Hatbot is Mario's robot, and one of his close friends. 

History Edit

Not much is known about Hatbot. All that is known was that he was created by Mario sometime before he became Irken.

Hatbot n stuff


Hatbot seems to be extremely energetic, annoying, and constantly chipper. He can also be quite spastic and at times, incredibly random. Despite annoying practically everyone around him, he genuinely cares for his friends and will help them when in danger. At times he seems to treat Mario as if he were his older brother. 


  • Lurk-Hatbot seems to enjoy annoying him, often he seems to creep him out however.
  • Vok-Hatbot heavily dislikes Vok and often annoys him on purpose. Despite this he seems somewhat intimidated by him.
  • Mario-Hatbot loves being around Mario and cares about him. He sometimes gets anxious or scared when he gets too far away from Mario. If Hatbot ever lost Mario, he'd be devastated for life.
  • Menami-Hatbot thinks she's one of the nicest irkens he's ever met. He thinks Irk would be a much better place if more irkens were like her.


  • He usually sits on Mario's head.
  • Despite having a mouth and teeth, he has no taste buds or tongue of any kind. Although he expressed the desire to have some.
  • Hatbot seems to be incredibly interested in noir films.

    Hatbot being worn by Mario.

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