot wouldn't do such a thing.
  • 10:58 Cravitus Ave: "Maybe not on purpose..." Ave paused, and looked to the corpse.
  • Ave: "But this is on him."
  • 10:59 Long Time Mario: No, Ave. We'll find out what REALLY happened.
  • 10:59 Cravitus Ave tipped his fedora grimly.
  • 10:59 Long Time Mario: I know Hatbot very well, I don't think he caused this...
  • 10:59 Cravitus Ave: "I intend to do that outside of a virtual world.
  • 10:59 Long Time Mario: After all Ave, we're now detectives...
  • Mario: We'll do our job, sim or no sim.
  • 11:00 Cravitus
    • Ave: "Well, one thing's for sure..."

Act Two Edit

==== Session 3 (continued)

  • 11:00 Cravitus
    • Ave: "He's dead, Jib."
  • (success)
  • 11:00 Ametrineskies (sims 5: irken extension pack: this isnt a game anymore
  • (Oh
  • (OH MY.
  • (*HIGH FIVES* D<
  • 11:00 Long Time Mario: Yeah. He's um.. straight up dead.
  • (lol
  • (krev
  • (that was perfect
  • 11:01 Cravitus (*Meets the High-Five*
  • 11:01 Invader Jib Jib: Who is dead? This needs some kind of context
  • 11:01 Long Time Mario: Well.. you see uh.. Sir.. all the other officers are dead.
  • 11:02 Invader Jib Jib: What?!
  • 11:02 Long Time Mario: We're the only ones... left.
  • 11:02 Invader Jib Jib: That's not possible...they killed ALL OF THEM?
  • Jib: What kind of monster..
  • 11:02 Long Time Mario: Well, except us... that's good, righT?


  • Mario: I guess we're technically your two best men now...
  • 11:02 Cravitus Ave: "Aside from my question of what kind of police department sends all it's officers to secure one scene,"
  • 11:03 Long Time Mario: Well... good point.
  • 11:03 Cravitus Ave: "It looked like they were all killed by gunfire."
  • Ave: "Someone stacked the bodies on top of who we assume was the original... Victim."
  • 11:03 Invader Jib Jib: Was their anything to show who did this?
  • 11:03 Long Time Mario: No. All we know is an address.
  • 11:03 Cravitus Ave: "We..." He paused, and reached into his pocket.
  • Ave: "We found this," He opened the note.
  • Ave: "Addressed to 'The Cleaners'."
  • 11:04 Long Time Mario: And, of course.. this.
  • Mario: Jib... Sir, we're going up against something nasty... something powerful.
  • 11:04 Invader Jib Jib: I figured out that much...

Session Four - 7-2-2015 Edit

  • · 

·  6:25 Cravitus (Last time in hatbot noir, etcetera

·  (

·  (That

·  Ave: "Now, Chief, will there be anything else you need us for or not? We've got work to do."

·  6:26 Invader Jib Jib: Err..Here? Not really

·  6:27 Long Time Mario Yeah, Chief... time's very valuable in times like these.

·  6:27 Cravitus Ave: "Don't let the fact that you've apparently sent every other police officer to secure one murder scene keep us, then."

·  6:27 Invader Jib Jib: It's probably best you find out who did it as fast as possible. And for the record, it wasn't ALL of the police.

·  Jib: I think there was at least two left

·  6:27 Ametrineskies (yeah its them

·  (:'D

·  6:28 YourFavoriteFangirl (XD

·  6:28 Long Time Mario: Hm... lucky men.

·  6:29 Cravitus Ave sighed in exasperation.

·  Ave: "Do you mean we really are the last policemen left here, then?"

·  Ave: "That we only had like twelve people, including us?"

·  6:29 Invader Jib Jib: Err, the other ones had minor injuries, and said they were going home

·  Jib: And uh...yes

·  6:30 Cravitus Ave sighed, and turned to Mario.

·  Ave: "Come on, we're leaving. I think I can feel my brains melting."

·  6:31 Long Time Mario: Hm... well, Ave. We should get goin', and catch these criminals... or criminal.

·  Mario: Though, I doubt one person did ALL of that.

·  6:31 Cravitus Ave shrugged.

·  Ave: "Well, surprise, firepower, and explosives tend to make one person very powerful at times."

·  6:32 Long Time Mario: *Starts walking*... man, the death rate in this town seems awful...

·  Mario: *Suddenly stops*.. wait, is that all you needed to tell us, Chief?

·  6:33 Cravitus Ave: "Mario, can we ignore the man and just leave?" He groaned.

·  Ave: "It's obvious we're not going to get much more out of him if we stay here and play 20 questions all night!"

·  6:33 Invader Jib Jib: If there wasn't any other information, then yes

·  6:33 Long Time Mario: Well.. ehh... alright.

·  Mario: *Continues walking*

·  6:35 Cravitus Ave looked to Jib with a particularly annoyed expression. Ave: "No, there wasn't anything else we got off of the note. We got a 'Cleaners', '62nd Vexington', and some random initials."

·  Ave shrugged, and kept walking.

·  Ave: "What were they again, TD?" He muttered aloud.

·  6:35 Invader Jib Jib: ...TD?

·  Jib: *Mumbles* No..

·  6:35 Cravitus Ave paused, then shook his head.

·  No way Hatbot's little script-writing was complex enough

·  6:36 Invader Jib Jib: We took out a gang with that name a pretty long time ago,

·  Jib: We thought they were gone for good....

·  6:36 Long Time Mario: Greaaat, a gang..?

·  6:37 Cravitus Ave looked back, a bit short of the garage doorway.

·  6:37 Long Time Mario: Well... at least we know what we're up against now.

·  6:37 Invader Jib Jib: Yeah...We lost a bunch of officers, and only a few of them were able to take them down. If they're up again, they're probably out for revenge.

·  6:38 Long Time Mario: Well... don't worry Chief. You've got your best men working on the case... we'll solve this case, and we'll solve it fast.

·  6:38 Invader Jib Jib: This might be a lot more dangerous than we thought. So uh...try not to get shot

·  6:39 Cravitus Ave sighed, shook his head, and stepped out of the room. Ave: "That didn't help much..."

·  6:39 YourFavoriteFangirl (great advice jib

·  6:40 Cravitus (rip the plan, was only vaguely quarterfollowed

·  6:40 Invader Jib (i'm too cool for scripts

·  6:40 Long Time Mario: *Follows Ave*

·  6:40 Cravitus Ave nudged the door shut, and strode over to the patrol car.

·  Ave: "Why did we come back here again?" He groaned, yanking the door open.

·  6:41 Ametrineskies (Brb

·  6:41 Long Time Mario: I uh... I have no idea.

·  Mario: Well, we had to report some evidence to the Chief.

·  6:42 Cravitus Ave: "We barely learned anything at all, and the Chief wasn't all that helpful."

·  6:42 Long Time Mario: No Ave, we know we're up against a gang now.

·  Mario: Gangs ain't that pretty, lotsaaa death..

·  6:43 Cravitus Ave: "Pirates and Terrorists bring lots of death too," He growled, slamming his door shut.

·  Ave paused, waiting in the car.

·  6:44 Long Time Mario: Irrelevant, and that isn't helping... but whatever.

·  6:44 Ametrineskies (owo

·  6:44 Long Time (brb

·  6:45 Cravitus (RP pause, rip)

·  (meanwhile mario continues to stand outside of the car, talking, while ave is waiting for him to get in it and literally drive the plot forward

·  6:45 Mysteriousjillguy ( lol

·  6:45 Ametrineskies (badum tchhh

·  6:46 YourFavoriteFangirl (pff

·  6:46 Long Time (back

·  (lol

·  Mario: Ehh...*Enters the passenger's seat*

·  Mario: So, you remember where to go, right?

·  6:47 Mysteriousjillguy ( brb ice cream

·  ( will join after

·  6:47 Cravitus Ave: "If you mean back to the scene of the crime, yeah," He sighed, starting the vehicle.

·  6:48 Long Time Mario: I was only asking, because you seemed so lost earlier.

·  6:48 Cravitus Ave: "It's not that hard to remember going straight, turning right, left, etcetera."

·  Ave: "...Did we ever finish searching the crime scene before we left?"

·  6:49 Long Time Mario: Yeah I know it isn't, I was just saying-- eh, whatever.

·  6:49 Cravitus Ave: "I'll take that as a no."

·  6:49 Long Time Mario: Actually, now that you mention it... I don't think so.

·  6:49 Cravitus Ave: "So yeah," He groaned. "A no."

·  Ave put it into drive, and the vehicle swerved out of the garage and into the empty street outside.

·  (aveisabaddriver.avi

  • · 

YourFavoriteFangirl (so is zik-

·  6:50 Ametrineskies (Omg

·  Welcome to the Irken Empire Wiki chat

·  6:51 Cravitus (chat being weird

·  6:52 Ametrineskies *a note flicks itself onto the window, right in Ave's view* *it says "Which Way?", with a Y-shaped road*

·  6:53 Cravitus Ave growled, and the car swerved hazardously again as he leaned out of the still-moving vehicle and yanked the note off.

·  6:53 Long Time Mario: You're not a horrible driver are you, I don't want to end dying because of you.

·  end up dying*

·  6:54 Cravitus Ave: "I don't think Herm wanted to die because of Hatbot either, but look what happened to him!" Ave growled, pocketing the random slip of paper.

·  6:54 Long Time Mario: ...

·  Mario: Uhg, again with the Hatbot is a murderer stuff?

·  Mario: I know MY Hatbot wouldn't cause such an awful event to happen.

·  6:55 Cravitus Ave: "His face was burnt off! It looked like a marshmallow!" Ave pushed.

·  6:55 Long Time Mario: Yes, NOT because of Hatbot, though.

·  6:55 Cravitus Ave: "Alright, here's an idea!" He growled, the car screeching to a halt on the side of the still-empty road.

·  Ave pulled out his pistol, and held it out to Mario.

·  6:55 Long Time Mario: You'll see. Something else caused his death.. not my Hatbot that-- GAH!

·  Mario: That was a rather SUDDEN stop... geez...

·  6:56 Cravitus Ave: "Shut it, and take the gun."

·  6:56 Long Time Mario: Um... okay..?

·  6:56 YourFavoriteFangirl (ave getting cranky

·  6:56 Long Time Mario: *Takes the pistol*

·  6:56 Cravitus (aveisnotamused.jpg

·  6:56 Ametrineskies *a sticky-note glues itself onto Ave's forehead* *"How Are You Going To Find Anything With You Taking The Wheel?"*

·  6:57 Cravitus Ave stopped the vehicle, yanking the key out, and pressed his foot against the windshield.

·  6:57 Long Time Mario: Pfhaaah.... nice sticky-note, Ave.

·  6:57 Cravitus Ave: "Now," He growled, "Random ominous notes aside," He pawed the thing off.

·  Ave: "Here's your chance for revenge!" He half-laughed.

·  6:58 Long Time Mario: Umm..?

·  6:58 Cravitus Ave: "Shoot me in the foot, and if it hurts and we're still in this horrible virtual world, then the safety protocols DID short out, killing Herm, and likely because of Hatbot!"

·  6:58 Long Time Mario: ...

·  6:59 Cravitus Ave jammed the handgun against his foot, his eyes showing an odd glint.

·  Ave: "Pull the trigger, I dare you!" He hissed.

·  6:59 Long Time Mario: I'm only gonna do it, because there's a 50% chance that it'll wreck your foot, and make you cry like a baby.

·  Mario: *Shoots Ave's foot*

·  7:00 Cravitus Suddenly, Ave screeched in pain; a noise so loud that those five miles away could hear. If they weren't simulated, anyway.

·  7:00 Ametrineskies (Mario: lol

·  7:00 Long Time Mario: PFHAAAAH!

·  7:00 YourFavoriteFangirl (ave: *tears* fml

·  7:00 Long Time Mario: HAHAHA YOUR FACE, PFFFF.

·  7:01 Cravitus Ave suddenly began to laugh, face contorted in laughter and pain, and punched Mario in the face.

·  7:01 Long Time Mario: I think you'r--ACK!

·  7:01 Mysteriousjillguy ( Lol averii's face

·  7:01 Long Time Mario: You just punched ME, in this face? Ohohohoo...

·  Mario: Do you want to fight, pal?

·  7:01 Cravitus Ave: "OH, THAT HURT SO MUCH!" He laughed, tears at the edges of his eyes as he pulled the half-melted shoe off of the windshield.

·  Ave kept laughing.

·  7:02 Long Time Mario: ... *shoots Ave in the leg* How's that for a funny joke, Ave?

·  Mario: FUNNY, huh?

·  7:02 Cravitus Ave tackled Mario, and the other door flew open as he hissed in pain once more.

·  7:02 Long Time (partnership falling apart (rip

·  7:03 Cravitus Then, he pinned the shorter Irken under his shoulder, and yanked his gun out of his hand.

·  7:03 Long Time Mario: Rnnnnh... *Punches ave in the stomach*

·  7:03 Ametrineskies *another note smacks into Mario's cheek* *"You're Both Idiots. Fight Yourself Instead Of The Crime! How About It."*

·  7:03 Cravitus Ave growled, and smacked Mario's face into the pavement with the butt of the pistol.

·  7:04 Long Time Mario: Ave, you're an IDI- huh.. ANOTHER NOTE--- AUHG MY FACEEE

·  7:04 Mysteriousjillguy ( where are the notes even coming from-

·  ( *shot*

·  7:04 Cravitus Ave: "Now, if you can stop SHOOTING ME," Ave growled, pushing himself off and aiming the handgun at Mario.

·  Ave: "One, the Sim should've pulled us out by now if those protocols were still active," He winced, kicking the melted shoe away.

·  Ave: "Two, I'll kill you later,"

·  7:05 Long Time Mario: Still... it was worth it. I was right, you cried like a baby.

·  7:05 Cravitus Ave fired the pistol into Mario's other foot.

·  7:05 Mysteriousjillguy ( averii is tiny baby man

·  7:05 Long Time Mario: *Chucles* Also, I'd like to see you try--

·  Mario: MY FOOT

·  Mario: WHY

·  Mario: PAINNNN

·  7:06 Cravitus Ave: "You're lucky this thing was forced into a low setting," Ave hissed, the burns feeling very real.

·  Ave: "But as I was saying, THREE!"

·  7:06 Long Time Mario: *Holding back the tears*.... Ave, I could tolerate you before... but now I just straight up dislike you.

·  7:06 Cravitus Ave yanked the notes from earlier out of his pocket, and looked at them.

·  Ave: "Where are these coming from?!"

·  Mysteriousjillguy has left the chat.

·  Mysteriousjillguy has joined the chat.

·  7:07 Long Time Mario: *Sigh*. I have NO idea, the one I got told me to stop fighting you...

·  7:07 Mysteriousjillguy (argh exited out on accident

·  7:07 Long Time Mario: Or something like that.... *passes the note over to Averii*..

·  7:07 Cravitus Ave sighed, and lowered the gun.

·  7:07 Long Time Mario: Anyways, how about we call some sorta TRUCE?

·  7:08 Cravitus Ave: "For now," He grunted, standing up.

·  Then, he reluctantly offered his hand.

·  7:08 Long Time Mario: I hate to admit it, but we need eachother to solve this thing..

·  Mario: *Excepts his offer, and grabs his hand*...

·  7:08 Cravitus Ave: "This has gotten us nowhere, aside from establishing the fact that if we get shot, we can probably die,"

·  Ave pulled Mario up, and pocketed his pistol.

·  Ave: "And that your robot has almost definitely killed Herm."

·  7:09 Long Time Accepts*

·  (auto correcttttttttttttttttttttt

·  7:09 Ametrineskies *another note.. landing at their feet* *"The Crime Is Everywhere."*

·  7:09 Mysteriousjillguy ( random notes

·  7:09 Cravitus Ave frowned at the note, and pulled out his pistol again, vaporizing it with a single blast.

·  7:09 Mysteriousjillguy ( probably a simulator glitch

·  7:09 Long Time Mario: Ave, shut up. We'll talk about it later--...

·  7:09 Mysteriousjillguy ( totally

·  7:10 Cravitus Ave: "Preferably away from these notes."

·  7:10 Long Time Mario: Seriously. Where are all these notes coming from?

·  Mario: They're annoying...

·  7:10 Cravitus Ave limped to the other side of the car, and pocketed his handgun after tinkering with it for a moment.

·  Ave: "Yep."

·  7:10 Long Time Mario: *limping over to the car as well*... that really hurt.

·  7:11 Cravitus Ave: "You shot me in the foot, then the leg," He sighed, easing into his seat.

·  Ave: "As far as I care, we're even now after I shot your other foot."

·  7:11 Long Time Mario: You punched me in the face, after you requested me to shoot you in the foot.

·  Mario: ...

·  Mario: Whatever. Let's just go.

·  Mario: *Enters the passenger's seat*

·  7:12 Cravitus Ave: "...I think I'm losing the feeling in my right foot, so we'd better hurry. Hopefully holographic hospitals can fix laser burns."

·  7:13 Long Time Mario: I lost all the feeling in MY foot a minute ago, so yeah.. we should hurry.

·  7:13 Cravitus *** When they pulled up, the other patrol cars were still there. Left as they were, like some kid had been playing Cops and Robbers, and suddenly his favorite cartoon had come on.

·  Ave put on the brakes, pulled out the key, and popped his door.

·  Ave: "Looks like nobody's home, still."

·  7:14 Long Time Mario: ...and that Averii, is why you never trust Hatbot with gasoline.

·  Mario: Oh, expected.

·  7:14 Cravitus Ave nodded, still quarter-listening

·  Ave: "...So what was that about the lightbulb orphanage?"

·  7:15 Long Time Mario: Oh um.. I'll tell you about it again later.

·  Mario: Let's just say, the city lost a lot of cats.

·  7:15 Ametrineskies (

·  7:15 Cravitus Ave: "A shame they weren't monkeys."

·  7:15 Long Time Mario: Yeah, agreed.

·  7:16 YourFavoriteFangirl (LOOL

·  7:16 Long Time (lol

·  (xDD

·  7:16 Cravitus (The knee is reserved for special aveoccasions

·  7:16 Mysteriousjillguy ( LOL

·  7:16 Ametrineskies (im sorry :'D

·  7:16 Cravitus (Mario's foot must suffer

·  (Ave probably shot the same foot that he shot last time

·  7:17 Long Time (ave loves shooting that specific foot

·  Mario: Anyways, enough of the Hatbot talk.

·  Mario: Let's continue on.

·  Mario: *Following Ave*

·  Mario: So, we checked pretty much all of the store... right?

·  7:19 Cravitus Ave paused.

·  7:19 Long Time Mario: What did we miss?

·  7:19 Cravitus Ave: "Er... We only checked like, the first corner on the right, then that one aisle, and then the corner with the corpses, actually..."

·  7:19 Long Time Mario: Oh... right.

·  7:19 Cravitus Ave: "Speaking of which, what are we supposed to do with those dead bodies?"

·  7:20 Mysteriousjillguy *A medicene tablet flies in the air,and hits the wall*

·  7:20 Long Time Mario: Give them a proper burial, tell their wives the bad news, donate them to Zik?

·  Mario: or osmething

·  something*

·  7:20 Cravitus Ave yelped, dived back, and raised his pistol.

·  7:20 Long Time Mario: I don't know.

·  7:20 Mysteriousjillguy *Grunting noises are heard from the medicine counter*

·  7:20 Ametrineskies (lurk: *hisssss*

·  7:20 Mysteriousjillguy "...WHere..where is it..WHEREEEE"

·  7:20 Cravitus Ave motioned at Mario to get his gun out."

·  7:20 Long Time Mario: *Backs away* Ech... what is that thing?

·  7:21 Cravitus Ave again urged him to get his gun out.

·  7:21 Long Time Mario: *Raises his pistol*...

·  7:21 Mysteriousjillguy *Another medicene bottle flies past them,along with a package of adhesive medical strips*

·  7:21 Cravitus Climbing back to his feet, Ave grabbed the package as it rolled on the ground outside.

·  He tossed it towards their car for later inspection.

·  7:21 Mysteriousjillguy *The medicine counter is surrounded by piles of empty drug containers*

·  7:22 Cravitus Ave raised his flashlight, and clicked it on, keeping it and the gun trained on the counter.

·  Ave: "Come out with your hands up!"

·  7:23 Mysteriousjillguy *The light reveals a filthy,gritty haired Lurk,he wears an old brown coat,and a damaged brown fedora*

·  Lurk:HISSS

·  7:23 Ametrineskies (inb4

·  7:23 Long Time Mario: Yeah! We ain't the type to tolerate disrespectful types, so you better listen to us.

·  7:23 Cravitus Ave: "Sweet merciful tallest, what is that thing?!"

·  7:23 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Oh! It's you!

·  7:23 Long Time Mario: Oh what the...

·  7:23 Cravitus Ave: "It's hideous, and it's like... Hedgehog-haired!"

·  7:23 Long Time Mario: It's... Lurk.

·  7:23 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Throws his fedora at Averii,revealing his face*

·  7:23 Long Time Mario: Shhhh, Ave! He's right there...

·  7:23 Cravitus Ave shouts in surprise, knocked over by the fedora.

·  7:24 Ametrineskies (*graceful music plays on my end as Lurk is introduced*

·  7:24 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:MARIO! How's life been?

·  (gg

·  7:24 Long Time Mario: ...

·  7:24 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Bangs a drug container on the counter,it cracks open*

·  7:24 Long Time Mario: Ave, remember, this Lurk is probably a simulation too.

·  Mario: Ehhh, heyyyy.. Lurk..

·  7:24 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Eats a bunch of meds*

·  Lurk:Simulation?

·  7:24 Cravitus Meanwhile, Ave flails around uncontrollably, not listening as his shouts are muffled by the fedora on his face.

·  7:24 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:WHOT ARE YE TALKING ABOUT?!

·  7:25 Cravitus Ave: "CUT IT OFF, CUT IT OFF-"

·  7:25 Long Time Mario: Nothing.

·  7:25 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Oh ok.

·  7:25 Cravitus Ave: "IT SMELLS OF HAM!"

·  7:25 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Gibberish noises,packs a few med containers in his pocket*

·  Lurk:So uh,I'm not stealing these or anything. Yeah. I paid for these.

·  Lutk:*Twitch*

·  7:26 Long Time Mario: Yeaaaah.. okaay..

·  7:26 YourFavoriteFangirl (lurk: *boar noises*

·  7:26 Ametrineskies (*snort*

·  7:26 Cravitus (Ave: *Facehugged by LurkFedora*

·  7:26 Long Time (*snort* magic

·  7:26 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Packs some more drugs*

·  7:26 Long Time Mario: That's a lot of drugs..

·  7:27 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:So,what brings you here? *calmly sits on one of the corpses*

·  7:27 Long Time Mario: We're investigators, infact... this is a crime scene.

·  7:27 Cravitus Ave continues to battle Lurk's fedora, thrashing around on the floor.

·  7:27 Long Time Mario: You're not supposed to be here, Sir.

·  7:27 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Are you guys looking for drugs too? WELL TOO BAD,BECAUSE THEY'RE MINEEE

·  7:27 Cravitus Ave: "CAN'T... BREATHE..."

·  7:27 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Oh yeah. The crime scene.

·  7:27 Long Time Mario: No.... uhg. Just, don't get in our way, okay?

·  7:28 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I was a witness. Saw on of em clean up,yeah.

·  7:28 Long Time Mario: Really? Great!

·  Mario: Can you describe the person?

·  7:28 Ametrineskies *the fedora flicks itself off Ave's head, with a quiet boy's laugh*

·  7:28 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I don't remember. I was kind of tipsy at the time-

·  Lurk:*Stares at the fedora,horrified*

·  7:28 Long Time Mario: *Sigh*.

·  7:28 Cravitus Ave gasps, and shoots at the Fedora in terror.

·  Ave: "It's a HELLSPAWN!" He screeched, oblivious.

·  7:29 Long Time Mario: *Sighs yet again*.

·  Mario: AVE.

·  Mario: Quit it!

·  7:29 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Covers the fedora in holy water,and chucks it out of the store through a window*

·  7:29 Cravitus Ave suddenly paused, and looked to Mario.

·  Ave then looked to his firearm.

·  7:29 Mysteriousjillguy *The fedora gets hit by a speeding car,a demonic roar is heard*

·  7:29 Cravitus Ave then listened to the demonic roar of the fedora.

·  Ave: "I... I'm fine now, yeah. Just my imagination."

·  7:30 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:So uh..

·  Lurk: I think one of them was green.

·  Lurk:Or blue.

·  7:30 Long Time Mario: That doesn't help..

·  Mario: At all..

·  7:30 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I dunno..

·  7:30 Cravitus Ave coughed a few times, standing up.

·  Ave: "Yeah, yeah, so did you do anything to the bodies?" He groaned.

·  7:31 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Other then using them for chairs and stools,no.

·  Lurk:*Gets off the corpse and stands up*

·  7:31 Long Time Mario: ...that's disturbing.

·  7:31 Cravitus Ave sighed, and straightened himself out.

·  Then, he adjusted his fedora.

·  7:31 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Chuckles*

·  7:32 Long Time Mario: Wait, what am I saying? This is Lurk I'm talking about.

·  7:32 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk pulls out another brown fedora,seemingly from nowhere*

·  7:32 Cravitus Ave: "Well, we'll have to search it and..." He suddenly paused.

·  7:32 Long Time Mario: The man who owns a freakin' fionna-shrine.

·  7:32 Cravitus Ave looked at the corpse.

·  7:32 YourFavoriteFangirl (mario:

·  7:32 Long Time (pfff

·  7:32 Cravitus Ave: "Shrines aside, er..."

·  7:32 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Fionnna? You mean that hot waiter from the bar? Yeah

·  7:33 Cravitus Ave pulled the corpse out, and shined a light on it.

·  7:33 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:She says I'm "horrifying" I think its a compliment

·  Lurk:*Squees*

·  7:33 Long Time Mario: That's not a compliment.. but whatever.

·  7:33 Cravitus Ave: "Er, Mario?" He called.

·  7:33 Long Time Mario: Ave, this man is useless. Dispose of him at onceeee, please?

·  7:33 Cravitus Ave: "Was this guy in the bodypile?"

·  7:33 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Sadly some idiot put a restraining order on me so I stay away from her.

·  7:33 Long Time Mario: Um... I don't know.

·  7:33 Cravitus Ave: "I think he's dressed in... Food service drone gear."

·  7:34 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I can help you guys. Uh..I have connections in the crime world. Yeah.

·  7:34 Cravitus Ave suddenly pulled up the corpse, and held it in his arm and shined a light on it.

·  Ave: "Mister... Larp, or whatever your name was,"

·  Ave: "Where did you find this corpse?

·  7:34 Long Time (larp

·  7:34 Cravitus (lurk the larper

·  7:34 Mysteriousjillguy ( evil alternate confirmed

·  7:35 YourFavoriteFangirl (lurk: *dressed in orc outfit* fear me

·  7:35 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Uh..I found it..uhh....

·  7:35 Ametrineskies (luek, lurl, and larp

·  7:35 Cravitus (what about buff menamiii

·  7:35 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I think uh..I found it after those cleaner guys..uh..came here..or something.

·  7:35 YourFavoriteFangirl (:'D

·  7:35 Cravitus Ave held the frycook-looking body up.

·  7:36 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Coughs up a bunch of pills*

·  7:36 Cravitus Ave: "Yeah, I don't think these are our guys..."

·  7:36 Long Time Mario: You're COUGHING up your pills?

·  Mario: Again.... that's disturbing.

·  7:36 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Whut? *Stumbles*

·  Lurk:I'm fine.

·  7:36 Cravitus Ave looked at the pill-coughing Lurk for a moment.

·  Ave: "...I'm sure you are," He deadpanned, dropping the body like a ragdoll.

·  7:37 Ametrineskies *a note drops down on Lurk's head* *"ew"*

·  7:37 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*About to vomit,but holds it in*

·  Lurk:*Eats the note*

·  7:37 Ametrineskies (i knew it :'D

·  7:37 Long Time Mario: Okay, WHAT'S WITH THESE NOTESSSS?

·  Mario: I'm gonna go mad... I mean, randomly appearing notes...

·  7:37 Cravitus Ave: "One thing at a time..." Ave sighed.

·  7:37 Long Time Mario: That's absurd.

·  7:37 Cravitus Ave: "One thing at a time."

·  7:37 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk: THEY'RE MESSAGES FROM CTHULU,DONT YOU SEE?! *Holds Mario*

·  7:38 Long Time Mario: How is that even possible, I mean look at it!

·  7:38 Cravitus Ave shoved the decomposing sack of meat at his feet to the side, and crossed his arms.

·  7:38 Long Time Mario: Out of nowhere! Thin ar! Well, thin simulation air!

·  7:38 Cravitus Ave: "Yeah, yeah, whatever, now mister Larp!"

·  7:38 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Pushes Mario away,and vomits behind the counter*

·  7:38 Long Time Mario: And.. what's a Cthulu? .-.

·  7:38 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Yes? * Wiping the vomit away*

·  *Off his mouth

·  7:39 Cravitus Ave looked disgusted for a moment. Ave: "Well, aside from all the questions that medical science has for you right now,"

·  Ave: "I'd like to ask you about these 'Cleaners..."

·  7:39 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Okie Dokie

·  7:39 Long Time Mario: Yeah.. and we EXPECT answers.

·  7:40 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Mmmhmmmmmmmmmmmm

·  7:40 Long Time (brb

·  7:40 Cravitus (Pause!)

·  (Krev must hear the opinions so far

·  7:40 Ametrineskies (ye

·  7:41 Cravitus (Is gud so far or no?

·  7:41 Mysteriousjillguy ( g00d

·  7:41 Ametrineskies (#madnessinducingnotes

·  Cravitus Ave: "Can you explain what you saw?"

·  8:07 YourFavoriteFangirl (Back x.x

·  8:07 Cravitus Ave: "What they looked like, what you heard,"

·  Ave: "What they did,"

·  Ave: "Anything like that that could help us would be nice."

·  8:07 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Well uh..I saw these guys come out of a APRONS...

·  Lurk:And they had candy canes. And they were cleaning up the dead bodies n stuff.

·  8:08 Long Time Mario: ...

·  8:08 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:But I kept some of them away from them,like this fat guy whose face was made of marshmallows,sadly his face only tasted like moldy burritos.

·  8:08 Ametrineskies ( the picture before its light and shade fix ups

·  8:09 Long Time Mario: Were you on drugs when they arrived?

·  8:09 Cravitus (Neat

·  8:09 Long Time (cool

·  8:09 Cravitus Ave: "...How long ago was this?"

·  8:09 YourFavoriteFangirl (owo

·  8:09 Mysteriousjillguy ( why am i picturing him with mutiple chins

·  8:09 Cravitus (I have no idea)

·  8:09 Ametrineskies (*stares*

·  8:09 Mysteriousjillguy ( neckbeard-

·  8:09 Long Time (still reminds me of the spy

·  8:09 Cravitus (I imagine him kinda like patrick)

·  (Wait

·  (Are we talking about Herm

·  8:09 Long Time (no

·  (Zik xD

·  8:10 Ametrineskies (im confuseed-----

·  (Yeah that fella's Zik.

·  8:10 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Uh..I dunno what time it was..and uh..

·  8:10 Long Time Mario: I'll ask again, WERE you on drugs when they arrived?

·  8:10 Ametrineskies (It's very red themed so I like that.

·  8:10 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I saw a bunch of pterodactyls come in,along with a herd of anthropomorphic soup cans.

·  Lurk:Yes.

·  8:11 Long Time Mario: Because, pal, that story sounds highly--... ahn, so you were..

·  (red's my favorite color .w.

·  8:11 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I also ripped off that fat guy's face/

·  8:11 Ametrineskies (c: Cool

·  8:11 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:It tasted horrible.

·  8:11 Cravitus Ave: "...I'm gonna go check on the corpses."

·  8:11 Long Time Mario: Ave, this guy is basically useless to us.

·  8:11 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:NOOO! WAIT!

·  8:12 Cravitus Ave: "Just keep him talking!" Ave shouted.

·  With that, Ave disappeared into one of the aisles.

·  8:12 Long Time Mario: *Sigh*...

·  8:12 Ametrineskies *footsteps echo, from the door to the isle Ave is in - they heard as if they were right next to him*

·  8:13 Cravitus (krev recommends you keep talking)

·  8:13 Long Time Mario: So Lurk, ummmm... how's life?

·  8:13 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I want to help you catch the criminal! I have connections in UNDERGROUND

·  8:13 Long Time Mario: Ummm, how?

·  8:13 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Oh,it's just horrible.

·  8:13 Cravitus Suddenly, you hear a crash from the aisle Ave was in!

·  8:13 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I know some drug dealers and stuff. Yeah. They might know the guy you're looking for.


·  8:14 Long Time Mario: ...! Ave!?


·  8:14 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:IT'S THE ALIENS! GET EM OFF MEE! *Squirms on the ground*

·  8:14 Long Time Mario: *Rushes over to the aisle*

·  8:14 Cravitus Then, more crashing.

·  8:14 Long Time Mario: AVE, WHAT DID YOU DO?

·  8:14 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:ALLIIEENNNSSSSS

·  8:15 Cravitus You stumble into the Aisle, and find Ave tripping over Herm's corpse.

·  Ave: "Your druggie friend wasn't lying,"

·  Ave: "He really did eat his face!"

·  8:15 Long Time Mario: Herm's corpse...?

·  8:15 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Oh. It's just the marshmallow man. I knew that.

·  8:15 Long Time Mario: What's that doing over here??

·  8:15 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk: Tacos.

·  8:15 Cravitus Ave turned, and checked around the corner.

·  8:15 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I dunno man.

·  8:15 Cravitus Ave: "Well, if what he said was at least partially true,"

·  8:16 Ametrineskies *the voice giggles again, watching Ave trip*

·  8:16 Long Time Mario: ..

·  8:16 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Violently coughs*

·  8:16 Long Time Mario: Ave.

·  8:16 Cravitus Ave: "Then he's somehow dragged this ton of meat and hidden it from the cleaners, because I don't see the other corpses."

·  Ave turned back.

·  8:16 Long Time Mario: Can we solve this mysterious spirit, simulation glitch, or WHATEVER THAT GOD AWFUL NUISANCE IS?

·  Mario: I'm going to go mad.

·  8:16 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:JOIN THE CLUB,BROTHER

·  Lurk:*Hugs mario*

·  8:17 Cravitus Ave fired a laser towards the strange voice, not even looking at where he was aiming.

·  8:17 Long Time Mario: .... Euuhhh....

·  8:17 Cravitus Ave: "There, dealt with!"

·  8:17 Long Time Mario: Don't touch me, please...

·  8:17 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Buuttt we'reeee frrieeennndddssss

·  8:17 Cravitus Ave: "Bottom line, the dead bodies are almost all gone, and you may want to boil the spots where he's touched you."

·  8:17 Long Time Mario: *Sigh*...

·  8:17 Cravitus Ave eyed Lurk for a moment, shining the Flashlight at them.

·  8:17 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Hahaha. I took waaayy too many pills.

·  8:17 Cravitus Ave: "He looks unclean."

·  8:17 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Falls over*

·  8:18 Cravitus Ave sighed.

·  8:18 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Mumbled gibberish*

·  8:18 Long Time Mario: Yeah.. he's gonna get my fancy new clothes dir-.. did he just faint?

·  8:18 YourFavoriteFangirl (Brb guys, pls pause

·  8:18 Cravitus (Pause)

·  8:22 Mysteriousjillguy ( Im going to have to go on tablet soon

·  8:22 Cravitus (Alright

·  (If Miz is back, then we'll continue)

·  (Not much left in this scene.

·  8:25 Ametrineskies (and i said, larry, these rp courts are full

·  8:25 Long Time (brb

·  8:27 Mysteriousjillguy ( what

·  8:29 Invader Jib

·  8:33 Cravitus (rip miz and mario)

·  (the notemaker must've got them)

·  8:34 Mysteriousjillguy (gasp

·  8:35 Long Time (back

·  8:36 Cravitus (brbasec)

·  8:37 YourFavoriteFangirl (sorry got busy with somethin

·  (im back

·  8:38 Ametrineskies (Almost done with the picture!

·  8:39 Mysteriousjillguy ( Glooboogle Shruk

·  ( wrecking balls

·  8:39 Ametrineskies (....gr8

·  8:40 Mysteriousjillguy ( ok then

·  8:44 Ametrineskies (I havent done a background like this in a long time, with the light and shade methods. Really reminds me of a super old picture done with the same stuff!

·  8:44 Cravitus (I'm back

·  (Krev thinks is neat

·  8:44 Ametrineskies (^^

·  8:44 Long Time (That looks really really cool o:

·  8:44 Cravitus (also back)

·  8:45 Ametrineskies ( Done exactly 2 years ago. c:

·  (Yeah back when the line tool was my child ...

·  (Luc's hair manifested before Luc even existed.

·  (My very first account. I suggest you dont look at it. oao

·  (I was surprised it was.. on that one. I thought it was on my second account.

·  (On the 25th, I will have been on DeviantArt for 3 years. 2012 - 2015. ^^

·  (I see massive improvements ; w ;

·  8:49 Cravitus (Krev has been on deviantart for like five years

·  8:49 Ametrineskies (If I was on it a year younger, it wouldve been Misty everything so qq

·  (And Warrior cats, but

·  (..egh.

·  8:50 Cravitus (Oh god, warrior cats

·  8:50 Ametrineskies (..The series is good, rightfully.

·  8:50 Cravitus (It was decent, but

·  8:50 Ametrineskies (..But the OCs and Clans on Toontown are um ...

·  8:50 Cravitus (The fancharacters tend to suck

·  8:50 Ametrineskies (^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

·  8:50 Cravitus (I never made one myself

·  8:50 Ametrineskies (All of the clans are the same ...

·  8:50 Cravitus (I just kept seeing other people's fancharacters

·  8:51 Ametrineskies (Most of the rpers are lazy, just sit there.. usually talk about or even START drama (be it rl-based or "Clan" based).. and when they DO rp, it's either really bad edge or fryingpans. Or inappropiate.

·  8:51 Cravitus (Anyway

·  (Mario!

·  (Jib!

·  (Lurk!

·  (Miz!

·  8:51 Ametrineskies (eeee

·  8:52 Cravitus (Are we ready to continue?

·  8:52 YourFavoriteFangirl (Sure

·  8:53 Cravitus (Mario! Jib! Lurk!

·  (We must the noir, respond!

·  8:55 Mysteriousjillguy ( k

·  Lurk:I really hate being alive. What are we doing again?

·  8:56 Invader Jib (response here

·  8:56 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I ALSO FOUND THIS RED FORAAA!! *Screams*

·  8:56 Cravitus Ave: "...Yeah, I'm just gonna sweep the rest of this place."

·  Ave: "I think he's gone off the deep end."

·  He looked at Lurk again.

·  Ave: "Maybe further, actually."

·  He looked back to Mario.

·  8:56 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Pulls out a red fedora,with a paper note in it*

·  Lurk:*Shoves it slowly in Averii's face*

·  8:57 Cravitus Ave sighed.

·  Ave: "...Where did you find this?" He asked, looking back to Lurk."

Session Five - 7-10/11-2015 Edit

·         Cravitus______________________________________ Ave: "-Apparently he found the hat upstairs on a chair, next to a gun." He held the red fedora out to Jib, the note in his other hand.

·         1:48Mysteriousjillguy(Last time on irken conquest,lurk said goodbye to his fionna senpai and was forced to sacrfice himself to defeat evil lord clone menami fanservice empress,and his friends finished off the evil hyperrealistic skeleton edgelords and the devious dank monkey overlords,and it was revealed that vok was actually hatbot jesus' grandfather from planet cliche plot twistia

·         1:49YourFavoriteFangirl(oh

·         (XDD

·         1:49Cravitus(fanservice where

·         1:49Ametrineskies(omg

·         1:49Cravitus(but now to continununasudiofnmoadsimf)

·         ______________________________________ Ave: "-Apparently he found the hat upstairs on a chair, next to a gun." He held the red fedora out to Jib, the note in his other hand.

·         Ave: Any ideas, Sir?" He sighed, looking at the paper again.

·         1:50Mysteriousjillguy(The dubbed version is so awful,especially in that episode where lurk transformed into a demon monkey futa zombie

·         1:50Invader Jib(I don't have a que do i-

·         1:50Long Time(yes

·         1:50Cravitus(one jump in whenever, jib)

·         1:50Long Time(jib don't screw it up like last time

·         1:50Invader JibJib: Well uh..

·         1:50Long Time(or krev will get the soup prepared

·         1:51Invader JibJib: *Examines the red fedora*

·         1:51Cravitus Ave: "I'll hand you the note we found in a second," He muttered.

·         1:51Mysteriousjillguy(yes this time with extra spicy hot chili seasoning

·         1:52Invader JibJib: From what I can tell, this likely belongs to the gang we're looking for

·         Jib: They apparently acidnetally drop one of their hats every time

·         1:52Long TimeMario: That's very... unprofessional.

·         1:52Mysteriousjillguy*Lurk sleeps on a chair somewhere in the station,dreaming of horrible drug induced nightmares*

·         1:53YourFavoriteFangirl(acidnetally

·         1:53Ametrineskies(acidnetally

·         1:53Long Time(fits so well with what lurk just said

·         1:53Ametrineskies(oMF

·         1:53YourFavoriteFangirl(XDDDDDD

·         1:53Mysteriousjillguy(Jib screwed up

·         1:53Invader Jib(pull the alarm-

·         1:53Mysteriousjillguy(we must boil him with acid

·         ("Acidentaly"

·         1:54Invader JibJib: Otherwise, this could be a more dangerous situation like why thought

·         1:54Mysteriousjillguy(@mario omg it does

·         1:54Long TimeMario: *Sigh*... Ave, why do we keep coming back here to ask the chief all the questions? After all, we ARE the detectives... we could've figures this out, 15 minutes flat, pal.

·         Mario: We're supposed to be the two best men.

·         1:55CravitusAve: "...Right." He sighed.

·         1:55Long Timefigured*

·         1:55MysteriousjillguyLurk:*snores with his mouth open,drools*

·         Lurk:*snorts,coughs up a pill*

·         1:56Long TimeMario: You can be the one who drives, again.

·         Mario: Next time, don't come crawlin' back to the chief, alright?

·         1:56CravitusAve nodded, and looked to the unconscious Lurk.

·         Ave ignored the police chief before them, and looked to the note again.

· not into that kind of stuff...*snores*

·         Lurk:*falls off the chair,still asleep*

·         1:57Long TimeMario: Anyways... what DOES that note even say?

·         1:58CravitusAve: "I told you once before," He sighed, crumbling it up and tossing it back as he walked towards the door.

·         1:58Long TimeMario: Oh yeah...

·         1:58CravitusAve: "Just says 'Come back to me.' The heck's that supposed to mean?"

·         1:59Invader JibJib: *uncrumbles the note and puts in it in an evidence folder*

·         1:59Long TimeMario: Hm...

·         1:59Ametrineskies(Jib: *ocd grumble*

·         1:59CravitusAve: "Come to think of it, I barely know anything!" He groaned.

·         Ave: "Not about this place, at least."

·         2:00Invader JibJib: *looks at the note* You know, that sounds like a trap or something

·         2:00CravitusAve: "No kidding, Captain Obvious..." He muttered.

·         2:01Mysteriousjillguy(Jib:the note must be written by the criminals

·         2:01Long TimeMario: Well, where are we off to next?

·         2:01Mysteriousjillguy(Jib:lurk is asleep,the fedora must be red

·         2:01Invader Jib(lol

·         2:01Long TimeMario: Also, don't freak out next time we're driving. That'd be a nice bonus.

·         2:01Cravitus(jib, check pms

·         2:02YourFavoriteFangirl(""jib, check penis""

·         (otp

·         2:02Ametrineskies(krib

·         (otp

·         (I SHIP IT

·         (jib x krev x vex

·         (ot3

·         (kribex

·         2:03Cravitus(Krev does not support this message)

·         2:03Long Time(finally no more merv

·         2:03Cravitus(busy discussing with jib)

·         2:03Long Time(i have escaped the horribleness of miz's chat ships

·         2:03Ametrineskies(finally no more merv *11:14 plays on the halo odst* so dramatic

·         2:03Mysteriousjillguy(kribex sounds like a company name of something

·         or*

·         2:04Invader JibJib: *Mumbles* Come to think of it, that fedora looks kind of similar to..

·         2:04Ametrineskies(it sounds like a cleaner bottle

·         2:04Mysteriousjillguy(but you guys forgot about lurjiseveriiexamiusqsosceles the best ship

·         2:05Ametrineskies(yes

·         2:05YourFavoriteFangirl(XDD

·         2:05Long TimeMario: Didn't you say something like that extremely similar earlier?

·         2:05Cravitus(does anyone even remember the time averii somehow cuddled with most of the females in that one hunger games

·         2:05Long Time(yes

·         (averii is a lady's man

·         2:05YourFavoriteFangirl(:'D

·         2:06Long TimeMario: We already know it's from the supposed gang.

·         2:06CravitusAve: "Yeah, yeah, 'TD', whatever the heck that is."

·         2:06Invader JibJib: Hm...Nevermind, it's nothing

·         2:06Ametrineskies(ten desires obv

·         (miko is the true leader

·         2:06Long TimeMario: Oh, yeah, it's nothing, huh? Apparently saying something that could potentially help is NOTHING. Yup.

·         (the mayo sass is real

·         2:07CravitusAve's tone rose to agitated sarcasm. Ave: "Oh, what is it, chief? What, am I the murderer? Some kinda big-shot gangie?"

·         2:07Mysteriousjillguyaverii:pimp clothes

·         (*

·         2:07Cravitus(avepimpslap.avi

·         (ave: 2hot

·         (someone give me a 'hot damn', krev is being left hanging here

·         (rip

·         2:07Long Time(hot da

·         (there you go

·         (are you happy

·         2:08Ametrineskies(hot dam. really hot. it's smoking. i thought dams were cold.

·         2:09Long TimeMario: *Sigh*... Ave, are we ready to go?

·         2:09CravitusAve grit his teeth and continued to press. Ave: "What is it that's so important, chief? What?"

·         2:09Long TimeMario: Knowing the chief, he'll probably stay quiet.

·         2:10Invader JibJib: Well, nothing important

·         2:10Mysteriousjillguy(Plot twist:TD stands for total drama

·         2:10Long Time(n0

·         2:10Ametrineskies(o

·         2:10Cravitus(ogod

·         2:10Mysteriousjillguy(crossover that never needed to happen confirmed

·         (*old wikia total drama island crossover appears,horror music plays*

·         2:12Long TimeMario: Chief, are you sure it's nothing important? Old Ave over here won't shut up until he's exhausted every ounce of information, regardless of importance..

·         2:12CravitusAve: "Who you calling old?!" Ave growled.

·         2:12YourFavoriteFangirl(mario's turning into an actual detective

·         (:'D

·         2:12Invader JibJib: *Grumbles somethign and makes sure the evidence is properly organized*

·         2:12Long Time(yup xD

·         2:13YourFavoriteFangirl(count: dont vorry averii im called old too

·         2:13Invader JibJib: I said it was nothing

·         2:13Long TimeMario: See, Ave? Let's cut the wild chase that never needed to be started.

·         2:13CravitusAve stared for a moment.

·         2:13Long TimeMario: We're wasting VALUABLE time, pal.

·         2:14CravitusAve: "Fine. Probably just redundancies anyway..." He sighed. "I wasn't even serious at first."

·         He turned, shrugged, strode towards the garage door

·         2:14YourFavoriteFangirl(jib: *ocd intensifies*

·         2:14Ametrineskies(#avestriding

·         2:14YourFavoriteFangirl(XDD

·         2:14Long TimeMario: *Follows Ave*

·         2:15Mysteriousjillguy(Jubbles the 21st : ill have you know old people are a valuable part of our community,why did I ever tsll you about how the chair was invented by my great great great great great great great great-

·         2:16CravitusAve suddenly paused.

·         Ave: "Wait, we can leave the body here, right?"

·         2:16Long TimeMario: Yes.

·         Mario: That's common sense, I mean.. why would we drag the body around with us.

·         2:17CravitusHe pulled the door open, and peered through the doorway and garage at their practically bulging car.

·         2:17Ametrineskies(can i have jubbles

·         (hes awesome

·         2:17YourFavoriteFangirl(:'D

·         2:17Mysteriousjillguy(ok

·         2:17CravitusAve: "Because it took us forever to get his body into the car in the first place?"

·         2:17Ametrineskies(i love ihm

·         2:18Long TimeMario: Eh.

·         2:19Mysteriousjillguy(jubbles should appear in this rp as an old man that witnessed the murder

·         2:20CravitusAve: "Seriously, the guy weighs a few tons. I'm not carrying him up these steps."

·         2:20Long TimeMario: Well... are there any other cars around here?

·         Mario: We could use a different one.

·         2:21CravitusAve shrugged, and looked at the selection briefly.

·         Then, just as quickly as he began looking, he stopped and stared at a bright red-and-chrome paintjob.

·         2:22Long TimeMario: Any fancy ones?

·         2:22Cravitus(

·         2:23Long TimeMario: I'd loooove to ride in style.

·         2:23CravitusAve smirked. Ave: "You could say that."

·         He looked back to the Chief.

·         2:23Long TimeMario: Oooohohoh..

·         Mario: You know what? I'm sure the Chief won't mind...

·         2:23CravitusAve shrugged.

·         Ave: "Are the keys in?"

·         2:24Long TimeMario: After all, we ARE his two best men.. we deserve... a little better.

·         2:24Cravitus ____________________________________________

·         With an energetic whoop of excitement, the car screeched around another corner, Ave grinning at the wheel.

·         2:25Ametrineskies(darn it ave

·         2:25Long TimeMario: Ahhhhahah! Now this is how you drive!

·         2:25Cravitus(caution is for losers)

·         Ave: "Heck yeah!"

·         Were there any pedestrians out and about, they'd likely be screaming in fear. Not that Ave would know that.

·         2:26Ametrineskies(stupid yellow light

·         2:26Long TimeMario: You know, this sim ain't so bad.

·         2:26CravitusAve: "Which way is 62nd?!" He shouted over the engine.

·         2:27Long TimeMario: I mean look at us, we're having fun-- and uh, I don't know.

·         2:27CravitusAve chuckled.

·         Ave: "I'm sure we'll find it."

·         (and not a single strange note was to be found)

·         (not even on mario's head)

·         2:28Long Time(mario would probably full on loose it the next time a note appeared out of nowhere

·         2:28AmetrineskiesA note slapped itself on Mario's head, with an arrow pointing left, just in time for the next street.

·         (too late

·         2:29Long TimeMario: So, Ave, I uh-- *slooooowly looks at the note*...... AHHHHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHH!

·         Mario: THIS. NOTE. NONSENSE. AGAIN!?

·         2:29CravitusAve: "Hm?!" He grunted, instinctively swerving the car left into the next street.

·         2:29AmetrineskiesThe note changed. "Yes."

·         2:29Long TimeMario: SERIOUSLY-- IT'S EVEN CHANGING.

·         2:29YourFavoriteFangirl(XDDD

·         2:29CravitusAve: "Blame hatbot!" He shouted.

·         2:29Long TimeMario: LOOK AT AVE, LOOK AT IT. I'M NOT CRAZY.

·         AT IT*

·         2:30AmetrineskiesThe note changed back to the left arrow.

·         2:30CravitusAve: "Why are you talking to the note?!"

·         2:30Long TimeMario: *Screaming, flailing his arms around*

·         2:30CravitusAve was still half-screaming, half-laughing as he drove recklessly.

·         2:30Long TimeMario: *Crumples the note, and throws it away*

·         2:31AmetrineskiesThe note re-appears on Mario's face. "I can never leave."

·         2:31YourFavoriteFangirl(sentient talking note youkai

·         (:'D

·         2:31Long TimeMario: Finally. I can finally- oH GOOD LORD IT'S BACKKKKKK

·         2:31Mysteriousjillguy*A human with shiny,purple hair shaped into a sharp point looks at the car from afar,he puts down his pink shades to see*

·         Human:Huh?

·         2:31Long TimeMario: AVE GET RID OF IT, GET IT AWAY FROM MEEEEEE!

·         2:32CravitusAve paused, and the car suddenly slowed. Ave: "...You're joking, right?"

·         2:32Long TimeMario: WHAT?

·         2:32Cravitus(aborted 'nudist beach senses are tingling')

·         2:32AmetrineskiesThe familiar boy's laugh was heard in the back, though nobody was there. Spoopy.

·         2:33Long TimeMario: *Curls up into a ball, trying to ignore the oh-so-frightening-notes*

·         2:33Mysteriousjillguy(spoopy scari skeletons-)

·         2:33CravitusAve ground the car to a halt.

·         Ave: "Did you hear a laugh just now?"

·         2:33Long TimeMario: Ave.

·         2:33YourFavoriteFangirl(nudisto BEAAAAAAACH

·         (sry

·         2:33Long TimeMario: I've told.. you ... multiple times... YES I'VE BEEN HEARING LAUGHTER YOU IMBECILE.

·         Mario: Notes, laughter, voices, it's AWFUL Ave.

·         2:34CravitusAve frowned, and rolled his eyes.

·         Ave: "Forget I asked.

·         2:34YourFavoriteFangirl( shoutout to cinnamon

·         2:35Long Time(i like him better when he's glowing nipple man

·         Mario: .. *sigh*...

·         2:35Ametrineskies(cinn: its me

·         2:35Mysteriousjillguy*The human runs away,trying to get away from the horrible,out of control car,he wears a purple shirt with diamond shaped sleeves,and black pants*

·         2:35YourFavoriteFangirl( you wanted glowing nipples

·         2:36CravitusAve: "Now," He sighed, looking about as he missed the fleeing human."

·         Ave: "Where are we?"

·         2:36Mysteriousjillguy(cinnamon is fnaf confirmed)

·         2:36Long Time(perfect

·         (my glowing nipple man has returned

·         2:36Cravitus(krev was actually near a nude beach once)

·         (Krev's dad says only old people go there)

·         2:36Long TimeMario: I don't know, I can't see when I'm curled up like this.

·         2:36Mysteriousjillguy(wh

·         2:36Ametrineskies(cool

·         (i'd rather a beach full of girls

·         2:37Mysteriousjillguy(oLd PeOPle-

·         2:37Ametrineskies(thats ni i i i i i i ce

·         2:37Mysteriousjillguy(@misty ^^^^^^^^^^^^

·         2:37Cravitus(let it permeate your brainmeats)

·         2:37YourFavoriteFangirl(with bikinis

·         (ewe

·         2:37Ametrineskies(ewe

·         (or less owo

·         2:37Long Time(beach full of herms (gud

·         2:37Ametrineskies(abi we'd go together

·         2:37Long TimeMario: Just hurry up, okay?

·         2:37YourFavoriteFangirl(:'D ye

·         2:37Ametrineskies(it'd be a lesbian beach

·         (can we

·         (find one

·         2:37YourFavoriteFangirl(yes

·         2:37Ametrineskies(please

·         2:37Cravitus(convenient notes would be convenient to advance plot)

·         2:38Long TimeMario: The notes just LOVE to appear when we're in a car, huh?

·         2:38CravitusAve: "Well, they appeared when we were out of the car."

·         2:38Mysteriousjillguy(I want to come with you misti

·         2:38Ametrineskies(no

·         2:38Mysteriousjillguy(yes

·         2:38CravitusAve's burnt foot throbbed still.

·         2:38Ametrineskies(go take angie with you then

·         2:38Cravitus(who is angie

·         2:38YourFavoriteFangirl(ooo

·         2:38Ametrineskies(Another friend ewe

·         2:39Cravitus(krev knows nothing)

·         2:39YourFavoriteFangirl(i ship

·         2:39Long Time(don't worry

·         (mayo knows nothing either

·         2:39Mysteriousjillguy(lurkxangie

·         (hwh-

·         2:39YourFavoriteFangirl(lurgie

·         2:39Ametrineskies(lurgieeeeee

·         2:40Cravitus(krev shall record RP)

·         2:40Long TimeMario: Surprised those notes aren't showing up all the time though.

·         Mario: It's weird.

·         Mario: That's good though, I absolutely hate those things.

·         2:41Mysteriousjillguy(note:i hate u too

·         2:42AmetrineskiesAnother note floats in front of Mario. "Don't talk so badly about the things you don't understand."

·         2:42CravitusAve looked at the note for a moment, then shrugged.

·         2:42Long TimeMario: AHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, AVE

·         Mario: AVE

·         Mario: AVE

·         Mario: IT'S HERE

·         Mario: AGAIN

·         2:42CravitusAve: "...It's a simulation, Hatbot's just screwing with you."

·         brb

·         mouse fell

·         help

·         2:43Long TimeMario: *Rips the note* GO AWAY WHATEVER YOU ARE

·         (rip mouse

·         2:43Cravitus(retrieved)

·         2:43AmetrineskiesThe note glued itself back together. "Hatbot? You're close enough. Keep looking."

·         2:43CravitusAve looked out, and around as he popped the door.

·         Ave: "Now, let's see..." He stretched a bit. "Signs tend to be on the... Corners!"

·         2:44Long TimeMario: FFFFFFFFFFFFF... you know what?

·         Mario: These notes don't surprise me.

·         Mario: They're just notes.

·         Mario: Simulation notes that appear out of nowhere.

·         2:44CravitusAve: "What?"

·         Ave: "Then why were you screaming at them?"

·         2:45Long TimeMario: Because I just remembered that ok-

·         2:45CravitusAve: "Whatever," He sighed, shutting the door and starting for the sidewalk.

·         Ave: "62nd Vexington, on your right."

·         2:45Long TimeMario: The simulation feels so real man.

·         Mario: I just got so caught up in it.

·         2:46CravitusAve stared down the street, a few signs lit up.

·         2:46Long TimeMario: *opens the door, slams it, and follows Ave*

·         2:46AmetrineskiesThe note flipped over. "Reality is fake. Illusion is truth. The stars and steps are a sidewalk. Keep looking. "

·         2:46CravitusAve: "Well, let's just keep it in perspective."

·         2:47Long TimeMario: You know. These notes sound oddly familiar.

·         2:47CravitusHe began to stroll down the road, which was lined mostly with dark buildings and shuttered stores.

·         Ave: "Not to me, that's for sure."

·         2:48Long TimeMario: Hatbot would never write notes like those...

·         2:48CravitusAve: "Would Hatbot fry a blob-man?"

·         2:48Long TimeMario: And if you don't recognize them, it's probably someone I know.

·         Mario: ...Shut up, Ave.

·         2:48CravitusAve: "Just saying," He sighed.

·         Ave: "Now, where would we go for information in one of those 'Noir' films, or whatever?"

·         2:49Mysteriousjillguy(Note:signed bill cipher-

·         2:49Long TimeMario: Oh yeah, well your "sayings" sure are HELPING us with this investigation, huh?

·         Mario: You're really solving the case with this one!

·         2:49CravitusAve paused, then continued.

·         2:49Long Time(i actually thought of bill cipher when i read the note

·         2:50Mysteriousjillguy(Lol

·         2:50CravitusAve: "I trained to be a soldier, then an infiltrator. Not a detective." He sighed. "Talents only stretch so far, I guess."

·         2:50Long TimeMario: Yeah. You're really good at being annoying, too.

·         2:51CravitusAve chuckled halfheartedly. Ave: "I try."

·         2:51Long TimeMario: Keep it to yourself if isn't about the investigation. Okay? Okay.

·         2:51CravitusAve: "Seriously though, where do we go from here?"

·         2:51Long TimeMario: Well.. there's usually some sort of mysterious beautiful woman that has information.. or some shady guy.

·         Mario: In noir films, that is.

·         2:52CravitusAve huffed. Ave: "Beauty. Haven't seen that in a while, honestly..." He trailed off.

·         Ave: "Any places we could go to find them?"

·         2:52Mysteriousjillguy(plot twist:the women is entra

·         ( dun dun dun

·         2:52Long TimeMario: Hm... probably a bar.

·         2:52Cravitus(There's usually two i think)

·         2:52Long TimeMario: There ARE other places, but I'd rather not go there.

·         2:53CravitusAve shrugged, and turned to one of the closest buildings.

·         2:53AmetrineskiesThe note flipped upside down, the text rightside-up. "Beauty lies near death."

·         2:53Long TimeMario: Or an alley way, something strangely mysterious like that.

·         Mario: Oh... whoever you are, could you PLEASE go away?

·         2:53Ametrineskies"No."

·         2:53CravitusAve: "I'd rather take my chances here..." He sighed.

·         2:53Mysteriousjillguy(the notes are really sounding more like bill now$

·         2:53Long TimeMario: You're a nuisance, and a DISTRACTION from our important work.

·         2:53Mysteriousjillguy-*

·         ("beauty is death"

·         2:54Ametrineskies"Good. : )"

·         2:54CravitusAve: "By the way, when you're done with your note-talking, can we get a move on?"

·         2:54Mysteriousjillguy(hh gotta go to bed

·         (night

·         2:54Long TimeMario: By the way, when you're done being rude, can we get a move on?

·         2:54Ametrineskies(:3 Night

·         2:54Long Time(bye

·         2:54Cravitus(Goodnight, lurk

·         2:54Long TimeMario: Think that sounds better, yes.

·         2:55YourFavoriteFangirl(bye .3.

·         2:55Mysteriousjillguy(insert bill cipher quote here

·         2:55CravitusAve shrugged. Ave: "Now, let's see..."

·         Mysteriousjillguy has left the chat. 

·         2:55CravitusAve: "Talb's Bar and Grill. Open 24/7."

·         Then he paused.

·         Ave: "...Talb?"

·         2:55Long TimeMario: Talb? What a weird name.

·         Mario: I mean, who names a person Talb?

·         2:56CravitusAve's face took on a more serious tone.

·         Ave: "...I don't like this."

·         2:56Long TimeMario: *Looking at Ave*... Pfhaah.. whatever. *Tugs Averii* Let's get going...

·         Mario: I'm sure we'll be fine.

·         2:56CravitusThen, with a resigned sigh, he followed.

·         2:57Long TimeMario: We're the best of the best, and we're well armed... at least in this town.

·         Mario: We ain't gonna be rough housed by a few low mugs.

·         2:58CravitusAve seemed to get distant for a moment. Ave: "That's what he said, once..." He muttered, and eyed the building carefully.

·         2:58Long TimeMario: ...okay?

·         2:58CravitusHe even looked at the number engraved by the door.

·         2:58Long TimeMario: You're acting preeeetty strange... let's just keep walking.

·         2:59CravitusAve: "...0451." He shuddered.

·         2:59AmetrineskiesA voice yelled in the bar, "Two little twoirps outside have come to take yer drinks and take yer goils! Go get em!"

·         2:59YourFavoriteFangirl(oh man

·         (:'D

·         3:00Cravitus(internet issues)

·         (Must refresh)

·         (Oh god damn you internet)

·         (Oh, there we go)

·         3:00Long TimeMario: Wow. That kid sounds like an annoying--.. wait, I know that voice.

·         Mario: *Sigh*...

·         Mario: *Pulls out his pistol*..

·         Mario: Ave, remember what I said about the low mugs?

·         3:01Cravitus(I'm going to shank someone over this internet issue)

·         3:01Long TimeMario: I lied. We're probably going to fight low mugs.

·         3:01YourFavoriteFangirl*At one of the chairs near the front of the bar sat a smaller looking woman, wearing a coat and an older-styled 50s sleeveless dress.. she perks up at the sudden announcement and eyes outside, where the two are*

·         3:01CravitusAve: "Yep." Ave raised his handgun.

·         3:02Long TimeMario: We'll sweep 'em clean though, it'll be easy.

·         3:02CravitusAve ducked to the side, out of the doorway and out of the kill funnel.

·         (there is a disturbing lack of lowlifes)

·         (maybe an additional yelling)

·         3:03Long TimeMario: *Behind the wall, getting ready*

·         3:03Cravitus(would rouse them from their drunken stupors)

·         (of painful internet)

·         3:04AmetrineskiesA tall suited man passed the woman a drink, then disappearing behind the counter. A note flicks itself onto the glass. "I'm around."

·         3:05CravitusSuddenly, a head peered out of the open doorway.

·         Mook 1: "...Th' heck's a 'twoirp', anyway?"

·         3:06Long TimeMario: *Raising his voice* We're heavily trained investigators, if ya DON'T listen to us, or even try to rough house us, you'll be sleepin' somewhere far away tonight.

·         3:07YourFavoriteFangirlShe looked surprised at this, and glanced at the note.. "Hm. ..What a flirt."

·         3:07AmetrineskiesA note smacks itself on the mook's face. "Twerp, you bufoon:)"

·         3:07CravitusMook 2: "IT'S THE FUZZ, BOYS!" Screeched some high-pitched voice. "GET 'EM!"

·         With that, a stinking, drunken mass of lowlifes tumble-charged out the door.

·         3:08YourFavoriteFangirlShe sipped at the drink, unphased by the fighting.. she was used to it in this side of town, and the bar. She stared over at Mario.

·         3:08Long TimeMario: Ahhhh... what a delightful response! Looks like we'll have TONS of body bags tonight.

·         3:08CravitusAve shouted in surprise, and backed away as one of them swung an empty glass mug around in his direction.

·         3:08Long TimeMario: *Backing away, and firing off a bunch of shots in the process*

·         3:09CravitusWith various roars and screeches of pain, a few men dropped, howling.

·         Ave: "Watch it, damn it! They're civilians!"

·         3:09YourFavoriteFangirl"Talk about unprofessional." uwu

·         3:09Cravitus Suddenly, a frying pan flew shockingly close to his face.

·         Ave paused for a moment.

·         3:09Long TimeMario: Can't do anything if they wanna rough house, pal!

·         Mario: It's either us, or them.

·         3:10AmetrineskiesThe man stood behind the girl. "Talk 'bout it."

·         3:10Cravitus(Messages, lag)

·         (Rage

·         Ave: "Shoot to kill! Shoot to kill!" He shouted, firing rapidly at the dwindling mob.

·         3:11Long TimeMario: Ahah, that's the spirit Ave!

·         Mario: *Continues firing at the mob*

·         3:11CravitusThen, as quickly as it started, it ended as the last standing drunkard screamed, falling back, dead or dying.

·         3:11YourFavoriteFangirl"Oh, are you the one who gave me a free drink?" She sipped again.

·         3:11Long TimeMario: *Sigh*... phew.. that was.. refreshing, Ave.

·         3:12Ametrineskies"Sure am."

·         3:12Cravitus Ave: "...Man, if this weren't a sim we'd be in SO much trouble," He sighed, tossing the spent powercell from his handgun, and slamming in another.

·         Ave: "But yeah, refreshing."

·         3:12Long TimeMario: All these lowlifes, such a shame they didn't put up a fight for the ol' fuzz, huh?

·         3:12YourFavoriteFangirl"Mm.. nice flirt."

·         3:12Ametrineskies"Maybe so. Yer name?"

·         3:12YourFavoriteFangirl"Hey, you two. Think you'll get in trouble for the murder of a bunch of people?"

·         3:12Long TimeMario: Nah.

·         3:13CravitusAve: "Attempted murder of Active Officers."

·         3:13AmetrineskiesHe kept hidden in the shade, not wanting to step out just yet.

·         3:13YourFavoriteFangirlThe female smirked, this was definitely Menami from the looks of it. "Hm, alright."

·         3:13Long TimeMario: *Walks into the bar, over to Menami*

·         3:13CravitusAve stayed near the doorway.

·         3:13Long TimeMario: *Mumbles* Menami...

·         3:13YourFavoriteFangirlShe passed her card over in the shade to the suited man.

·         3:13Long TimeMario: *Sigh*... come on, Ave.

·         Mario: Don't be shy.

·         3:13AmetrineskiesHe picked it up. "Hm.."

·         3:13CravitusOne of the sim-drunks who still breathed groaned, trying to crawl at Ave.

·         Ave looked at them for a moment, then kicked them away.

·         Ave: "I'm good out here."

·         Ave: "Hearing's perfectly fine."

·         3:14YourFavoriteFangirl"So, are you here on some kind of buisness, then?"

·         3:14Long TimeMario: Wait, you're just gonna let me do all the work? Great. Actually--.. yeah, that is great. I'm the one who usually gets work done anyways.

·         Mario: No witty comments to hold me back.

·         3:14YourFavoriteFangirl"Nice fedora, officer." She laughed.

·         3:15AmetrineskiesHe examined the two officers, smiling.

·         3:15Long TimeMario: Anyways, yeah. We're investigators.

·         Mario: We're investigating the murder of our officers, and a man named Herm.

·         Mario: Poor bunch, all killed shamelessly...

·         Mario: So, enough with the small talk.

·         3:16CravitusAve sighed. Ave: "Some, perhaps, by others..." He muttered, an image of hatbot flashing in his mind.

·         3:16YourFavoriteFangirl"Mmh." Her antennae perked at that. "Oh, a murder? I saw something like that a day ago.."

·         "But.. I suppose it's typical around this area."

·         3:16Long TimeMario: Do you know anything about the gang... the gang that calls itself 'TD'?

·         Mario: Supposing it's a gang, anyways.

·         Mario: We need a lead, and we need a lead fast.

·         Mario: We can't let such scum get away with this...

·         3:18CravitusAve: "Sooner better than later, I'll add," He eyed a few of the less-injured drunkards.

·         He contemplated shooting them, but reconsidered.

·         3:18YourFavoriteFangirl"Ooh, TD.. they reside in the East, you know?"

·         "Just a little bit away from here."

·         3:19Long TimeMario: Huh... so you DO know them.

·         3:19CravitusAve's antennae perked up, and he instinctively reached to his pocket.

·         3:19Ametrineskies"Wouldn' suggest goin'."

·         3:19Long TimeMario: Alright lady, where exactly?

·         3:19CravitusThen, to his surprise, he found a notepad and a pen.

·         3:19Ametrineskies"Ye heard her. East."

·         3:19Long TimeMario: Yes. East.

·         Mario: I'd like to know MORE though, kid.

·         3:20CravitusAve yanked the pad out, tucked his fedora under his arm, and started writing feverishly.

·         3:20Long TimeMario: I'm an investigator, kid.

·         3:20YourFavoriteFangirl"Ahm.. he's kind of right."

·         3:20AmetrineskiesHe stood.. rather TALL compared to Mario.

·         3:20YourFavoriteFangirl"But I'll keep going if you want me to.."

·         3:21Long TimeMario: Thanks, lady. By the way... what's your name?

·         3:21CravitusAve: "...Herm, TD, Fedora, 'Come back'... Cleaners..." He paused. Ave: "0451, Talb's... 62nd... East..."

·         3:21AmetrineskiesHe stepped out, the fedora tilted down to cover his eyes. A dark red attire.

·         "Wouldn't suggest goin', 'lest yer lookin to die."

·         "Investigations end there, ya know."

·         3:22YourFavoriteFangirlShe glanced back over to the taller Irken, watching him talk for a moment.

·         3:22CravitusAve paused.

·         3:22Long TimeMario: Pfhah! Good one, kid. We're highly trained professionals, the BEST ones out here.

·         Mario: They won't end us, we'll end THEM.

·         3:22CravitusAve: "Mario?" He called.

·         Ave: "Shut up."

·         3:23YourFavoriteFangirl(ooo

·         3:23Long TimeMario: Yes, Ave--

·         Mario: You're telling me to shut up?

·         3:23CravitusAve: "Thank you, Mario."

·         3:23Ametrineskies"Poor, unfortunate souls."

·         3:23Long TimeMario: No. No... I wasn't saying yes to your demands.

·         Mario: You're telling me.. to SHUT UP?

·         Mario: *Walking over to Ave*..

·         3:23Invader Jibgtg

·         3:23CravitusAve: "Indeed I am."

·         3:23YourFavoriteFangirl"..Guess it ain't the time for me to be speaking."

·         uwu;;

·         3:23Ametrineskies"Ye won't survive with that attitude there, kiddo."

·         3:23Cravitus(goodbye, jib)

·         3:24Long Time(bye

·         3:24YourFavoriteFangirl(Baih

·         3:24Ametrineskies(Night

·         3:24Invader JibBye)

·         3:24YourFavoriteFangirl(misty

·         3:24CravitusAve: "What the... Other man in the fedora said."

·         3:24YourFavoriteFangirl(i ship police chief jib x chief

·         (:'DD

·         Invader Jib has left the chat. 

·         3:24Long TimeMario: Funny. You're the one who was crying not too long ago...

·         Mario: Cool it, pal.

·         3:24Ametrineskies(god no

·         3:25CravitusAve yanked Mario over, and looked him in the eye.

·         3:25Long TimeMario: I'm the one getting all the information out here, and what're you doing, huh? Scribbling some doodles?

·         3:25YourFavoriteFangirl"Well, ain't that there a bit unprofessional, big boys?" She took out a cigarette, putting the glass down.

·         3:25Ametrineskies"I saw some weird notes nearby ye guys."

·         3:26Long TimeMario: *grins* Oohoh... you wanna get aggressive, huh AVE?

·         3:26YourFavoriteFangirl"I thought I was gonna tell you more, but..~"

·         3:26Ametrineskies"I hears there's a magician in the East. Heh!"

·         3:26YourFavoriteFangirlShe lit it up, taking a puff.

·         3:26Ametrineskies"Ohh, young lady, ye needn't to speak to such brutes."

·         3:26CravitusAve growled softly.

·         Ave: "I don't have patience right now for this attitude."

·         Ave: "We are not invincible here."

·         Ave: "The safeguards are dead."

·         Ave paused.

·         3:27Long TimeMario: I don't have the patience for you to tell me to shut up, while I'm getting information.

·         Mario: I know Ave, we've gone over this.

·         3:27YourFavoriteFangirl"Peh, magicians? Sure."

·         3:27Long TimeMario: Now let me do MY job.

·         3:27CravitusAve curled a hand into a fist for a moment.

·         3:27YourFavoriteFangirlShe took another puff. "Ohh, I'll speak to whoever I want."

·         3:27Ametrineskies"Oh, not just any magician. Illusionists."

·         3:27CravitusAve: "I'm trying to keep you ALIVE right now,"

·         3:27Long TimeMario: and I'm trying to get INFORMATION right now.

·         3:27AmetrineskiesHe then whispered, so only Menami could hear, "In fact, yer lookin at one."

·         3:28YourFavoriteFangirl"This is 1957, big boy. Do you think anyone but children believes in that anymore?" She rolled her eyes.

·         3:28CravitusAve held up his notepad, filled to the brim with neat writing.

·         Ave: "And I'm recording it."

·         3:28AmetrineskiesHe snapped his fingers, the cigarrette dropping down into a.. gap of stars, exploding into dust.

·         3:28Long TimeMario: I could care less, Ave.

·         Mario: We're wasting time, you idiot.

·         3:28YourFavoriteFangirl..!

·         3:28Long TimeMario: Let me do my part of the job.

·         3:29CravitusAve shook his head, and shoved Mario back.

·         3:29Long TimeMario: *Sigh*... what a waaaste...

·         3:29YourFavoriteFangirl"Ooh.." She looked impressed, smirking. "Alright, I'll believe that."

·         3:29AmetrineskiesThe gap closed. "Good, good."

·         3:29Long TimeMario: *Walking back over to Menami and Zik*

·         3:29CravitusAve: "Damned fool, going to get yourself killed..." Ave: "Cocky is a target."

·         3:29Long TimeMario: As I was saying.

·         3:29AmetrineskiesHe held out his hand to her. "Zik."

·         3:30Long TimeMario: Can you tell me a little bit more.. about the 'TD'?

·         3:31YourFavoriteFangirlShe shook her hand, smiling back. "Menami."

·         3:31CravitusAve took out the notepad again, and flipped to a fresh page.

·         3:31YourFavoriteFangirl"Hm.. I can a little bit, atleast. I did see someone run off during an officer slaughter.."

·         3:32Long TimeMario: Ooh?

·         Mario: Can you describe what he looked like?

·         3:33YourFavoriteFangirl"Had a fedora.. trenchcoat. Didn't get a good look."

·         "..The fedora stood out, though. It was red."

·         3:33Long TimeMario: Red... red...

·         3:33CravitusAve scoffed quietly.

·         3:33AmetrineskiesHe simply listened, smirking.

·         3:33Long TimeMario: Hm..

·         3:34CravitusAve: "Crime-fedora, my fedora, and..." He paused.

·         3:34Long TimeMario: Do you know where the 'TD' is?

·         3:34Ametrineskies"Take a wild guess."

·         3:34CravitusHe quietly eyed the shadowy man for a moment, noting their red attire.

·         Then, his writing hand continued it's work, renewed.

·         3:35YourFavoriteFangirl"TD is the worst gang in this area of Irk, if you're new to your job." She looked thoughtfully. "Their operations are in the East, and.. that's where the scum reside, anyways. Low-class poverty and filth."

·         "Most dangerous place around. I wouldn't recommend going there, myself."

·         3:35Long Time(wait i thought it was a simulation of an earth town

·         3:35Cravitus(Just roll with it)

·         3:35YourFavoriteFangirl(i thought it was noir!irk

·         3:35Ametrineskies(I always imagined it as Irk oao

·         3:36Long Time(just with irken characters

·         3:36Cravitus(It's a weird irkland)

·         (Just go with it)

·         3:36YourFavoriteFangirl(noir irk sounds better

·         3:36Ametrineskies(^

·         3:36Long Time(well

·         3:36Ametrineskies(That's what I was getting.

·         3:36Cravitus(for god's sake man just go)

·         3:36Long Time(ave was driving an earth car..

·         3:36Ametrineskies(mario

·         3:36YourFavoriteFangirl(bc noir

·         3:36Cravitus(Simulations)

·         3:36Ametrineskies(it's noir

·         3:36YourFavoriteFangirl(1950s

·         3:36Long Time(h

·         3:37CravitusAve's writing hand paused again. Ave: "...It's just a coincidence," He sighed.

·         3:37Ametrineskies"The East not only has filth... it has filth with WEAPONS. Ye shoire?"

·         3:37Long TimeMario: Hm... and is that all you know about the TD?

·         3:37Ametrineskies"The brave and unfortunate go there."

·         3:37YourFavoriteFangirl"Don't know their motives, don't care to. I live further away, but this bar is the best around, so I travel a while."

·         3:37Long TimeMario: We're more then brace, I assure you. We'll be able to handle ourselves.

·         Mario: Anyways.

·         3:37YourFavoriteFangirl"I'm never stepping in there. This is the farthest I go."

·         3:37Ametrineskies"Hum~ I'd suggest writing a will for yer chief."

·         3:38Long TimeMario: Thank you for your cooperation, Menami.

·         3:38YourFavoriteFangirl"Sure, sure." c:

·         3:38Long Timebrave**

·         3:38CravitusAve's writing hand stayed still, and he stepped back for a moment, looking at the building's sign, then at it's number once more.

·         3:38Ametrineskies"Yeah, yer stupid."

·         3:38Long TimeMario: *Stares at Zik*... whatever, pal.

·         3:39Ametrineskies"Watch yer tone."

·         3:39CravitusThen, he pocketed the notepad and the pen, and entered the bar.

·         3:39Long TimeMario: Even though you're the one who called me stupid. Alright, thanks for the advice. I'll be sure to use it

·         3:39CravitusAve: "On a side note, where's the barkeep, anyway?"

·         Ave: "I'd like to have a word with him."

·         3:40Ametrineskies"Sorry, no idea."

·         3:40CravitusAve nodded. Ave: "Thanks anyways."

·         He turned, and gestured for Mario to follow.

·         3:41YourFavoriteFangirl"Mm.. you're NOT the barkeep?" She stared at Zik.

·         3:41Long TimeMario: *Sighs*... *Follows Ave*..

·         3:41Ametrineskies"No, not at all. Eym a regular."

·         3:41CravitusAve paused for a moment, his antennae twitching.

·         Then, he continued out, and put the fedora back on.

·         3:42Long TimeMario: You know, Ave.

·         Mario: It's weird seeing them like this.

·         3:42Ametrineskies"I find it funny. They's headin' East."

·         3:42CravitusAve shrugged.

·         Ave: "I wouldn't know what normal is for them."

·         Ave: "What isn't normal, though,"

·         He brang out his notepad as they crossed towards their car.

·         3:42YourFavoriteFangirl"God have mercy on them. Mm.."

·         3:42Long TimeMario: Especially Zik. This Zik is so rude, and annoying.

·         Mario: I'll be glad to leave this simulation once we're done..

·         3:43Ametrineskies"Gotta go. And remember... if ye need me." He gave Menami a small communicator. "Use this."

·         3:43CravitusAve: "...Yeah."

·         Ave looked to the notepad, and jotted something down again.

·         3:43Ametrineskies"Though.. I get busy." He started walking out.

·         3:43CravitusAve slid into the driver's seat, and pored over his notes.

·         3:44Long TimeMario: ..*Enters the passenger's seat*

·         Mario: And Ave,

·         3:44CravitusAve: "As I was saying though,"

·         3:44YourFavoriteFangirlShe glanced to the communicator, rolling it in her hand. "Where you going?" She smirked.

·         3:44Long TimeMario: Don't tell me to shut up next time.

·         3:44YourFavoriteFangirl"You were just flirting with me~"

·         3:44AmetrineskiesHe turned, smiling. "Out and about. Got things t'do."

·         3:44CravitusAve: "Yeah, yeah, but anyway,"

·         3:44Ametrineskies"Goin' where the sun rises."

·         3:44CravitusAve looked to him for a moment.

·         Ave: "What kind of Bar operates without a barkeeper?"

·         3:45Long TimeMario: I have no idea, Ave..

·         3:45YourFavoriteFangirl"Alright then.." -w-;

·         3:45CravitusAve: "Because I think I know who this 'Talb' is," He grunted, starting the car with a bit of effort.

·         3:46Long TimeMario: Is he one of your friends?

·         3:46YourFavoriteFangirlShe stood up. "I'll be going back home, then."

·         3:46AmetrineskiesHe disappears through the doorway, leaving a note to fly over to her, with a heart on it. What a sweetie.

·         3:46Long TimeMario: Because you know, this simulation loooooves to use memories from us.

·         3:46CravitusAve: "Yeah, well if my hunch is true..."

·         3:46Long TimeMario: Which I find very.. very.. annoying.

·         3:47Cravitus(Chat lag

·         (Y u do dis

·         (Where are krev's messages

·         3:48Long Time(h

·         3:49YourFavoriteFangirlHer cheeks turned a bit purple, she smiling at the note. "I might like this guy."

·         3:49CravitusAve: "Well, most importantly, I think we're walking right into a trap."

·         3:49AmetrineskiesAnother note, at the steering wheel. "You think?"

·         3:49CravitusAve stared at the note for a moment.

·         3:49Long TimeMario: Hm... alright--

·         3:49CravitusThen, he gestured to it for proof.

·         3:49Long TimeMario: Again, with these notes.

·         Mario: These NOTES.

·         Mario: Ave, I think I know who's doing this.

·         3:50CravitusAve: "You don't say, Grand Admiral Obvious?"

·         3:50Long TimeMario: You're funny.

·         3:50CravitusAve: "I know I am."

·         3:50Long TimeMario: But yeah, it's Zik.

·         3:51Ametrineskies"Took you a while," the note sassed.

·         3:51CravitusAve groaned.

·         3:51Long TimeMario: Why're you stalking us? It's weird.

·         Mario: Could you just like... go away?

·         3:51AmetrineskiesHe sat in the back, arms crossed.

·         3:52Long TimeMario: Me and Ave are working hard, bud. We don't need distractions--- especially magical ones.

·         3:52AmetrineskiesHe spoke, but nothing came out, only a grin afterwards.

·         3:52CravitusAve: "...Just to be clear, is this the trap?"

·         3:53AmetrineskiesHe shrugged.

·         ..And laughed a little.

·         3:53CravitusAve: "...Good to know." He shrugged.

·         3:54Long TimeMario: *Sighhh*.... nothing like the Zik I know, nothing like him...

·         3:54Cravitus(I feel like I should timeskip somewhere

·         (But braintired

·         3:55Long Time(i'm tired too

·         (actually (i'm gonna get some rest

·         (hear the birds chirping

·         3:55Ametrineskies"And whas that? Ye got a strange head... ye from somewhere," he spoke, knowing a little more than the average magician.

Session 6 Edit

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