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  • Created 7-15-2015, finished by 7-17-2015.

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·         10:15 Cravitus

·  (mario

·  (Who shall start

·  10:14 Long Time (krev

·  (shush

·  10:15 Cravitus (Because if we don't get moving soon

·  10:15 Long Time (the jar is loose

·  10:15 Cravitus (I will have to explain the significance

·  (Of prehensileness

·  10:15 Long Time (anyways

·  (loosening up the jar

·  (you shall start, krev

·  10:16 Cravitus (afirmativo

·  Ave sighed, and scrolled down the datapad. The Cafeteria was mostly deserted, but he still kept to a corner anyway.

·  10:17 Invader Jib (wait what is the location

·  10:17 Long Time (cafeteria start

·  10:17 Cravitus Ave: "BLU, how long again until I'm not stuck doing paperwork?"

·  10:17 Long Time (the best start

·  10:17 Cravitus (Hobo 13, Ave's posted there)

·  10:17 Long Time Hatbot: Yeah, how loooong?

·  Hatbot: This place is suuuuper boring.

·  10:18 Cravitus Ave's antennae twitched once in annoyance, and he continued to ignore Mario as he waited for an answer.

·  10:18 Mysteriousjillguy you see,first it starts out subtle,you start feeling..strange..but then you realize your rping is a start getting more..ecentric..more..hyper..but you and your friends dont notice and just shrug it off..but then..out of nowhere..comes the true form of the dankening,you start making poor quality articles,your thinking process slows down dramatically,and THEN,THERES NO GOING BACK FROM THERE,YOU START RUINING RPS,ARGUING WITH PEOPLE,AND YOU BECOME A LOW QUALITY SHELL OF YOUR OLD SELF AUGGRGGRGRGRGAGGAGAAHHHHHH)

·  10:18 Cravitus BLU: "Two weeks minimum, Commander."

·  (I'll edit that out in the recording)

·  10:18 Invader Jib Yes lurk, we need to finish all the rps before it reaches that point

·  10:19 Long Time ("continued to ignore mario" wait what

·  10:19 Cravitus (Ave's busy doing work

·  (Trying to avoid Mario

·  10:19 Long Time (but hatbot was the one talking-

·  (oh

·  10:19 Invader Jib (but mario didnt say anything

·  10:19 Mysteriousjillguy (no keep it our wikia children must learn the horrors of danks

·  10:19 Long Time (yeah

·  (@jib

·  10:19 Cravitus (Doesn't Hatbot sit on Mario's head

·  10:19 Long Time (yes

·  10:19 Cravitus (then where hatbot is, mario is

·  (thus ave ignores mario, who is presumably standing or approaching

·  10:20 Long Time (no he's in the jar

·  (it's still loose, krev

·  10:20 Cravitus (god's sake man we have a plot to get on with

·  10:20 Long Time Mario: Hmm..

·  10:20 Cravitus Ave sighed, and continued to scroll through the datapad's contents.

·  10:20 Long Time Mario: Ave, I have a lot of questions ever since... the simulation.

·  Mario: Like that one girl, who exactly was she??

·  10:21 Cravitus Ave: "I'm not in the mood to talk about it."

·  10:21 Long Time Mario: And that weird looking short guy. He's really weird. Not really, though. He's just short.

·  Mario: A short weirdo.

·  10:21 Cravitus Ave paused.

·  Ave: "That he was."


·  Hatbot: Because I'm interested in this too!

·  10:22 Cravitus Ave sighed.

·  Ave: "Weren't you wired into the accursed thing?"

·  10:22 Long Time Hatbot: Er... what thing? I've been wired into a looooot of things.

·  Mario: Too many things...

·  10:23 Cravitus Ave groaned. Ave: "Simulator."

·  10:23 Long Time Hatbot: Oh yeah. I WAS! Until good old Herm helped out.

·  10:23 Cravitus Ave: "You know, the thing that pawed through our brains, dragging up anything from our memories that would build that horrible sim?"

·  10:23 Long Time Hatbot: What a nice guy.

·  10:23 Cravitus BLU: "Affirmative."

·  10:24 Long Time Hatbot: Also, your history is weird man.

·  Hatbot: You're weird, WEIRDO!

·  10:24 Mysteriousjillguy *suddenly,a what resembled a spiky hedgehog squirmed around in a nearby trashcan*

·  10:24 Cravitus Ave continued to stare at the datapad, but put his right arm out.

·  10:24 Long Time Mario: Come on, Ave... it wasn't that bad.

·  10:24 Cravitus Ave: "BLU, Lacer, please."

·  Suddenly, BLU's chestplates shifted apart, and out popped a familiar rifle, which flew into Averii's hand.

·  10:25 Long Time Mario: I mean, they were all simulations... you forgot that for a certain *forced cough* sim-girl *forced cough* though.

·  10:25 Cravitus Then, he aimed the rifle at Mario...

·  10:25 Long Time Hatbot: AHAHAH, GUNS!

·  10:25 Cravitus Then, to the trash can.

·  10:25 Long Time Mario: Oh please... what're you going to do with that gun?

·  Mario: Create more of a mess?

·  10:26 Cravitus Ave: "Well, unless whatever's in that garbage can gets out in the next few seconds,"

·  Ave: "Or else it’s a yes, Mario."

·  10:26 Long Time Hatbot: NOOOO! He could be a cute little guy!

·  10:26 Cravitus Ave stared at Hatbot, boredom plastered on his face.

·  10:26 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk instantly jumped out of the trashcan,moving his arms up in the air defensely*

·  10:26 Long Time Hatbot: Think of the CUTE EYESSS!

·  Hatbot: He's probably SOO-- EWW

·  Hatbot: SHOOT IT



·  10:27 Cravitus Ave lowered the rifle for a moment, his gaze shifting to the screeching creature.

·  10:27 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Hi ...uh..whatever your name is.

·  10:27 Long Time Mario: What... what!?

·  10:27 Cravitus BLU: "You in the trash can! Identify yourself."

·  10:27 Long Time Mario: Lurk, what are YOU doing here!?

·  Mario: Ave, that's Lurk.

·  10:27 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I was uh

·  10:27 Cravitus Ave lowered the rifle completely this time.

·  Ave: "I recognized the voice from the simulator."

·  10:28 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I dont know.

·  10:28 Long Time Hatbot: AVE SHOOT IT

·  10:28 Cravitus Ave: "It's just so... Screechy!"

·  10:28 Long Time Hatbot: AHHHHHH IT'S HIDEOUS!

·  10:28 Cravitus BLU: "Affirmative."

·  10:28 Mysteriousjillguy (id come up with a complicated reason why hes here but dank thoughts I cant think of anything

·  10:28 Cravitus (He just is

·  (He's lurk

·  (It'd work

·  (somethingsomething meds)

·  10:28 Long Time (he's stalking mario

·  (or ave

·  10:29 Invader Jib (he fell out of an lsd portal-

·  10:29 Long Time (or something

·  10:29 Cravitus (He passed out in a garbage can after a wild night of lurking

·  10:29 Invader Jib (I agree with krev

·  10:29 Mysteriousjillguy (but why in aves office thingy

·  (where are they again

·  10:29 Cravitus (Cafeteria

·  (Corner of it

·  (Ave's doing paperwork

·  10:29 Mysteriousjillguy (where though

·  10:29 Invader Jib He passed out so much he ended up in a random location

·  10:29 Cravitus (It's Hobo 13 by the way

·  10:30 Mysteriousjillguy (oh

·  10:30 Cravitus (where else would ave be

·  10:30 Invader Jib perhaps lurk fell into a truck full of trashcans

·  10:30 Long Time ( jib do you even ( you fool )

·  10:30 Invader Jib (no

·  10:31 Cravitus Ave: "Hatbot. Less screaming." Ave growled, his gaze narrowing and shifting back to the machine in question.

·  His trigger-finger twitched.

·  10:31 Long Time Hatbot: I'm not trying to scream, I'm just excited!

·  Mario: Then you're always excited...

·  10:31 Cravitus Ave: "Is there a difference?"

·  10:31 Long Time Hatbot: No, there's different types of screaming.

·  Hatbot: Geez, that's basic knowledge.

·  10:32 Cravitus Ave suddenly shuddered, and raised a hand in defense. Ave: "I'm gonna stop you there, before you get into any examples."

·  Ave looked back to Lurk.

·  10:32 Long Time Hatbot: Wait wait, I've got TONS of examples though!

·  10:32 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I left my meds in marios pants and decided to hide in a trashcan until you came here.

·  10:33 Cravitus Ave: "Now then, trashman," He sighed, and stood up, motioning for BLU to silence the tophat.

·  10:33 Long Time Mario: MY WHAT!?

·  10:33 Cravitus Ave: "Could you take this out of my workspace?"

·  10:33 Long Time Mario: How did your meds get in my pants--... *slowly checks his pockets, and finds Lurk's meds*

·  10:33 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*grabs them and swallows the meds*

·  10:34 Long Time Mario: Lurk.

·  10:34 Cravitus Meanwhile, BLU ominously clanked closer to Mario and Hatbot, eying the latter ominously.

·  10:34 Long Time Mario: Why were these in my pants.

·  10:34 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Oh sweet Xeno..these are the wrong meds

·  10:34 Long Time Mario: This is so weird...

·  10:34 Cravitus Ave sighed again, and sat down.

·  Ave: "Indeed."

·  10:34 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurks hair suddenly joins into a straight pointy cone*

·  10:34 Long Time Hatbot: AHHHHH BLUE PEN ROBOT, BLUE PEN ROBOT!!

·  Mario: Um... that's weeeeird...

·  10:35 Cravitus BLU suddenly tossed a flooring tile at Hatbot.

·  10:35 Long Time Hatbot: YOU'LL NEVER DRAW ON ME WHILE I'M ALVEEE- *falls over*

·  10:35 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:"Hair erecting pills"

·  10:35 Long Time Mario: Woah, HEY--

·  10:36 Cravitus Ave: "Seriously, are you done here? Because of our little escapades in that sim-unit, I've got lots of catching up to do."

·  10:36 Long Time Mario: Ave, control your robot!

·  10:36 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:...Why did I buy these.

·  10:36 Cravitus BLU: "This course of action is sound."

·  10:36 Long Time Mario: You know what? Your little robot always does EVERYTHING for you! It's ridiculous!

·  Hatbot: Yeah. Even I'm not that mindlessly loyal.. or uh... like that guy!

·  10:36 Cravitus BLU continued to tower over Mario at 5'5, and his eye suddenly narrowed at Mario.

·  BLU: "May you restate who you are calling 'little'?"

·  10:37 Long Time Mario: *Sighs*

·  Mario: I'm calling you little. Ironic, I know, but whatever.

·  Mario: Ave.

·  10:37 Mysteriousjillguy (wait whos recording again

·  10:37 Cravitus Ave: "BLU's here for whatever I'm too busy to do," He handwaved.

·  10:37 Long Time Mario: I bet you couldn't last one day without your little blue toy...

·  10:37 Cravitus (Krev shall)

·  10:38 Mysteriousjillguy (k

·  10:38 Cravitus Ave suddenly paused. Then, he chuckled.

·  Ave: "I lasted decades without him before."

·  Ave: "I can do just fine without him now. No offense, BLU."

·  10:38 Long Time Hatbot: Then do it again!

·  10:38 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I wish I had my meddssss

·  10:38 Cravitus BLU: "Should I alert the Doctor?"

·  10:38 Long Time Mario: Lurk, I'm gonna ask you again..

·  10:39 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:What are you guys discussing

·  10:39 Long Time Mario: WHY were those meds in my freakin' pants.

·  10:39 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Huh

·  10:39 Cravitus BLU prodded Lurk with a metallic finger.

·  10:39 Long Time Mario: Like, that's so weird.

·  10:39 Cravitus BLU: "Affirmative."

·  10:39 Invader Jib (hm how can i be in this rp

·  10:39 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:OH,now I remember,I was cosplaying as you at a cosplay convention a few weeks ago

·  10:39 Cravitus (do you have any elites that would be on Hobo 13 for any reason

·  10:39 Mysteriousjillguy (generic elites etc

·  10:40 Cravitus Ave paused, then reconsidered.

·  10:40 Long Time Hatbot: Hmmm... Ave, do it again then. I wanna see you last without your BLUE PEN, IT'S HIDEOUS IT'S NOT EVEN A RED PENNNN

·  10:40 Cravitus He wasn't sure he wanted to learn what Cosplay was.

·  10:40 Long Time Mario: Wait what--


·  10:40 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:ANYWAY

·  10:40 Cravitus BLU: "Define 'Cosplay'."

·  10:40 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Pushes Mario away,looking at averii

·  10:40 Long Time Mario: .... You're so weird....

·  10:41 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:You got any pharmacies on this planet or drug stores?

·  10:41 Cravitus Ave shrugged. Ave: "We've got a Doctor."

·  10:41 Long Time Mario: Yeah, Ave. Let's make a friendly bet.

·  Mario: I bet that you won't be able to last ONE day without Ave..

·  10:41 Cravitus Ave: "Wait, what?"

·  10:41 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I dont think InsaIN meds are legal anymore...

·  10:41 Cravitus Ave: "But I AM Ave..."

·  10:41 Long Time Blu*

·  (good lord typo

·  10:41 Cravitus (it's too late

·  10:42 Long Time (no

·  10:42 Cravitus (ave immortalized the typo

·  10:42 Long Time (remove it

·  10:42 Invader Jib (canon

·  10:42 Long Time (remove it or elseee

·  (no

·  10:42 Cravitus BLU: "Affirmative. Commander Averii cannot exactly exist without himself."

·  10:42 Long Time (no man

·  (pls

·  10:42 Invader Jib (too late

·  10:42 Long Time (if you don't i'll just edit it all out myself

·  10:42 Cravitus (just go on with it)

·  (i'll fix it later)

·  10:42 Long Time Mario: I mean, he does everything for you!

·  10:43 Cravitus Ave glanced at him from behind his datapad.

·  10:43 Mysteriousjillguy (normally id elaborate on that but dank fbbdle july ueuuahshdhgahdgrh

·  10:43 Cravitus Ave: "If he did everything for me, I could be sleeping the next two days away right now."

·  Ave: "But he doesn't, which is why I'm here."

·  10:43 Long Time Mario: ...and you'll have to survive the day WITH Hatbot.

·  10:44 Cravitus Ave: "...When did I agree to this bet, again?"

·  Ave: "I don't recall doing so."

·  10:44 Long Time Hatbot: YEAH, suck it Ave-- wait, WHAT!? NOOO!

·  10:44 Cravitus Ave suddenly glared at the robot, and his rifle was in his hands in a flash.

·  10:44 Long Time Mario: That's why I said "let's make a friendly bet".

·  10:44 Cravitus Ave: "You say that again, Top-Hat! I dare you!"

·  10:44 Long Time Mario: You lose, I uh hm... I get to keep BLU.

·  Mario: Yeah.

·  10:45 Cravitus Ave: "No deal."

·  10:45 Long Time Mario: Wait wait!

·  10:45 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Dont you think its kind of rude to bet a sentient robots ownership on a bet?

·  10:45 Long Time Mario: You get to decide what you want out of the bet.

·  10:45 Cravitus Ave: "How about, if in theory I accepted this bet,"

·  Ave lowered the rifle.

·  10:45 Long Time Hatbot: YES LURK, EXACTLY!

·  10:45 Cravitus Ave: "I win, you quit bugging me about the simulation. You've been doing it for the past few days. It's getting very annoying."

·  10:46 Long Time Mario: Hmmm...

·  10:46 Cravitus Ave: "You win, I'll answer your questions."

·  10:46 Long Time Mario: Deal.

·  Mario: Sounds great to me.

·  10:46 Cravitus Ave: "Right then."

·  10:46 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Im gonna enjoy this.

·  10:46 Long Time Mario: *throws Hatbot at Averii*..

·  Hatbot: AHH- NOOO!


·  10:46 Cravitus Ave suddenly glanced to BLU, and a stern look came over him as he caught the hatbot with his free hand.

·  10:47 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Noms popcorn bucket that spontaneously appeared from thin air*

·  10:47 Cravitus Ave: "BLU! Protocol C3."

·  10:47 Long Time Mario: Oh by the way, you have to wear him the entire time.

·  Mario: To make it... fair.

·  10:47 Cravitus Ave: "No."

·  10:47 Long Time Mario: Yes.

·  Mario: That, or the bet's off and I'll continue to bug you about the simulation.

·  10:47 Cravitus Meanwhile, BLU chirped in acknowledgement, and he slid silently into place behind Mario.

·  Ave: "Why don't you wear BLU, then?" Ave protested.

·  10:48 Long Time Mario: Because he's not a hat.

·  10:48 Cravitus Ave groaned, and his helmet sprouted from his PAK.

·  10:48 Long Time Hatbot: Um yeaaah Ave, that was kinda dumb of you to say.

·  10:48 Cravitus Then, with a hiss, it sealed, and he reluctantly placed hatbot on his head.

·  10:49 Long Time Hatbot: AHGG! YOUR HEAD IS SO POINTYYY

·  10:49 Cravitus Ave: "This better be freakin' worth it." He grumbled.

·  10:49 Long Time Hatbot: THE POINT

·  10:49 Cravitus Then, with a sigh, he returned to his work, and linked the datapad to his helmet's HUD.

·  10:49 Long Time Hatbot: IT BURNSSSSS

·  Mario: Oh, well huh..

·  10:49 Cravitus Ave: "This is going to be a long 24 hours."

·  Invader Jib has left the chat.

·  10:50 Long Time Mario: *looks at BLU* You're my robot now? Huh...

·  10:50 Cravitus BLU: "Affirmative, for the next 24 hours."

·  10:50 Long Time Mario: Oooh... I could easily get used to this.

·  10:50 Cravitus BLU: "Awaiting orders, Commander."

·  10:50 Long Time Mario: That means you'll do ANYTHING I say, right?

·  10:50 Cravitus BLU: "Protocol C3 dictates any action within operational parameters is acceptable."

·  BLU: "In short, yes."


·  10:51 Long Time Mario: Can you tell me about... Ave's past?

·  10:51 Cravitus Ave tossed the now-useless datapad at Lurk.

·  10:51 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Laughs,choking on his popcorn*

·  10:51 Long Time (there needs to be an ave wearing a hatbot

·  10:51 Cravitus BLU: "Negative. Does not fit operational parameters."

·  10:51 Long Time (i can just

·  (imagine the ridiculousness

·  10:51 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk falls over from the datapad,choking in the backround*

·  10:52 Long Time Mario: *Sigh*..

·  10:52 Cravitus Ave groaned, and his hand adjusted his helmet's commset, dulling the audio around him.

·  10:52 Long Time Mario: Oooh, can you... *lowers his voice* make me Ave's secret nachos?

·  10:52 Cravitus BLU suddenly sprouted weapons.

·  10:52 Long Time Hatbot: Hey AVE, WHAT'S THAT?

·  Mario: They uh... GOOD LORD!

·  10:52 Cravitus BLU: "You are threatening to breach Theta-Four-Delta."

·  10:52 Long Time Mario: WHY!


·  10:53 Cravitus BLU leaned forward, and his eye glinted menacingly in the light.

·  BLU: "This infraction has been logged."

·  10:53 Long Time Mario: Uhg...

·  10:54 Cravitus Then, just as suddenly, the weapons hissed back into the machine, and it was rigid and at attention once more.

·  Invader Jib has joined the chat.

·  10:55 Invader Jib (chat why

·  10:56 Long Time Hatbot: *Hits Ave's helmet* HELLO?

·  10:56 Cravitus Ave ignored the dull thump on his head, and continued to pore through the various reports as pleasant music began to play.

·  10:56 Long Time Hatbot: *Flails his arms around infront of Ave's helmet* HELLOOOOOOO?

·  10:57 Cravitus Ave dimmed his visual receptors, and became closed in with his reports and music, oblivious.

·  10:57 Long Time Hatbot: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

·  Hatbot: I wonder if he still has that cool gun around!

·  Hatbot: *Looks around for Ave's gun* Hmmmm

·  Mario: So, let me get this straight.

·  Mario: Nachos, are a no go?

·  10:58 Cravitus BLU: "Recipe Zeta-5-November is classified."

·  10:59 Long Time Mario: Hmmf... well, how about you make your own batch of nachos!?

·  10:59 Cravitus BLU: "However, this unit is equipped for various tasks, such as culinary duty.

·  10:59 Long Time Mario: I'm straight up starving for nachos, man.

·  10:59 Cravitus BLU: "You may select from recipes Alpha-One-Alpha to Zeta-4-Mega."

·  11:00 Long Time Mario: Um.. just pick one, and surprise me.

·  11:00 Cravitus BLU nodded, and suddenly turned away, mechanical noises emanating from the machine.

·  Then, just as suddenly, a chef's hat and a pot appeared in it's hands as it turned around.

·  11:01 Long Time Mario: *giggles*... you look so silly! Pffffhaaa...

·  11:01 Cravitus The robot donned the chef-hat, and a small burner sprouted from it's wrist, heating the pot.


·  Meanwhile, Ave's rifle lay firmly grasped in his right hand as he sat on his crate, feet propped up on another box, and back to the wall as he continued to be either asleep or working.

·  Not that there was much difference, with paperwork.

·  11:02 Long Time Hatbot: Awww... in his hand?

·  Hatbot: Now I won't be able to play with it.

·  Hatbot: Wait. I'm talking to myself.

·  Hatbot: Oh, double wait, that's normal.

·  11:03 Cravitus Suddenly, a strange, blue-white metal glinted on the Invader's hip.

·  11:04 Long Time Hatbot: Woaaah!


·  Hatbot: GOOD LORD, I NEED IT!

·  11:05 Cravitus Suddenly, Ave became rigid, and his vision receptors became clear again.

·  Ave: "Someone say monkey?!"

·  11:05 Long Time Hatbot: Yes.

·  Hatbot: I did!

·  Hatbot: I LOVE MONKEYS!

·  11:06 Cravitus Ave growled quietly for a moment within his helmet.

·  Ave: "Whatever..." He sighed, leaning back against the wall.

·  Then, with an audible click, his audio receptors went dark again.

·  11:06 Long Time Hatbot: Yeah, and HEY WHAT'S THAT. THERE'S A MONKEY BEHIND YOU!

·  11:06 Cravitus (avemonkeysensesaretingling.png)

·  Ave twitched, but didn't move that much.

·  11:07 Long Time Hatbot: HE'S IN YOUR SOU{

·  P*

·  11:07 Cravitus Meanwhile, the blue-white metal glinted again, and revealed strange blue designs.

·  11:07 Long Time Hatbot: He'S IN YOUR WALLET

·  Hatbot: YOUR HOUSE

·  Hatbot: YOUR MINDD

·  11:08 Cravitus ( File:AveMonkeyMadness.png

·  11:09 Long Time Hatbot: *rolls off of Ave's head, and closer to the blue shiny object*

·  Hatbot: Please be my monkey-dream come true!

·  Mario: Uh.. those nachos better be good, man.

·  11:10 Cravitus Chef-BLU stirred slowly, his single eye seeming more focused on Mario than the food in the pot.

·  BLU: "You doubt my ability?"

·  BLU chuckled. A strange, synthetic noise.

·  11:10 Long Time Mario: Yeah. Because you won't do better than Ave's nachos, probably.

·  11:11 Cravitus BLU: "Despite the classified nature of Z5N, Y2P is one of the favored and simpler recipes."

·  11:11 Long Time Hatbot: Oooh... what is this thing..?

·  11:12 Cravitus Within an opened black holster, Hatbot could see a vaguely gun-shaped object.

·  (

·  11:12 Long Time Hatbot: AHAHA, it's a gun-monkey toy!

·  Hatbot: Probably not monkey related, actually. BUT IT'S BEAUTIFUL!

·  11:13 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I can have some of the nachos right?

·  11:13 Cravitus BLU growled, then paused, looking to Mario.

·  11:13 Long Time Mario: Uh... oh... hm..

·  Mario: No.

·  11:14 Cravitus BLU looked back to Lurk, and growled again.

·  11:14 Long Time Mario: Because you've been kind of a jerk lately.

·  Mario: That's basically why.

·  11:14 Cravitus Meanwhile, BLU sprouted a third arm from their chest, and it dumped a tantalizing amount of spices into the melted cheese within the pot.

·  Immediately, a delicious scent filled the room.

·  11:15 Long Time Mario: Hmmmm.

·  11:16 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:AWW C'MONNN

·  Lurk:How about that time I took you to that cosplay convention?

·  11:16 Long Time Mario: Here. BLU. Give Lurk the uh.... *lowers his voice* worse possible meal ever, yeah.

·  Mario: No. That WAS AWFUL

·  11:17 Cravitus BLU suddenly chirped in acknowledgement, and straightened up.

·  11:17 Long Time Mario: Or a body massage, that works too.

·  11:17 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:You didnt like the cosplayers?

·  11:17 Long Time Mario: Euhg... no.

·  11:17 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Body massage...??

·  11:17 Cravitus BLU: "Body Massage Subroutine unable to engage,"

·  11:17 Long Time Mario: Shush.

·  11:17 Cravitus BLU looked to his arms.

·  BLU: "Most limbs engaged in food preparation."

·  11:17 Mysteriousjillguy *Flashback of a fat,chubby alien cosplayer breathing on mario*

·  11:18 Long Time Hatbot: *Tries to tug the gun out of the holster*

·  11:18 Cravitus (alien furries)

·  11:18 Long Time (darrz would cosplay as averii

·  11:18 Cravitus (the horror

·  11:18 Mysteriousjillguy *The cosplayer attempts to eat mario alive,with lurk ignoring him,holding a balloon with a smiley irken symbol*

·  11:18 Cravitus Suddenly, an audible beep was heard, and Hatbot was thrown across the room as Ave's helmet retracted.

·  11:18 Long Time (entra would find fake-averii, fall in love with him, and darrz would live the life as ave

·  11:19 Cravitus (amnesia entra

·  11:19 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:IT WAS GREAT!

·  11:19 Long Time Hatbot: *screeching* AHHHHH!

·  11:19 Cravitus (entra: are you averii

·  11:19 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Good times..

·  11:19 Cravitus (darrz: yes. yes i am.)

·  11:19 Long Time (then

·  (*cue the lewd entra picture*

·  (the end

·  11:19 Cravitus (noncanon

·  11:19 Long Time Mario: No.

·  11:19 Cravitus (shush

·  11:19 Mysteriousjillguy (sweet lord

·  11:19 Long Time Mario: Those were awful times, man.

·  Mario: AWFUL.

·  (brb

·  11:20 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Pleaseeeee?

·  11:20 Cravitus Meanwhile on the other side of the room, Ave yanked the handgun out of the holster, and raised it with the rifle at the hat-shaped machine.

·  11:20 Mysteriousjillguy (k

·  (Pause

·  11:20 Cravitus Ave: "Just what the bleeding heck are you trying to pull here?!"

·  (pause

·  BLU ignored the commotion on the other side of the room, and another two arms sprouted from his back, preparing a much less edible bowl of nachos.

·  5:34 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Reads med bottle* "If your is hair straightened for 4 or more hours and feels painful then contact your doctor immediately"

·  Lurk:Great.

·  5:35 Cravitus BLU: "Inquiry: Why do you have hair?"

·  5:35 Long Time Hatbot: Oh ummm, I fell on your gun holster thingy! Nothing big.

·  5:35 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:It's part of my disguise thingy

·  5:35 Cravitus Ave stared for a moment, growled, and pocketed the handgun, the holster closing with a click.

·  5:35 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I uh...MADE IT MYSELF,YEP

·  5:36 Cravitus Ave: "Don't touch it," He sighed, striding over after a moment to pick Hatbot up.

·  5:36 Long Time Mario: BLU, how much longer is this going to take?

·  5:36 Cravitus Ave: "In fact, don't touch any of the guns.

·  5:36 Long Time Hatbot: I didn't, not at aaaaaaall. I just fell on it.

·  5:36 Cravitus BLU's eye shifted in his head to Mario, and for a moment. it stared menacingly.

·  5:37 Long Time Hatbot: Also, do you know where that collector's edition monkey toy went?

·  5:37 Cravitus BLU: "Approximately 20 seconds for the primary course."

·  Ave: "No monkeys!"

·  (Agh

·  (Dinner

·  (Must spaghetti

·  5:37 Long Time Hatbot: I swear it was near your holster, well I don't SWEAR it, because I'm not gonna swear man. Das bad.

·  5:37 Cravitus (brb

·  (Pause

·  5:37 Mysteriousjillguy * Mysteriousjillguy explodes

·  5:37 Cravitus (Abort

·  ( ^Last progress^ )

·  6:30 Loventium (>//w//< thanx

·  6:30 Invader Jib (yeah

·  6:31 Cravitus Suddenly, BLU's third arm retracted, and it popped out again with a small plastic serving tray

·  BLU: "Prepare for the eventuality of: NACHOS."

·  6:32 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:HORRAY!

·  6:33 Cravitus BLU produced a bag of chips, and dumped them rather neatly onto the tray.

·  6:33 Long Time Mario: Yeee...

·  Mario: These better be good, though.

·  Mario: And not grossly stale.

·  6:33 Cravitus Then, in an instant, he poured the sauce on, and it's delicious smell became intoxicating.

·  BLU: "Fresh ingredients are obtained every 48 hours when possible."

·  6:34 Long Time Mario: Like seriously, I think it's not going-- oh gosh... that smell.. it smells so good.

·  6:34 Cravitus BLU shoved the tray into Mario's arms, and turned to Lurk.

·  6:34 Long Time Mario: I need these nachos, BLU.

·  6:34 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:0>= ?

·  6:35 Long Time Mario: *Eyes widen* They're beautiful, BLU...

·  6:35 Cravitus BLU: "Are you prepared, trash-man?"

·  6:35 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Huh?

·  6:35 Long Time Mario: Beautifulllll...

·  6:35 Loventium (Zim: BLU: "Kill Me Now." σ_σ

·  6:35 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:....

·  6:35 Cravitus BLU: "Response acknowledged!"

·  6:35 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk quickly grabs a fistful of nachos,shoving it into his mouth,running away*

·  6:35 Long Time Mario: *eating Nachos* O-oh my, THEY'RE SO GOOD. BLU, you're a chief genius.

·  chef*

·  6:36 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Laughs,chewing on the cheesy ball of nachos in his mouth*

·  6:36 Cravitus BLU stared at Lurk for a moment, then looked to the boiling brown pot held in his fourth and fifth hands.

·  6:36 Long Time Mario: Hey, that's not for YOU!

·  6:36 Cravitus BLU: "...Affirmative. Permission to engage?"

·  6:36 Long Time Mario: Rnn... oh wait. BLU, initiate "Body Massage", please.

·  6:37 Cravitus BLU seemed to slump for a moment, then chirped in acknowledgement.

·  6:37 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Too late! *A little bit of nachos came off his mouth,dropping onto the floor*

·  6:37 Long Time Hatbot: HEY, HEY AVE *pokes Ave's shoulder*

·  Hatbot: AVE.

·  Hatbot: AVERBEE

·  6:37 Cravitus BLU: "Body Massage Initiated." They seemed to sigh. Then, BLU got to work, and discarded the boiling pot at Lurk.

·  Ave: "...What is it now, robot?" he deadpanned, sitting back down.

·  6:38 Long Time Hatbot: I'm bored. Can we do something fun?

·  6:39 Cravitus Ave sighed, and put his helmet back on.

·  6:39 Long Time Hatbot: Oooh, how about we trade collectible MONKEY toys. I know you really like Monkeys, Ave.

·  Hatbot: You always talk about them. So you muuuust.

·  6:39 Cravitus Ave: "Unless you want to play 'target', Hatbot, be quiet."

·  6:39 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:OUCH! MY FACE!

·  *Lurk falls over*

·  6:39 Loventium (#lurkabuse

·  6:39 Mysteriousjillguy ( yes

·  6:40 Long Time Hatbot: Oh come on man. We could be BEST FRIENDS!

·  Hatbot: WE'RE SO SIMILAR!

·  6:40 Cravitus Meanwhile, the boiling contents of the other pot spill over lurk, burning him both with heat, and with whatever vile chemicals BLU put in.

·  Ave: "No, we're not." He grunted.

·  6:40 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk squirms all over the floor,screaming in horrible pain*

·  6:40 Long Time Mario: *Watching BLU and Ave*.. *slowing munching on his nachos*

·  6:41 Mysteriousjillguy ( lurk: being scalded

·  ( mario: eats nachos

·  6:41 Cravitus Ave looked through the suddenly dwindling amount of paperwork he had to complete, and contemplated an attempt to sleep.

·  (but BLU's massaging mario right now)

·  (because body massage machine

·  6:41 Long Time (oh

·  Mario: Err, BLU, you didn't put anything harmful in that pot... did you?

·  6:42 Cravitus BLU's vibrating and precision massage-movement ceased for a moment.

·  BLU: "I was ordered to give them the worst meal ever."

·  BLU: "I complied as best as possible."

·  6:42 Long Time Mario: I didn't mean that literally-

·  6:43 Cravitus BLU seemed to glance at Lurk for a moment.

·  6:43 Mysteriousjillguy *A horrible rash grows on Lurk's face,his face turns reddish green*

·  6:43 Cravitus BLU: "I'm sure he'll be fine."

·  6:43 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:gHUyAUeghhh

·  6:43 Cravitus Then, BLU returned to Body Massage Machine mode.

·  6:43 Long Time Mario: Oh... oh gosh. U-um... can you fix him up?

·  6:43 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk's eye twitches,he sits on the ground,twitching*

·  6:43 Long Time Mario: I didn't want this.

·  6:43 Loventium (Zim: BLU: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ he'll be fine.

·  6:43 Mysteriousjillguy ( twitching intensifies

·  6:43 Cravitus (he dared steal blu's cooking

·  (and ignore the food that blu cooked for him specifically

·  BLU paused again.

·  BLU: "As you wish."

·  6:44 Mysteriousjillguy ( well he did throw it at him while it was still boiling-

·  6:44 Cravitus Then, the robot's floating head turned towards the closest door, and it boosted it's volume amps to maximum.

·  6:44 Long Time Mario: Lurk, are you ... okay?

·  6:44 Cravitus BLU: "MEDIC!" They barked.


·  6:45 Long Time Hatbot: *continues poking Ave's shoulder, this time very fast*


·  6:45 Cravitus Then, not a moment later, a gigantic green cyborg dressed in white smashed through the ceiling.

·  6:45 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk grabs Mario by the collar,strangling him for a minute*

·  *Lurk falls over into the pool of boiling liquid*

·  6:45 Long Time Mario: AUHG---

·  6:45 Cravitus BLU nodded to the Doctor, and pointed to Lurk as he shoved them away from BLU.

·  6:46 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Horrible gibberish*

·  6:46 Long Time Mario: *pushing Lurk away* I didn't mean for THIS to happen. No need to freakin' strangle me.

·  6:46 Cravitus The Doctor laughed, and in a moment, he grabbed Lurk by the collar with a mechanical fist, and jetbooted up and out.

·  6:46 Mysteriousjillguy *The rash on Lurk's face grows,giant bumps sprout on random spots on his face*

·  6:46 Cravitus BLU: "...I repeat once more. I'm sure he'll be fine."


·  6:47 Long Time Mario: *Sigh*...

·  (kreb

·  (pm

·  6:48 Invader Jib (wait where ar ethe characters currently

·  6:48 Mysteriousjillguy ( Hobo 13

·  ( in a cafeteria

·  (bring in an elite or something

·  6:48 Invader Jib Tark: *casually walks by*

·  6:49 Cravitus Ave sighed, muted the world once more, and closed his eyes.

·  6:49 Invader Jib Tark: *Thinks: Doesn't that guy have a criminal record, and is he dying from some kind of horrible disease?

·  6:49 Cravitus Best sleep through everything, he thought.

·  6:49 Invader Jib Tark: *casually continues walk*

·  *walking

·  6:49 Cravitus Meanwhile, BLU continued to vibrate and follow body massage protocol.

·  (what if tark smells the delicious nachos mario is having

·  (and enters the cafeteria that way

·  (on the hunt for food

·  6:50 Invader Jib (hm

·  6:50 Long Time Mario: *Antennae droop, leaning back a little* A-Ahh.... you're quite the robot, huh?

·  Hatbot: This. Is. BORING.

·  Hatbot: This man has like no personality whatsoever, and I can only talk to myself!

·  6:51 Cravitus BLU: "I am a versatile unit, designed for many things, such as combat, intelligence gathering, and service."

·  6:51 Mysteriousjillguy *Draxx walks with Tark,sticking his tounge out*

·  6:51 Loventium (Zim: Tensel: ;w; it seems i have competition

·  6:52 Long Time Mario: *Continues eating his nachos*...

·  6:52 Invader Jib Tark: ...You are strange

·  6:52 Mysteriousjillguy (BLU:*death stares*

·  6:52 Cravitus BLU: eyelaserbeam.jpg

·  6:52 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Sniffs*

·  Darrz:Tark,I smell nachos.

·  6:52 Cravitus (i forgot the (

·  6:52 Long Time Mario: Man, you're the best robot ever.

·  Hatbot: *Stares*

·  6:52 Cravitus BLU: "Indeed."

·  6:52 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:LETS GO EAT SOME

·  6:52 Loventium (that'd be hilarious in the rp XDDD i laughed

·  6:52 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Draggs Tark along with him,toward the tray of nachos*

·  6:53 Loventium (blu: ... "eyelaserbeam.jpg file initiated. pew."

·  6:53 Cravitus BLU: "My chassis was made by Commander- Invader, Averii."

·  6:53 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Grabs a handful of nachos,stuffing them into his mouth*

·  6:53 Cravitus BLU: "He made certain to make it capable of handling a variety of scenarios, and made sure I had the programming for them."

·  6:53 Mysteriousjillguy *Cheese gets all over his gloves,along with his elite uniform*

·  6:53 Long Time Mario: I sense somebody touching my magnificent nachos, BLU-

·  6:53 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Want some? *Holds a cheesy chip up to Tark*

·  6:54 Cravitus BLU suddenly stopped vibrating, and sprouted weaponry, spinning around to face the two elites.

·  6:54 Invader Jib Tark: Huh

·  6:54 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:AHHH!

·  6:54 Cravitus BLU: *Hissing noises*

·  6:54 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Hides behind Tark*


·  6:54 Cravitus BLU: "IDENTIFY YOURSELVES."


·  6:54 Invader Jib Tark: A SIR unit threatening an Irken is against code 234-7

·  6:54 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Yeah! What Tark said!

·  Darrz:*Continues hiding behind Tark*

·  Darrz:Don't hurt me.

·  6:55 Long Time Mario: Even though he's threatened me multiple times, I'm afraid not.

·  6:55 Cravitus BLU: "CODE 234-7 OVERWRITTEN."

·  6:55 Long Time Mario: Wait a minute, BLU.

·  Mario: That's Darrz.

·  Mario: He's alright.

·  6:55 Cravitus BLU paused.


·  6:55 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Peaks out from behind Tark,looking at BLU*

·  6:55 Cravitus (Darrz was here in hobo 13 rp tho

·  6:56 Long Time Mario: Yeah, I'm sure...

·  Mario: Unless he starts being stalker-ish again.

·  6:56 Cravitus BLU seemed to silently sigh in disappointment, and the weapons retracted.

·  6:56 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Silently gasps,finding BLU's bright red eye to be horrifying*

·  6:56 Long Time Mario: Or maybe that was Draxx. Mario: I don't remember.

·  6:56 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Continues hiding behind Tark*

·  6:56 Cravitus Meanwhile Ave continued to sleep in the corner.

·  (Reminder thingy

·  ( BLU - BLUPortrait1.gif

·  ( Ave at this moment - AveEliteMK2C.png

·  6:57 Long Time Hatbot: *Flailing his arms around*...! Aha, I think the boring loyalist man is ASLEEP! FOOL!

·  6:57 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Quickly grabs a handful of nachos,and another for Tark,quickly looking at BLU,and then goes back near Tark*

·  6:57 Long Time Hatbot: *rolls down to his gun holster*

·  6:57 Invader Jib Tark: It's a SIR unit, it doesn't have giant lasers..I think

·  6:57 Long Time Hatbot: *Yanks the gun out of his holster*..

·  6:57 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Hands Tark a handful of nachos*

·  6:57 Cravitus BLU: "You would be mistaken."

·  6:57 Loventium (Zim: Hatbot: NOW TO RULE THE WORLD

·  6:58 Invader Jib Tark: *Eats them*


·  6:58 Mysteriousjillguy ( LOL

·  6:58 Long Time (lol xD

·  Mario: *Mindlessly firing everywhere*..

·  Hatbot**

·  6:58 Mysteriousjillguy ( lol typo

·  6:58 Cravitus BLU: "INCOMING FIRE!"

·  6:58 Long Time ( the typo man

·  6:58 Loventium (LOL

·  6:58 Invader Jib (habot is the true main villain-

·  6:58 Long Time Mario: ...! WHAT!?

·  Mario: *looks over to Hatbot*.. *his eyes widen*..

·  6:59 Cravitus Suddenly, BLU placed himself between the three irkens and Hatbot, and metallic ricochets were heard.

·  BLU: "Permission to disarm!"

·  6:59 Long Time Mario: HATBOT, STOP THAT NOW! You're a HAT, not a soldier!

·  Hatbot: But Marioooooooooooo it's fuuuuuuuuun.

·  6:59 Cravitus Suddenly, Ave sprang to life, and punched the top-hat-bot.

·  6:59 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Gasps,his elite mouth cover comes out of his collar*

·  6:59 Long Time Hatbot: OWWWW!

·  6:59 Invader Jib Tark: Most hats I have don't talk,to be fair

·  7:00 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Looks at BLU protecting them* Oh right.

·  7:00 Invader Jib Tarj: Except that one hat..

·  7:00 Mysteriousjillguy *Darrz's mouth cover retracts into his collar*

·  7:00 Invader Jib *Tark

·  7:00 Mysteriousjillguy ( Tarj

·  7:00 Cravitus Ave: "I TOLD YOU, NO TOUCHING THE GUNS."

·  7:00 Mysteriousjillguy ( tarks sister from jesusland confirmed

·  7:00 Long Time Hatbot: BUT IT WAS RIGHT THERE!

·  7:00 Cravitus Ave's rifle was in his hands again, and he aimed intently at the hatbot.

·  7:00 Loventium (lolXD

·  7:01 Cravitus (meanwhile does tark know ave's an invader yet

·  (or does he just assume they're an elite because elite symbol on helmet

·  7:01 Invader Jib (I don't think he really knows what rank he is

·  (I guess he might think that


·  7:01 Cravitus (we'll go with that then

·  7:01 Long Time Mario: Euhg... Ave, put the rifle down.

·  Mario: See, this is why you don't ignore Hatbot.

·  7:01 Mysteriousjillguy (hatbot: i would like to play a game *jigsaw voice*

·  7:02 Cravitus Ave looked to Mario for a moment, bewildered.

·  7:02 Long Time Mario: He'll get dangerously bored.

·  7:02 Cravitus Ave: "Can't I just shoot him or something?!"

·  7:02 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Looks at BLU for a moment,curious*

·  7:02 Long Time Mario: Yeah, if you wanna die.

·  Mario: Sure.

·  Hatbot: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Ave. Just play a game with me or something, A CONVERSATION, ANYTHINGGGG

·  7:03 Cravitus Ave: "Shut it!" He hissed, shooting the robot a look as he swung the rifle away.

·  7:03 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Pokes BLU from behind*

·  7:03 Cravitus Then, he looked around for a moment, the pistol out of sight.

·  BLU's head suddenly turned 180 degrees, and stared menacingly at Darrz.

·  7:04 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:0_0 *Backs away*

·  7:04 Cravitus BLU's head returned to it's normal orientation.

·  Ave groaned in exasperation, the gun nowhere in sight.

·  Ave: "Someone's getting either fried or choked out today..." He growled, and picked up Hatbot rather roughly, peering out a door.

·  7:06 Long Time Mario: Soo, he lost his little toy, eh?

·  7:06 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Eats some more nachos,watching*

·  7:06 Cravitus Ave stepped out, grumbling audibly with Hatbot in hand.

·  BLU: "Toy?" The machine seemed to scoff.

·  7:07 Long Time Mario: *Takes a quick look around, and finds the gun right in front of him, in clear sight*... Gosh. Is that guy blind?

·  Mario: *Bends over and picks the pistol up*.. Hmmf.

·  7:07 Cravitus The machine's hand suddenly closed around the pistol, yanking it away.

·  7:07 Long Time Mario: Ehy! I was looking at that.

·  7:07 Cravitus BLU: "This is no toy," He mused.

·  7:08 Long Time Mario: Yeah, yeah. I wasn't being literal.

·  7:08 Cravitus BLU: "I shall keep it for now. He'll be back."

·  The machine looked over the handgun curiously.

·  7:08 Long Time Mario: What's up with that gun anyways? I've never seen a pistol like that.

·  7:08 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Yeah it looks FUNNY

·  7:09 Cravitus BLU looked to the three, and did a double-take at Tark.

·  7:09 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Takes out 2 paperbags,one with "TARK" written on it in terrible handwriting*

·  7:09 Cravitus BLU: "It is a story that I've heard less than five times from the Invader."

·  7:10 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Scoops nachos into the back,then closes them*

·  Darrz:*Hands a bag to Tark*

·  7:10 Cravitus BLU strode to a nearby table calmly, and lifted it over, setting it down for the group.

·  They looked to the pistol again for a moment.

·  7:10 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Sits in a chair near the table,watching while eating nachos*

·  7:11 Cravitus BLU: "Do you wish to know more, Commander?"

·  7:11 Long Time Mario: *Sits on a chair near BLU* Uhh.. yeah.

·  7:11 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:YAY! STORY TIME!

·  Darrz:*Drags Tark over,slamming him into a chair next to him*

·  7:12 Cravitus The machine suddenly spun the pistol in it's hand, and set it on the table.

·  7:12 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Smiles,his mouth covered in cheese*

·  7:12 Invader Jib Tark: ow

·  7:12 Cravitus BLU: "This handgun is a T1201 Spiker."

·  7:12 Long Time Mario: Cool..?

·  7:13 Cravitus Suddenly, an overlay appeared around the gun, and a holographic model of it floated above the table.

·  7:13 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:?

·  7:13 Cravitus BLU: "A sidearm-scale railgun, it has been a choice weapon for some time in the military."

·  BLU paused, and looked to the pistol again as the holograms flickered.

·  BLU: "This one in particular, however..."

·  The holographic model of the weapon expanded, and focused on two hard-to-spot carvings on the weapon.

·  BLU: "For those of you incapable of reading the very language your species uses every day,"

·  BLU: "These two markings say 'Ave' and 'Enn'."

·  7:16 Long Time Mario: Who's Enn?

·  7:16 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Who is Enn?

·  7:16 Cravitus BLU paused.

·  BLU: "I have never been fully informed myself."

·  7:16 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz: IS SHE AVERII'S GRANDMOTHER?!

·  7:16 Long Time Mario: Wait. Wait....

·  7:16 Cravitus BLU shot Darrz a look.

·  BLU: "...But you're all cloned..."

·  BLU: "At random."

·  7:16 Long Time Mario: Is Enn a nickname?

·  7:17 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Oh yeah.

·  7:17 Long Time Mario: And was Enn close to Ave?

·  7:17 Cravitus BLU paused again, and looked to Mario as he accessed his memory.

·  7:17 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Leans over to Tark* *whispers* Enn must be his sister. I just knowwww it.

·  7:17 Cravitus BLU: "...Indeed. Enn, if my records were correct, was a shortened, personal designation for a former teammate of my creator."

·  7:18 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Huh?

·  7:18 Cravitus BLU: "Field Technician Class 2, Entra. Lieutenant."

·  BLU paused.

·  7:18 Long Time Mario: Haah! I know that girl.

·  7:18 Invader Jib Tark: *narrows eyes at Darrz*

·  7:18 Cravitus BLU: "Listed as Killed in Action."

·  7:18 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:You gonna eat your nachos

·  Tark*

·  7:18 Long Time Mario: I saw her in the simulation... and GEEZ did Ave overreact, I mean come on--

·  7:19 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Awww. Averii's sister is dead?

·  7:19 Long Time Mario: Wait, listed as killed in action?

·  7:19 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Thats really sad.

·  7:19 Invader Jib Tark: *eats some of the nachos*

·  7:19 Cravitus BLU: "Affirmative. My records indicate this state."

·  7:19 Long Time Mario: Oh... oh gosh. I didn't know she was dead. I was laughing in the simulation at Ave for get so worked up over a sim and meanwhile she was--...

·  Mario: Oh.. oh wow..

·  7:19 Cravitus BLU: "Shall I continue on this?"

·  7:20 Invader Jib Tark: I got used to people dying a couple years ago

·  7:20 Cravitus BLU gestured to the handgun,

·  7:20 Long Time getting*

·  7:20 Cravitus Then the fancy holograms.

·  7:20 Long Time Mario: I... uh... I guess.

·  Mario: I feel... really bad for what I did in the simulation, now.

·  7:20 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Poor Ave..

·  7:21 Cravitus BLU: "To my understanding, the handgun was part of a set of two, issued to the Late Lieutenant."

·  7:21 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:I knew Averii had lost someone. This perfectly aligns with my FANFICTION! Well uh..I thought Entra was his sister..but..

·  7:21 Long Time Mario: Your... what?

·  7:21 Cravitus BLU simply stared at Darrz.

·  7:22 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Takes out a peice of paper,with Averii and some horrible looking irken girl with a pink skirt and mangled antennae*

·  7:22 Cravitus BLU continued to stare at Darrz.

·  7:22 Mysteriousjillguy *At the top,it reads "BEST SIBLIGNGZ" in pink crayon*

·  7:22 Cravitus In fact, he seemed to grow in stature, looming over the table as his stare grew more and more menacing to Darrz.

·  7:22 Long Time Mario: Euhgggg... get that away from me, please.

·  7:22 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:...*Slowly puts the drawing away,trembling in fear*

·  7:23 Cravitus Then, BLU seemed to return to normal.

·  7:23 Long Time Mario: So was that all?

·  7:23 Cravitus BLU: "Continuing, it is to my understanding that Averii had, himself, hand-crafted the casing on this weapon."

·  BLU: "As a gift to the Late Lieutenant for some unspecified occasion."

·  7:24 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Noms nachos,cheese dripping on the floor*

·  7:24 Cravitus BLU: "Should any harm come to it, he has expressed a sincere desire to Eliminate, Eviscerate, and otherwise Exterminate whoever damages it."

·  BLU: "Any questions?"

·  7:25 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Raises hand*

·  7:25 Loventium (Darrz: what does those words mean

·  7:25 Mysteriousjillguy ( lol yes

·  7:25 Loventium (XDDD

·  7:25 Long Time (XD

·  7:25 Cravitus (BLU: *StareofDoom*

·  (BLU: *Stare Intensifies*

·  7:26 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Looks around at everyone,slowly lowers his hand*

·  Darrz:0>0 *Twiddles fingers*

·  7:26 Cravitus BLU: "If all is understood," A compartment on BLU's chest popped open, and he picked up the gun as the holograms faded."

·  BLU: "I will be keeping this from harm."

·  7:26 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:That story was boring.

·  7:27 Long Time Mario: Good thing Darrz didn't pick it up.. he would've covered it in cheese.

·  7:27 Cravitus Then, he carefully placed the weapon inside, and sealed himself up.

·  7:27 Long Time (i feel like darrz is some how going to screw it up

·  7:27 Cravitus (ye

·  7:27 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Where are the explosions and epic tale telling how Entra died? The SUPER POWERED MECHANIAN DEATH WORMS!


·  7:27 Cravitus BLU stared for a moment.

·  BLU: "Data not available."

·  7:28 Invader Jib Tark: Yeah I didn't really follow that, someone he's around a lot died?

·  7:28 Long Time Mario: If you want that... go to Earth. Not here, man.

·  7:28 Invader Jib Tark: That happened to me like, 37 times.

·  7:28 Cravitus BLU: "...What is Earth?"

·  7:28 Long Time Mario: A planet. Now shush.

·  7:28 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Its this stinky dirtball covered in intelligent apes,I think.

·  Darrz:That or sentient shirts and pants.

·  7:28 Cravitus Meanwhile, Ave prodded Hatbot again with the shock-spear as he roamed around the cafeteria, hunting for any sign of his handgun.

·  7:29 Mysteriousjillguy *Darrz screamed Averii's name*

·  7:29 Cravitus Ave: "For the love of all things organic, shut up, you toaster!"

·  7:29 Long Time Hatbot: MAN, what's so important about this dumb gun anyways?

·  Hatbot: I-I'm... I'M NOT A TOASTER!

·  7:29 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:I KNOW WHERE YOUR HANDGUN IS!

·  7:29 Cravitus Ave: "You're right! A toaster would be MORE useful!"

·  7:29 Long Time Hatbot: That's mean man. I'm a hat. A beautiful ha--..

·  Derpiestderparound has joined the chat.

·  7:30 Long Time Hatbot: You... you really feel that way about me..?

·  7:30 Derpiestderparound (Oopsie daisy.)


·  7:30 Mysteriousjillguy (hatbot: tears violin plays

·  (averii:no

·  7:30 Derpiestderparound (Have I interrupted an important rp?)

·  7:30 Long Time (nah

·  7:30 Mysteriousjillguy (No its fine

·  7:30 Long Time (this rp is far from important, lol-

·  7:30 Cravitus Ave groaned, and prodded the hat once more with the shockspear, jolting it again.

·  7:30 Invader Jib (we arent that hardcore

·  7:30 Cravitus (we're bored

·  7:31 Derpiestderparound (dis gun be gud)

·  7:31 Cravitus (needed to do something

·  7:31 Mysteriousjillguy ( wait

·  ( about that

·  7:31 Derpiestderparound * Derpiestderparound eats popcorn.

·  7:31 Mysteriousjillguy ( is this plot gonna go anywhere

·  7:31 Long Time Hatbot: AHAHAHAHHHH! I'm going to uh... SLAP YOU, yes SLAAAAP YOUUU!

·  7:31 Cravitus (at this point it's just ave exposition, unless me and mario elaborate on things)

·  7:31 Invader Jib (it would probably end in a corny moral where ave and mario realize they shouldnt take their robots for granted

·  *will

·  7:31 Long Time (no

·  7:32 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:I guess Averii cant hear me from the other side of the cafeteria.

·  7:32 Long Time (hatbot will be burned alive and they will continue the nacho ritual

·  7:32 Mysteriousjillguy ( mario: you know what i learned averii

·  ( averii:what

·  ( mario:nothing

·  7:32 Cravitus (plot created)

·  7:32 Mysteriousjillguy ( mario: *Burns hatbot in nacho cheese*

·  7:33 Cravitus (i want to see hatbot run

·  7:33 Mysteriousjillguy ( yes

·  7:33 Long Time (he can't

·  (only

·  7:33 Mysteriousjillguy ( but he has no legs

·  7:33 Long Time (roll

·  7:33 Cravitus (i want to see hatbot run

·  7:33 Mysteriousjillguy ( i want to see hatbot roll

·  7:33 Long Time (roll for his lifeeee

·  7:33 Loventium (i want hatbot to run

·  7:33 Long Time (for mayor

·  7:33 Derpiestderparound (we all want hatbot to run

·  7:33 Mysteriousjillguy ( yes

·  7:33 Cravitus (lurk, maybe have darrz throw something at ave

·  7:33 Long Time (vote hatbot 2015

·  7:34 Loventium (Zim: i want zik to run

·  7:34 Derpiestderparound (i want this chatroom to run

·  7:34 Mysteriousjillguy ( im wanna truck the handgun

·  7:34 Derpiestderparound (i want me to run

·  7:34 Mysteriousjillguy ( averii:please dont truck the handgun

·  7:34 Derpiestderparound (i want run to hatbot

·  7:35 Mysteriousjillguy ( [insert gravity falls simulator joke here]

·  7:35 Derpiestderparound (...still sounds the same even when I switch it

·  7:35 Long Time Mario: Weeelp... now this is really.. uh... boring. Yeah, boring.

·  7:35 Cravitus BLU: "Shall I resume Massage Protocol?"

·  7:35 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Say uh..wheres that spiky haired hedgehog mutant..?

·  Darrz:Uh

·  7:35 Long Time Mario: Yeah, sure BLU...

·  7:35 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:The porcupine boy

·  7:36 Invader Jib Tark: I'm not sure, it looked like he was reaching the final stage of mutation

·  7:36 Cravitus BLU began to vibrate once more, and their bulky metal magical hands went back to work.

·  (plot twist:

·  7:36 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Yeah he's pretty ugly.

·  7:36 Cravitus (chemicals made lurk into handsome lurkward

·  7:36 Mysteriousjillguy ( omg

·  7:36 Loventium (omg

·  7:36 Cravitus (do it

·  7:36 Loventium (..XD jinx

·  7:36 Mysteriousjillguy ( yes

·  7:36 Derpiestderparound (what a twist

·  7:36 Mysteriousjillguy ( @angie lol

·  7:36 Derpiestderparound (- shamalyan or whatever his name was

·  7:37 Long Time *A familiar fiery portal from that oh-so-delightful man opens up, laughter can be heard*

·  7:37 Cravitus (m night shyamalanmasnamango

·  7:37 Loventium (Zim: lurgie is still my otp

·  7:37 Long Time Mario: Oh for goodness sake--

·  Vok: *Grins, and gently floats down*

·  Vok: HEYA PAL!

·  7:37 Mysteriousjillguy *THe cafeteria doors slam open,Lurk coming in,his face covered in bandages*

·  ( vok:*floats in with a troll face*

·  7:37 Long Time (n0

·  7:37 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:ITS THE FIREMAN!

·  Darrz:*Hugs Vok,making a squeaking sound effect*

·  Lurk:*Muffles,covered in bandages*

·  7:38 YourFavoriteFangirl (yo

·  7:38 Cravitus (hello

·  7:38 YourFavoriteFangirl (what is happenings

·  7:38 Loventium (Zim: look at the lurgie up there

·  7:38 Long Time Vok: *His antennae droop* Erghh, hello...

·  7:38 Cravitus BLU: "...That individual is floating."

·  BLU: "Recording initiated."

·  7:38 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Takes out a bag of nachos,handing it to Vok*

·  7:39 Cravitus (blu: dis gon b gud on da yutube

·  7:39 YourFavoriteFangirl (otp

·  7:39 Long Time Vok: I'm a fire man, HUH? I'm sure you'll love the fireman's present then!

·  7:39 Mysteriousjillguy ( irken:pics or didnt happen

·  ( sevn:fake and gay

·  7:39 Long Time Vok: Come on, give the fireman a HUG. Come on kiddo, you'll love it!

·  Vok: *floating over to Darrz*

·  7:39 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:OKIE DOKIE!

·  7:39 Cravitus (blu: youtubes.mp4

·  7:39 Mysteriousjillguy *Darrz jumps up,hugging him extremely tightly*

·  7:40 YourFavoriteFangirl (you guys rping hatblu? .3.

·  7:40 Cravitus BLU: "I believe I just heard a bone crack.

·  (ye

·  7:40 Long Time Vok: *Hugging him back, sets him on fire*

·  7:40 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:AHHHH!

·  7:40 YourFavoriteFangirl (omg that moment you have rly thick eyebrows

·  7:40 Mysteriousjillguy *Darrz falls over,screaming*

·  7:40 YourFavoriteFangirl (so you come out of the bath and theyre still wet

·  (mee

·  7:40 Loventium (omg

·  7:40 Long Time Vok: PFHAAAAHAHAHA! AHHhhhhahahaha... you expected, a HUG from me?

·  7:40 Cravitus BLU: "...Commander, should I initiate fire containment procedures?"

·  7:40 Long Time Vok: Y'know I'm Vok, right kiddo?

·  7:40 Derpiestderparound (what will happen if


·  7:41 Invader Jib Tark: I actually didn't know that

·  7:41 Long Time Mario: *Sigh* No, BLU... just put Darrz out.

·  7:41 Mysteriousjillguy *Darrz rolls all over the floor*

·  Lurk:*Mummbles,covered in bandages*

·  7:41 Derpiestderparound (...wait, nevermind, thatll never happen

·  7:41 Cravitus BLU: "That's what I asked..." They muttered, and they dragged the burning elite to the kitchen.

·  7:41 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Slugs Mario in the shoulder*

·  7:41 Derpiestderparound (if this wiki had an outburst of new users

·  7:41 Long Time Mario: EHY--!

·  7:41 Invader Jib (Yeah that will never happen

·  7:41 Long Time Mario: What was THAT for?

·  7:41 Invader Jib 9

·  *typo

·  7:42 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Points to his bandaged face,angrily grumbling*

·  7:42 Invader Jib (If it did the fanfiction/deviantart fanbase would flood in

·  7:42 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk's face is entirely covered in bandages*

·  7:42 Long Time ( i don't want too many new users

·  (imagine trying to rp

·  7:42 Cravitus Meanwhile, Ave poked his head through a door, still grumbling as he prodded hatbot with the shockspear again.

·  7:42 Long Time (with 20+ people

·  7:42 Derpiestderparound (but that happened before, right?

·  7:42 Long Time (not really

·  7:42 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Takes off one of his bandages on his mouth*

·  7:43 Long Time Mario: Well it's not MY fault.

·  7:43 Cravitus Ave: "...Floating man. Screams of pain. I think I'll stay out here."

·  7:43 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Those burns made me have to get FACE SURGERY!

·  Lurk:They messed up and made my face look HIDEOUS.

·  7:43 Cravitus Ave pulled his head out, and calmly walked away with hatbot.

·  7:43 Long Time Vok: Oh-- oh MY. PFAAAAHAHAHAH! LOOK AT LURK! LOOK AT 'EM! He looks like a fre--hea--PFHAAAH-king hahaha b-BASEBALL!

·  Vok: I'm already havin' fun!

·  Hatbot: Good choice, Ave. That's the stupid Vok.

·  7:44 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Jumps up onto Vok,biting his cheek*

·  7:44 Long Time Hatbot: I haaaaate him so much.

·  7:44 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Growls*

·  7:44 Loventium (Zim: Just because Vok is here, I want Zik to (run) Yoik-bash him:'D

·  7:44 Long Time Vok: HEY, that's MY cheek mister!

·  7:44 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk continues biting Vok*

·  7:44 Long Time Vok: They're one of a kind, for a handsome fellow like me.

·  7:44 Derpiestderparound (we want everyone to run in circles

·  7:44 Loventium (Zim: Brb =w=

·  7:44 Long Time Vok: *Punching Lurk away*

·  (lol

·  7:45 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk hits the floor,his bandages coming off*

·  Ametrineskies has joined the chat.

·  7:45 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk gets up,his face INCREDIBLY HANDSOME*

·  Loventium has left the chat.

·  7:45 Derpiestderparound (SWEET LORD

·  7:45 Mysteriousjillguy face..

·  ( is angie still there

·  7:45 Long Time Vok: Ehh.. anyways, came to check up on my favorite pals. *Twirls his shades around, and puts them on*

·  7:45 Ametrineskies (An: yea

·  7:45 Long Time Mario: L-Lurk..

·  7:45 Mysteriousjillguy ( oh ok

·  7:45 Cravitus BLU stared at Lurk for a moment.

·  7:45 Long Time Mario: YOU'RE HANDSOME

·  7:45 Cravitus Then, he sparked once.

·  Then twice.

·  7:45 Long Time Mario: LIKE, REALLY HANDSOME

·  7:45 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:GREAT! You made my bandages come off!

·  7:46 Derpiestderparound (HALLELUJAH

·  7:46 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:What? MY FACE LOOKS DISGUSTING.

·  7:46 Cravitus Then thrice. BLU: "PROCESSSSSS-OR OVERLOAD-"

·  7:46 Mysteriousjillguy *Darrz comes out of kitchen,covered in bandages and burn marks*

·  7:46 Long Time Vok: Ohohho... I can change that if you want, kiddo.

·  7:46 Ametrineskies Zik: ... *appearing in a gap, floating just above it, staring at Vok* ..

·  7:46 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Looks at Lurk,speechless*

·  7:46 Cravitus Then, BLU fell over, and various compartments began to open and shut randomly.

·  7:46 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Oh great. ITS ZIK!

·  7:46 Ametrineskies Zik: Ye suck alien bolls.

·  7:47 YourFavoriteFangirl (ohhhh.mp3

·  7:47 Ametrineskies Zik: And ye, Loik, ye do too.

·  7:47 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk looks at Zik,with his handsome blue eyes*

·  7:47 Long Time Vok: *Spinning around, and floats over to Mario* *Shaking his head* Come on paaal, how're you doing!

·  7:47 Ametrineskies Zik: ... Get help, Loik.

·  7:47 Long Time Mario: Oh, hello Zik!

·  7:47 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Shut up.

·  7:47 Long Time Mario: How's it going?

·  7:47 Ametrineskies Zik: Aye, Mahyo. Doin fine. *smiles at him*

·  7:47 Long Time Vok: Euhg... Zik's here.

·  7:47 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Sits at the table,next to Tark*

·  7:47 Long Time Vok: Ech. Another fun time ruined. Drat.

·  7:48 Ametrineskies (Angie: progress c;;;

·  7:48 YourFavoriteFangirl (zik: o w o i will beat the homophobia out of you vok: try me

·  7:48 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Sits next to Lurk,invading his personal space*

·  7:48 Invader Jib Tark: Is there some kind of party is this cafeteria

·  7:48 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:....Can you back up please?

·  7:48 YourFavoriteFangirl (aww, is that the oc? cute!

·  7:48 Long Time (Woah, that looks great! ^^

·  7:48 Invader Jib (nice @angie

·  7:48 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:yourrrr facceeeeee

·  7:48 Ametrineskies (Angie: yeah shes a medic of some sort ;D

·  7:48 Mysteriousjillguy ( It looks great @Angie

·  7:48 Ametrineskies (Angie: thanx<333

·  7:48 Cravitus Meanwhile, Ave continued to be far away.

·  7:48 YourFavoriteFangirl (MEEDIIIC

·  7:48 Ametrineskies (oc x oclurk

·  7:48 Derpiestderparound (MeeM.

·  7:49 Mysteriousjillguy ( huh-

·  7:49 Ametrineskies (forever otp ewe

·  7:49 Long Time Vok: Lookin' awful as usual, huh Zik?

·  7:49 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Takes out a mirror,looking at his face*

·  Lurk:My face isnt even proportional to my body..I look horrible..

·  7:50 Ametrineskies Zik: Lookin like a cheek-hole as usual, ye are. *staring at Vok* Ye outa be contagious wid yer attitude and whot chee call an intellegence.

·  7:50 Long Time Vok: I was thinkin' about upgrading your look, like geez look at yourself... y'know... euhg... , but then I realized you don't really deserve it.

·  7:50 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Staring at Lurk*

·  Lurk:....

·  7:50 Ametrineskies Zik: Oi. Ye's got some mouth - go warsh it wid soap, ye street bum.

·  7:50 Invader Jib Tark: We all look the same though

·  7:50 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Pushes Darrz away*

·  7:50 Ametrineskies Zik: Ye haven't seen beauty till ya seen ME.

·  7:50 Long Time Vok: Street bum? You make me laugh Zik!

·  7:50 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Tark? Is my face that bad?

·  7:50 Cravitus Meanwhile, BLU continued to twitch and spasm in overload on the floor

·  7:50 Ametrineskies Zik: Ye make me puke on me insides.

·  7:50 Long Time Vok: Beauty...!? Pfff... PFFHAHAHAAAAAAA!

·  7:50 Invader Jib Tark: *nods slowly*

·  7:50 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*His face sparkles,jazz music plays*


·  7:51 Ametrineskies Zik: Quit cher laughin - or yer mouth's not gonna BE there.

·  Zik: Eyl cut'cher tongue off!

·  7:51 Long Time Mario: *Antennae droop* ..Zik---.. Vok--... stop it... please

·  7:52 Ametrineskies Zik: Oi, Mahyo, let me finish poundin him with me cane up his area!

·  7:52 Long Time Mario: Zik. STOP.

·  7:52 Mysteriousjillguy (>his area

·  ( o h


·  7:52 Ametrineskies (zik is the lewdening

·  7:52 Long Time Vok: Yeah Zik, listen to your boyfriend!

·  7:52 Cravitus BLU continued to spasm.

·  7:52 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Shut up Vok.

·  7:52 Ametrineskies Zik: Oho~ He a GOOD boyfriend I assure yas.

·  7:52 Derpiestderparound (imma go play russian wiki roulette

·  7:52 Long Time Vok: I don't have time to deal with lesser people like you, Zik.

·  7:53 Mysteriousjillguy ( Ok

·  Lurk:Then LEAVE,YOU uh...SOCK

·  7:53 Ametrineskies Zik: Eyv got more powa ye cant even imagine to read in a book.

·  7:53 Long Time Mario: *Sighs*...

·  7:53 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:VOK THE SOCK!

·  7:53 Long Time Mario: BLU, is there any way you can make them stop?

·  7:53 Cravitus BLU continued to spasm on the floor.

·  7:53 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Can you kill them both-

·  Lurk:Oh right.

·  7:53 Long Time Mario: He's broken... greaaat..

·  7:53 Ametrineskies Zik: Kill me and yer all dead.

·  7:53 Long Time Mario: SHUT UP, LURK.

·  7:53 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Hmm...maybe my face isnt that bad after all..

·  7:53 Long Time Mario: I care about of them BOTH.

·  7:53 Cravitus Suddenly, toast shot out of his head-crest, hitting Zik in the face, and BLU went limp, lights fading.

·  7:53 Long Time about them*

·  7:53 Ametrineskies Zik: dfasfds---

·  7:54 Invader Jib Tark: *narrows eyes* You people are violent

·  7:54 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Oi.

·  7:54 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Even VOK? He's a gigantic sociopathic jerkhole.

·  7:54 YourFavoriteFangirl (i can see lurk and zik forming a temporary truce

·  7:54 Ametrineskies Zik: *taking the toast, throwing it at Vok*

·  7:54 YourFavoriteFangirl (just to beat up vok

·  (:'D

·  7:54 Long Time Vok: Power, ehheee... PFFFFHAAAAH you're kidding, RIGHT?

·  7:54 Cravitus (toast wars)

·  7:54 Ametrineskies Zik: Ey can make ye go insane, aye!!

·  7:54 Long Time Vok: Me, insane? Totally.

·  7:54 Mysteriousjillguy ( yes because zik will be persuaded by his new handsomeness

·  7:54 YourFavoriteFangirl (pff

·  7:54 Long Time Vok: I'd like to see you try, kiddo.

·  7:55 Ametrineskies (Zik's "aye" reminds me of the Animal Crossing villager catchphrases

·  7:55 Derpiestderparound (and a very edgy bullet Invader Sabre

·  7:55 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I don't see why you like him...

·  7:55 YourFavoriteFangirl (ew

·  7:55 Cravitus Meanwhile, BLU's chestplate popped, and creaked partway open.

·  7:55 Long Time Mario: Lurk... shut up.. please.. please... he's my... dad... okay?

·  7:55 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Hmmm

·  7:55 Ametrineskies (ew

·  7:55 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Grabs the handgun inside BLU,and hides it in his pocket*

·  7:55 Long Time (e w

·  7:55 Invader Jib (Can't describe how much cringing comes out of the "Theynever die" part)

·  7:56 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Loik! Do me a favors real quick. I promise we's both benefitin from it.

·  7:56 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Thinks* The fireman's gone evil..he could RUIN AVERII'S GUN! I MUST PROTECT IT

·  7:56 YourFavoriteFangirl (it irks me

·  7:56 Derpiestderparound (heh

·  7:56 Ametrineskies (abi

·  7:56 Mysteriousjillguy *Darrz grabs a boatload of nacho cheese,covering the gun with it*

·  7:56 Ametrineskies (is that a pun

·  7:56 YourFavoriteFangirl (when people think that characters can be immortal without consequence to their sanity and make them depressed

·  7:56 Long Time (the puns

·  7:56 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Whistles*

·  7:56 Long Time (are real

·  7:56 Derpiestderparound (puns

·  7:57 Invader Jib (^^^@miz

·  7:57 Derpiestderparound (was that intended

·  7:57 Mysteriousjillguy ( yeah like iso

·  ( notforeshadowinganything

·  7:57 YourFavoriteFangirl (pff that was an unintentional pun

·  (but yeah immortal characters are usually sad if they cant die at ALL

·  7:57 Derpiestderparound (Invader Thorn

·  7:57 Cravitus Meanwhile, a soft beeping could be heard from within BLU.

·  7:57 Derpiestderparound (and her other edgy irken "friend"

·  7:57 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Hmmm

·  Lurk:Darrz

·  Darrz:Yes?

·  7:58 Invader Jib ("She helped tak become tallest, along with zim

·  7:58 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I am uh.."handsome" now right?

·  Darrz:Yeah

·  7:58 Long Time Vok: Look, Zak, Zuk, or whatever your name is. I could care less about your whines, go hang out with your little boyfriend or whatever.

·  7:58 YourFavoriteFangirl ("She helped Tak become Tallest, along with Zim. Thorn is considered to be one of the greatest failures known to Irk." wh

·  7:58 Ametrineskies (i dont want to read more

·  7:58 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Hmmm

·  ( >zuk

·  7:58 Derpiestderparound (god this wiki is an edgy goldmine

·  7:58 Invader Jib (/me has died

·  7:58 Mysteriousjillguy ( ziks twin brothers confirmed

·  7:58 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Looiik. Truce - beat Vok up wid me for a moment.

·  7:58 Invader Jib oops

·  * Invader Jib has died

·  7:58 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Hmmm

·  7:58 Long Time Mario: Ziiiiik!

·  7:59 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Will you buy me a soda can?

·  7:59 Long Time Mario: Stop it, PLEASE! Just ignore him please...

·  Mario: I don't want you guys to fight.

·  7:59 Ametrineskies Zik: YES, I has a whole 12 pack cold at home, come on!

·  7:59 Cravitus (blu bluescreened (someone reboot him

·  7:59 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:GREAT!

·  7:59 Ametrineskies Zik: Maahyo, let me finish this fight.

·  7:59 Cravitus (have you tried turning it off and on again

·  7:59 Long Time Mario: No, Zik. If you fight him I will NOT be happy.

·  Mario: He is my FATHER. Okay?

·  7:59 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:DARRZ! If you help me beat up Vok,I'll let you stare at my face,and even TOUCH it for 5 minutes!

·  7:59 Invader Jib Tark: ....Your what

·  7:59 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:DEAL

·  8:00 Long Time Mario: Just stop it. I realize what he's doing, but you can ignore him.

·  8:00 Derpiestderparound (ctrl alt del

·  8:00 Ametrineskies Zik: ..He a butt. No.

·  8:00 Derpiestderparound (it always works

·  8:00 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurk jumps onto Vok,biting his arm*

·  8:00 Cravitus Meanwhile, the beeping from within BLU grew in volume and pitch.

·  8:00 Mysteriousjillguy *Darrz grabs his leg,softly punching it*

·  8:00 Long Time Vok: EHY! *Throws Lurk off*

·  8:00 Mysteriousjillguy ( brb dinner

·  8:00 Long Time Mario: ZIK. STOP IT!

·  8:00 Cravitus (PAUSEEEEE

·  8:00 Ametrineskies Zik: *his hoverboard floats up under him, the gap closing*.. =3=

·  (wot-

·  (Darn :'D


·  8:00 Invader Jib (dinner at 11:00 pm

·  8:00 Ametrineskies (ikr

·  8:00 YourFavoriteFangirl (omg

·  8:00 Derpiestderparound (Invader Karen and Silver

·  (why do they have chests

·  8:01 Long Time (didn't lurk have dinner at 12 one time

·  8:01 Ametrineskies (oh god THAT LINK

·  8:01 Derpiestderparound (irkens are not supposed to have chests

·  8:01 Invader Jib (That page

·  (is an abomination

·  8:01 Derpiestderparound (even normal irken females dont have chests

·  Long Time Mario: GUYS, I'M BEGGING YOU! PLEASE... don't DO this.

·  (hey

·  Vok: Pfhaah.

·  8:38 INVADER VEX (Which RP?

·  8:38 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Attacking Vok*

·  8:38 Invader Jib Tark: It's too late now

·  8:38 Long Time (hatblu

·  8:38 Mysteriousjillguy ( what if finale

·  Cravitus BLU's chest continued to beep ominously.

·  8:46 Derpiestderparound (i swear

·  8:46 Mysteriousjillguy ( oH typo

·  8:46 Derpiestderparound (everytime i look at the color blue more

·  8:46 Mysteriousjillguy * Vok's

·  8:46 Cravitus Almost as if it was a highly-lethal explosive.

·  Counting down.

·  8:46 Long Time Mario: Guys.. please please.. I don't want you to fight.

·  8:46 Derpiestderparound (the more weirder this chatroom looks

·  8:47 Long Time Vok: Y'know, this doesn't hurt. You're pretty weak. *Pushes Lurk away again*

·  Vok: Well maybe it hurts a LITTLE, but that's not the point.

·  8:47 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*yawning* .. Want me to fix that?

·  8:48 Invader Jib (@yeah lurk last time i jumped on a couch that didnt happen

·  Derpiestderparound has left the chat.

·  8:48 Long Time Mario: Zik---.. I'm begging you. Please stop.

·  8:48 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Punches Vok in the face*


·  8:49 Long Time Vok: EHY! I wasn't gonna hurt the weak one, but OH WELL. You're in for it now kiddo! PFFHAHAAA!

·  8:49 Cravitus The beeping from BLU grew into a constant dull screech.

·  8:49 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Walks over to BLU*

·  8:49 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*focusing his sight onto Vok, entering his mind slightly* .. *seems hes preparing to do some tricks*

·  8:50 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Maybe I can use this robot to kill Vok..

·  8:50 Long Time Vok: *Floats over to Darrz* Do you like colors? Here you go! *Lights Darrz on fire*

·  Derpiestderparound has joined the chat.

·  8:50 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:AHHH! NOT AGAIN!

·  8:50 Long Time Mario: *walks over to Zik, SHAKING him* I told you to STOP.

·  8:50 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Wheres the reboot button on this thing...

·  8:50 Long Time Mario: All of you.

·  Mario: STOP it.

·  8:51 Ametrineskies Zik: AGH!! DX

·  8:51 Mysteriousjillguy *Darrz runs around on fire*

·  8:51 Ametrineskies Zik: AYE! I wos about to make him feel paIN-

·  8:51 Long Time Vok: PffffHAHAAAaA!

·  8:51 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Can't we at least gap his eyes out?

·  8:51 Long Time Mario: Yeah. You've been ignoring all my requests to STOP, Zik. He's my Dad.

·  8:51 Ametrineskies Zik: .. Aight, thas it!

·  8:51 Long Time Mario: I don't want you guys to FIGHT.

·  8:52 Invader Jib Tark: do you have a dad

·  8:52 Long Time Mario: You could easily ignore him.

·  Derpiestderparound has left the chat.

·  8:52 Ametrineskies Zik: *shoving Mario away, trying to place a spark in Vok's mind* Just let me do this! D<

·  8:52 Long Time Mario: Uhg.. Tark, it's a long story. Let's just say I'm wasn't originally... Irken.

·  8:52 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:OH THATS RICH! IGNORE VOK?! HA!

·  8:52 Long Time I*

·  8:52 Invader Jib Tark: ..oh

·  8:52 Cravitus (lurk, PMs)

·  8:52 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Just LOOK what he did to DArrz!

·  8:52 Long Time Mario: .... *Goes over to Zik, SHAKING him again*

·  8:52 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Kicks BLU*

·  8:52 Long Time Mario: Zik. Stop. It.

·  8:52 Ametrineskies Zik: STAP IT! Yer interrupting!!

·  Zik: *floating up higher* No!

·  8:53 Long Time Mario: No. YOU need to stop it.

·  Vok: PfhaaahAHAHA!

·  ( one sec

·  8:53 Cravitus Suddenly, the beeping stopped, and a rattling noise came from within BLU.

·  8:53 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Backs up a bit*

·  *Darrz crawls over to Lurk,covered in burn marks*

·  8:54 Cravitus Then, the rattling stopped, and the robot grew silent.

·  8:54 Long Time Mario: *Walking over to BLU* Rnnnn..... BLU!

·  Mario: BLU?

·  8:54 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Guggaugh...I don't think I can help you fight anymore..ghnghh

·  8:54 Long Time Vok: Ahaha--.. oh my.. you guys are a barrel of laughs. Not because you're funny though-- far from that.

·  8:55 Cravitus The Robot suddenly came to life, and snapped to attention as it's plating was orderly once more.

·  8:55 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Oh c'mon! It's just a little SCORCHED FLESH!

·  8:55 Long Time Mario: BLU.

·  8:55 Cravitus BLU: "Yes, Commander?"

·  8:55 Long Time Mario: I uh... *sigh* I want you to stop Zik.

·  Mario: Any way you want. Just don't hurt him.

·  8:55 Cravitus BLU looked to both Vok and Zik.

·  BLU: "Specify target."

·  8:55 Ametrineskies Zik: .. *tapping into Vok's mind again, giving a quick spark of sensitivity - thus the pain is felt much more, only for a moment* -a-;

·  8:55 Long Time Mario: *Points to Zik* Him.

·  8:56 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Vok deserves to have his bones broken.

·  8:56 Ametrineskies Zik: ...AYE? WHOT cha doing?

·  8:56 Long Time (brbbb

·  8:56 Cravitus BLU looked to Mario.

·  (Pauseeee

·  (rip

·  8:59 Mysteriousjillguy ( RIP Season Three " It never came"

·  9:01 Long Time (back

·  9:01 Cravitus BLU: "You want them unharmed in any way, or simply not seriously injured?"

·  BLU: "This is an important detail."

·  9:01 Ametrineskies ( Angie: ^^ the reson she wears such bright colors is bc she needs to be identifed and seen easy - sort of like ambulance lights.

·  9:02 Cravitus (neat

·  9:02 Mysteriousjillguy ( It looks cool

·  9:02 Invader Jib (yeah, nice

·  9:02 Long Time Vok: EHY! That kinda hurt. Not really, more annoying, but I guess it kind of hurt..? Y'know, still though.. if that was an attempt at mind magic. You're uh... ah PRETTY weak at it, kiddo.

·  9:02 Cravitus BLU: "Such details can be the line between literal life and death, Commander."

·  9:02 Long Time Mario: Just not seriously injured...

·  9:03 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:BlePGTH! Forget it DARRZ! You won't be touching THIS! *Points to his now handsome face*

·  9:03 Long Time (it looks great ^^

·  9:03 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Mummbles*

·  Darrz:...I need medical attention.

·  9:03 Cravitus BLU nodded, and his fingers suddenly seemed to crackle with electricity.

·  9:03 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:I can't feel my arms.

·  9:03 Ametrineskies Zik: ... *clenching fist, the sensitivity rises to a burn*

·  9:03 Long Time Vok: Ain't even close to a pal like me! Heehah...

·  9:04 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Hey uh....Zik

·  9:04 Invader Jib Tark: The nearest medic is about 300 miles away

·  9:04 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Whispers* Can you gap his arms off..?

·  9:04 Ametrineskies Zik: ... *big smile*.. Ye.

·  9:04 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Maybe his eyes

·  9:04 Cravitus BLU boosted his voice amps, and faced the two. BLU: "IT IS REQUESTED YOU CEASE HOSTILITIES."



·  9:04 Ametrineskies Zik: SHUT it, robot!

·  9:05 Cravitus BLU: "FIFTEEN."

·  9:05 Ametrineskies Zik: Eyll gap yer head off!

·  9:05 Invader Jib Tark: *grumbles* ussing force on an irken is against the code

·  9:05 Cravitus BLU: "TEN".

·  9:05 Ametrineskies Zik: TRY ME. >.>

·  9:05 Cravitus BLU prodded Tark with an electrified finger, giving them a sizable jolt.

·  (meanwhile

·  9:05 Invader Jib Tark: ow

·  9:05 Cravitus (the logic of threatening to cut the head off of a robot

·  (whose head isn't even actually attached to it's body

·  9:06 Ametrineskies (zik is interesting

·  9:06 Cravitus BLU: "FIVE."

·  9:06 Long Time Vok: You know HOW old I am right? And you DO know who I am, right? I'm VOK. The man who specializes in fire.. and manipulative magic, you bulldozer! You're an idiot if you expect such large manipulative mind magic to work on me, you don't think I prepared for such fights with a lower manipulative user? PFHAAH! You must be new around here, kiddo..

·  9:06 Cravitus BLU: "ONE."

·  9:06 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*turning to Vok* Oi! <<

·  9:06 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Oh,I see old gramps here is braggy.

·  9:07 Ametrineskies Zik: Eym the descendant a'some REAL powaful guys - and I can beat yer BEHIND right off clean with my own powa!

·  9:07 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:YEAH....Wait what did you say?

·  9:07 Long Time Vok: Pfff... you can't-- YOU CAN'T BE SERIO-- PFHAAAHAHAAAA AHAAHAAA!

·  9:07 Cravitus Ignored and with his orders, BLU leapt forward, and lunged for the hoverboard first.

·  9:07 Long Time Vok: This is TOO GOOD!

·  9:07 Ametrineskies Zik: Yer arms gonna get off theys sock-- EEAYAAAA!

·  9:07 YourFavoriteFangirl (zik: ill call me grandpa (

·  9:07 Ametrineskies Zik: *falling off the hoverboard, grabbing his cane*..

·  9:07 Cravitus BLU followed up with an attempt to yank Zik up.

·  9:08 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Wait a minute should we be fighting in an Irken cafeteria

·  9:08 Ametrineskies Zik: EGH! *trying to scoot away*

·  9:08 Long Time Vok: *Still floating, lounges back, watching Zik struggle*

·  9:08 Mysteriousjillguy *An irken guard nearby looks at Lurk*

·  9:08 Invader Jib Tark: ...I thought you were

·  9:08 Cravitus BLU growled, and lunged forward.

·  9:08 Long Time Mario: *Sigh*...

·  9:08 Cravitus (but this is hobo 13, lurk

·  He swiped again at Zik, aiming for the legs.

·  9:08 Mysteriousjillguy Guard:Hey

·  Guard2:Hm?

·  9:09 Ametrineskies Zik: WOT, YER CRUEL- I CANT EVEN WOLK

·  9:09 Mysteriousjillguy Guard:Doesnt he look familar..?

·  Guard2:No. He looks pretty handsome though.

·  9:09 Cravitus BLU: "COMPLAINT NOTED."

·  9:09 Mysteriousjillguy Guard:Oh ok.

·  9:09 Ametrineskies Zik: ...Aye...

·  9:09 Mysteriousjillguy *The guards calmy walk out of the cafeteria,ignoring the chaos*

·  9:10 Long Time Mario: *Sits down near a table, and rests his head on it*..

·  9:10 Cravitus BLU growled, and kicked the hoverboard at Zik as he stepped back for a moment.

·  9:10 Ametrineskies Zik: *smacked with it* Owchh-- >c;;;

·  9:10 Long Time Vok: PFHAAH! What's wrong, pal? Can't beat a robot?

·  9:10 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Shoire I can!!

·  9:10 Cravitus Then, BLU lunged forward again, and made a grab at Zik's free arm.

·  9:10 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Uh...still on the ground here...

·  9:11 Ametrineskies Zik: *just as he was about to stand, he staggered and slipped at the grab*.. D<

·  9:11 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Walks over Darrz,not noticing him there*

·  Darrz:ow

·  Lurk:*Sits at the table next to Mario*

·  9:11 Ametrineskies Zik: *with his other arm, he summons a magic eye behind BLU* Dont question me, or yer gonna be blown to bits!

·  9:11 Cravitus BLU's other arm swept down, and yanked Zik up feet-first.

·  9:11 Invader Jib Tark: You know mario, by getting another person in th fight you probably made the situation even worse

·  9:11 Cravitus BLU: "So be it."

·  9:12 Long Time Mario: It's better waaay better, Tark, trust me.

·  Mario: You don't want those two to.. fight.

·  9:12 Ametrineskies Zik: .. >> *the eye fires a blast - it aimed at the both of them*

·  9:12 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I think I'm gonna just let Zik can handle this..uh..he's I need to keep my face beautiful and..not bruised.

·  9:12 Long Time Mario: You don't want those two to fight...

·  9:12 Invader Jib Tark: Yeah but now it's like, five people fighting

·  9:12 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Yep.

·  9:12 Long Time (whoops

·  (double message chattttt

·  9:12 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:No,its pretty much just BLU,Zik,and Vok fighting.

·  9:13 Cravitus BLU growled, and dove in an attempt to evade the blast, tossing Zik somewhere towards Vok.

·  9:13 Invader Jib Tark: Well then three people

·  9:13 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Chomps onto some nachos,watching the battle*

·  9:13 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*looking up at Vok, growling*

·  9:13 Long Time Vok: *Floats out of the crossfire, simply watching the two fight* "Eym Zoik! Eym the descendant a'some REAL POWAFUL PEOPLE!" Ooohohho SOOOO powerful!

·  9:14 Cravitus Meanwhile, BLU's left arm flew off, and embedded itself somewhere near Mario's head.

·  9:14 Long Time Vok: You're funny, you really are.

·  9:14 Ametrineskies (thanks backspace

·  9:14 YourFavoriteFangirl (vok wouldnt be saying that if zik called on count

·  (:'D

·  9:14 Ametrineskies Zik: Eyl make poifect shoire yer death is caused by me.

·  9:14 Long Time Mario: Zik. You do that, and I'll never forgive you.

·  Mario: And Vok, knock it off.

·  9:14 Cravitus Suddenly, BLU rose from the smoke, still mostly intact, and clanked towards Zik.

·  9:15 Ametrineskies Zik: I could give less of'a ship.

·  9:15 Long Time Mario: Uhg.. what am I saying? These two will NEVER grow up.

·  9:15 Ametrineskies Zik: ... *staring at BLU* ..

·  9:15 Long Time Mario: You could care less huh? So our friendship means nothing, huh? Gee, thanks ZIK.

·  9:15 Ametrineskies Zik: ... Mahyro. >c

·  9:15 Cravitus BLU: "Are you prepared to comply?"

·  9:16 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Actually, no, robot. >>

·  9:16 Cravitus BLU growled, and punched him in the face with an electrified fist.

·  9:16 Ametrineskies Zik: I- EHGH--

·  Zik: Ye punched me...

·  9:16 Cravitus Then, he marched towards Mario's table and retrieved his arm.

·  9:16 Ametrineskies Zik: ...Punch me s'more! owo

·  9:16 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Nice arm.

·  9:16 Invader Jib Tark: I was right about the situation being much worse

·  9:16 Cravitus BLU looked at Lurk for a moment.

·  9:16 YourFavoriteFangirl (zik: tenshi.png

·  9:16 Ametrineskies (yep

·  9:16 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Mhmm. Tark's right.

·  9:17 Long Time Mario: *Grumbling, a little teary eyed* *continues resting his head*

·  9:17 Cravitus Then, he picked him up and threw him at Zik.

·  9:17 Invader Jib Tark: *Casually reads a book*

·  9:17 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:This may be entertaining to see Zik getting punch-AHHH!

·  9:17 Cravitus BLU: "Self Repair Protocols initiated."

·  9:17 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:GGAUUEUGHNN

·  9:17 Ametrineskies Zik: ..=3=

·  9:17 Cravitus With that, BLU clanked out of the cafeteria.

·  9:17 Mysteriousjillguy * Lurk crashes into Zik*

·  9:17 Ametrineskies Zik: ...*sigh~* ....

·  9:17 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Gnugh!

·  Lurk:*Pushes Zik away from him*

·  9:17 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*shoves Lurk off* Time to beat 'em up some more, aye!!

·  (push ception

·  9:17 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Growls*

·  9:17 Long Time Vok: *yawns*...

·  9:18 Mysteriousjillguy ( [inception theme])

·  9:18 Ametrineskies Zik: *staggering up*..

·  9:18 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:...Stupid robot..

·  9:18 Long Time Vok: *Takes off his shades, and twirls them around*... Hmmf... *looks at Darrz* Hey, mentally unhealthy guy, can I have some of those cheesy-sauce chips?

·  Vok: Y'know, a fight ain't complete without some food.

·  9:19 Cravitus BLU's foot suddenly caved in the same door.

·  9:19 Ametrineskies Zik: .. *chin up at Vok* Dooont underestimate me! I got the powa to change the subconscious!

·  9:19 Cravitus BLU: "WHERE IS THE HANDGUN?"


·  9:20 Ametrineskies Zik: No clue, bot, go away.

·  9:20 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:No. You burned me alive.

·  Darrz:*Spits cheese onto Vok's face*

·  *Darrz rolls away,his arms flailing*

·  9:20 Ametrineskies Zik: Try the guy with the cheese.

·  9:20 Cravitus BLU seemed to stomp more than clank towards Mario.

·  9:20 Long Time Vok: Ech... *wipes the cheese off with his handkerchief*

·  9:20 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Oh! The handgun!

·  9:21 Long Time Vok: What a rude little individual.

·  9:21 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:It's in my pocket,I wanted to protect it from Vok.

·  9:21 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*slams his cane at Vok's stomach* >c

·  9:21 Cravitus BLU suddenly shifted his gaze to Darrz, and if he could have his eye widen in horror, he would have it do so.

·  9:21 Long Time Vok: Protect what--

·  9:21 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:I'd grab it but I can't feel my arms

·  9:21 Long Time Vok: EHY!

·  Vok: *shoots fire at Zik* You need to stop it, kiddo.

·  9:22 Ametrineskies Zik: hAHAHAHA-

·  9:22 Long Time Vok: You're NOT gonna win, this'll just be a huge waste of time.

·  Mario: *Looks up for a moment* ...?

·  9:22 Cravitus Suddenly, BLU's remaining arm grabbed Darrz by the collar, and yanked him close.

·  9:22 Long Time Mario: BLU... continue your orders.

·  9:22 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:GAH!

·  9:22 Ametrineskies Zik: Eym only lettin ya not be so hoirt because Mahyo dont want me to.

·  9:22 Cravitus BLU: "Which pocket is it in?"

·  9:22 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:DONT HURT MEEE

·  Darrz:Uh...the left one

·  9:23 Cravitus BLU's chest produced another arm, and it plunged into Darrz's left pocket.

·  Then, it pulled out...

·  A ball of gum, paperclips, and two monies.

·  9:23 Long Time Vok: That's funny, he's not your friend, and he's certainly not your boyfriend. So you're gonna lay down to such a person, hm? Not able to move from that collar? Ohhh PFHAH! I see! You're letting others get in the way. How disgusting of you.

·  9:24 Ametrineskies Zik: ...Hm.

·  9:24 Cravitus BLU simply stared at the material for a moment.

·  9:24 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Uh...try the left.

·  9:24 Ametrineskies Zik: Not many people loike me, and das /fine/ as is. *he gave a glare* But ye aint gonna make me mad everytime I come ere.

·  9:25 Mysteriousjillguy *right

·  9:25 Cravitus BLU growled, and resisted the impulse to shoot Darrz in the face with a laserbeam.

·  9:25 Ametrineskies Zik: And ye certainly aint gonna degrade me.

·  9:25 Long Time Vok: Sure looks like it! BOY, you have an awful temper. Not to mention your little brother-- or sister-- whatever it is.

·  9:25 Cravitus Then, he dropped the pocket materials, and plunged the chest-arm into the other pocket.

·  9:25 Ametrineskies Zik: I SAVED this planet once!

·  Zik: Is obvious I got the stuff.

·  9:26 Mysteriousjillguy *The handgun is in his pocket,covered in cheese and pocket lint*

·  9:26 Long Time Vok: Yeah? CONGRATULATIONS, ZIK! Sloooooow clap, applaud this young boy, give him a good pat on the back!

·  Vok: What a HERO.

·  9:26 Ametrineskies Zik: ..I AM a hero!

·  9:26 Mysteriousjillguy can wash the cheese of...ehehe..*Awkwardly smiles*

·  9:26 Cravitus Slowly, BLU pulled the handgun out, and shook it gingerly.

·  A layer of still-liquid cheese dripped off of it and onto the floor, no longer appetizing in any way whatsoever.

·  9:27 Long Time Vok: Yeah. Funny. You hurt others constantly, even 'good' people. Vok: A hero sure likes to do that!

·  Vok: Such HEROIC actions!

·  9:27 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Fine, I aint a poifect hero, but I sure am one!

·  9:27 Long Time Vok: Yeah. That must mean I'm a hero too.

·  9:27 Ametrineskies Zik: Shut it!

·  Zik: Yer nothin.

·  9:28 Cravitus BLU: "...Please note you have been added to Commander Averii's list of individuals to later terminate."

·  9:28 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Actually uh...Zik...turns out Zirus only had the power to destroy the city. He was exaggerating to look scarier.

·  Darrz:Huh? WAIT! NOOO

·  9:28 Invader Jib Tark: You saved a planet of homicidal aliens, which means they will continue doing..that

·  9:28 Long Time Vok: Even though I already am, and are considered to twenty several other planets. I'm toooootally nothing.

·  9:28 Cravitus BLU dropped Darrz, and continued to shake the weapon, attempting to dislodge the cheese.

·  9:28 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Why are you refering to your own race as aliens,Tark?

·  9:29 Invader Jib Tark: ..I dunno actually

·  9:29 Long Time Vok: *Twirling his shades around, yet again* Y'know, you're such a liar. Trying to be the "big hero" when you're nothin' but nuisance.

·  9:29 YourFavoriteFangirl (plot twist tark is actually from the resisty

·  9:29 Mysteriousjillguy ( gasp

·  ( hes totally a vortian in disguise

·  9:29 Invader Jib Tark: I heard that's what they call green people so I thought that meant us

·  9:29 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Ghrr.

·  9:29 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:...What..that doesnt make any sense

·  9:29 Ametrineskies Zik: Loike I said!! Ye aint gonna degrade me!

·  9:29 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Forget it.

·  9:30 Long Time Vok: Yup! That totally natural growl perfectly fits that as WELL!

·  9:30 Mysteriousjillguy ( hnggaurgh

·  ( brb tablet

·  Cravitus (BLU's trying to clean the gun

·  9:52 Mysteriousjillguy (oh ok nvm

·  9:52 Cravitus (

·  (unsuccessfully

·  9:52 Ametrineskies Zik: *..and doing this repeatedly*

·  9:52 Long Time Vok: EHY! *Floats back*

·  Vok: Here's the thing, I can't kill ya because well.. uhg nevermind. Just know that there's a reason you're not dead.

·  9:53 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Zik and Vok pummeling the crap out of each other. This is pretty entertaining.

·  9:53 Ametrineskies Zik: *opening up a few gaps around Vok, they stretching into a ring* And they be a reason yer not dead, as well! But eyl make shoire ye get PRETTY hoirt.

·  9:53 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Eats nachos*

·  9:53 Long Time Mario: *Looking up* ..!!

·  9:53 Cravitus BLU: "We'll be dead if the Invader learns about this..." He muttered aloud, failing to cleanse the firearm of cheese.

·  9:53 Long Time Mario: *Running over to Zik* STOP, please Zik!!

·  9:53 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Hands some nachos to Tark*

·  9:54 Long Time Vok: You're funny. I'm not even phased, pal.

·  9:54 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Drops some nachos on the floor near Darrz*

·  9:54 Ametrineskies Zik: *the ring stops at four parts ; four sections.. he ignores Mario as the rings fire bullets as the sections spin - they crossing into other gaps.. then creating lasers toward Vok*

·  9:54 Long Time Mario: *Tugging Zik back* Please, please STOP!

·  9:54 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Grabs it with his tongue,pulls it into his mouth*

·  9:55 Ametrineskies Zik: *elbowing Mario* Quit it!!

·  9:55 Cravitus Growling, BLU went back to attempting to reconnect his arm.

·  9:55 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*chews the nachos*

·  9:55 Long Time Mario: *PULLING Zik back*

·  9:55 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Hmm

·  Darrz:Hey Darrz

·  9:55 Ametrineskies Zik: *hand out, making sure the pattern still goes on*

·  9:55 Long Time Vok: *Simply escaped with his fire portal* You're not smart, are you?

·  9:55 Mysteriousjillguy *BLU

·  9:55 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*snapping his fingers, the pattern follows Vok, getting tighter*

·  9:55 Mysteriousjillguy (typos

·  9:55 Long Time Mario: *Shaking Zik* STOP IT YOU IDIOT.

·  9:55 Invader Jib Tark: Mario, what you're doing will only result in the tall one losing

·  9:55 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:HEY HEY BLU

·  Darrz:HEY

·  9:56 Cravitus BLU's head rotated, eyeing Darrz from the corner of his eye-slit as he continued working to reattach the arm.

·  9:56 Long Time Vok: I can do this all day, kiddo. *Continues to make more and more portals*

·  9:56 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:I can clean the gun for you,Averii'll never find out.

·  9:56 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*gapping himself higher up* So can I!

·  9:56 Cravitus BLU stared at them for a moment, sparks flying from the arm-port.

·  Then, BLU pushed them softly away with their good arm.

·  9:57 Long Time Mario: BLU. I want you to stop Zik for GOOD this time. Just make sure he doesn't die. That's it.

·  9:57 Ametrineskies Zik: *waving hand, the gaps closing, the leftover bullets then exploding*

·  9:57 Long Time Mario: I don't care what you do, do anything.

·  9:57 Cravitus BLU's antennae perked up.

·  9:57 Long Time Mario: Literally anything.

·  9:57 Invader Jib Tark: ..That will most likely result in him dying though

·  9:57 Ametrineskies Zik: *eyeing BLU*..

·  9:57 Cravitus With a crunch, he finished his rushed repair, and flexed the limb with difficulty.

·  9:57 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:PLEASE! Just think about how angry averii might be! He might even dismantle you!

·  9:57 Long Time Vok: *Floating away* *Yawns*

·  9:57 Cravitus BLU: "...Affirmative."

·  9:58 Ametrineskies Zik: Touch me and yer dismantled!

·  9:58 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Please! Let me clean the gun! Pleeaassseeeee

·  9:58 Cravitus BLU's head rotated around, staring as BLU continued to refine the connections in his arm.

·  9:58 Long Time Mario: Zik, why won't you STOP? Do I not mean anything to you? Does our friendship mean NOTHING?

·  9:58 Invader Jib Tark: Just like last time, the situation is going to get much worse

·  9:58 Cravitus BLU: "You've already tried that."

·  9:58 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Yep.

·  9:58 Cravitus BLU: "A better effort than some, I shall admit."

·  9:58 Long Time Mario: After all I've done for you, CARED FOR YOU--... is.. is this how you act back?

·  9:58 Cravitus BLU: "Unsuccessful nonetheless."

·  BLU: "In addition, Commander Mario, they've already stopped."

·  9:59 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Mahyo, I do care. But me attackin that arse shouldnt stand in our way.

·  9:59 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Can I please clean the gun?

·  9:59 Ametrineskies Zik: Yer blind to realize he hoirts people.

·  9:59 Long Time Mario: That "arse" is my FATHER. I believe he can change, Zik.

·  9:59 Ametrineskies Zik: He will never.

·  9:59 Long Time Mario: I believe in him, OKAY!?

·  Mario: Yes.. he WILL.

·  9:59 Cravitus BLU stared at Darrz for a moment, then raised their bad arm at them as the turned to face them.

·  10:00 Invader Jib Tark: Yeah your confidence is oging to result in several of your friends dying

·  10:00 Ametrineskies Zik: He gonna be fixed reaal good, shooire.

·  10:00 Invader Jib *going

·  10:00 Long Time Vok: *giggles*... this I'm gonna watch this go down, from a safer distance *jumps in one of his portals*

·  10:00 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:How long have you exactly been trying to fix Vok,Mario?

·  Lurk:Months? Years?

·  10:00 Long Time Mario: I just... I just miss my father... and I don't want to give up on him..

·  Mario: Just please Zik, do this for me.

·  10:00 Ametrineskies Zik: No mean to upset ya, friendo. *shaking his head* Yer waiting is gonna kill and hoirt lots.

·  10:00 Cravitus Then, with a strange throbbing sound, Darrz began to float.

·  10:00 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Sighs*

·  Darrz:Huh?

·  10:01 Long Time Mario: He hasn't killed ANYONE! YOU'RE THE ONES ENCOURAGING THE BEHAVIOR!

·  10:01 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Sure.

·  10:01 Long Time Mario: Especially YOU, Zik.

·  10:01 Ametrineskies Zik: He no longer a nice guy - if he ever WAS one.

·  10:01 Cravitus BLU raised his other arm, and a nearby discarded crate flew to his hand.

·  BLU eyed it for a moment, then Darrz.

·  10:01 Invader Jib Tark: By making them stop, you're actions will likely result in him killing someone

·  10:01 Cravitus BLU: "Functionality restored." They noted.

·  10:01 Ametrineskies Zik: I need to put some GOOD bruises on the guy so he can stop being so COCKY!

·  10:02 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Wait uh I can clean you AND the gun. Yeah. Uh..I can polish your head.

·  10:02 Long Time Mario: Yeah sure, go AHEAD and ruin the chances of him changing... thanks Zik.. thanks a lot...

·  10:02 Cravitus BLU seemed offended.

·  BLU: "Request denied.

·  Then, with a jolt, BLU growled and sent Darrz out the door, followed by the crate.

·  10:02 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:ANYTHING FOR AVERII!

·  Darrz:WAIT-AHHH

·  10:02 Long Time Mario: *Goes back over to the previous seat he was sitting in, and rests his head again, closing his eyes*

·  10:03 Invader Jib Tark: There aren't usually any chances in that

·  10:03 Long Time Hatbot: I feel like we're missing something. OH WELL.

·  10:03 Cravitus Ave: "Did you hear something screaming just now?"

·  10:03 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*chomps nachos*

·  10:03 Long Time Hatbot: Nope.

·  10:03 Cravitus Ave shrugged, and continued to read his copy of Nachos of the Galaxy.

·  10:03 Mysteriousjillguy (lol yes

·  10:03 Cravitus (offscreen is the intense bonding montage between hatbot and ave

·  10:03 Mysteriousjillguy (nachos of the galaxy

·  10:04 Long Time (soon (they will be best friends

·  10:04 Ametrineskies (yep

·  10:04 Cravitus (they shall bond through trials of cheese

·  10:04 Long Time (meanwhile my poor mayo

·  10:04 Cravitus BLU clanked back up to Mario.

·  BLU: "Awaiting orders."

·  10:05 Long Time Mario: ... *Turns his head over, teary eyed* Just.. go do whatever you want, BLU.

·  10:05 Cravitus BLU nodded.

·  BLU: "Affirmative."

·  10:05 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:I have to get Averii's gun cleaned before he notices..Averii,the most greatest invader ever,will be dissappointed in me! He might even kill me!

·  10:05 Ametrineskies Zik: Now.. where'd that guy go..

·  10:06 Cravitus Then, the machine walked off to the side, and pulled out the firearm, dropping it in a relatively clear space.

·  10:06 Invader Jib Tark: I'll brace myself for the inevitable blood splatter, I don't want to get this outfit stained

·  10:06 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:I MUST DO THIS FOR AVERII..uh...after my skeleton stops being broken of course..

·  10:06 Cravitus BLU's hands sprouted burning nozzles.

·  10:06 Long Time Mario: *mumbling* and he's still going after him after what I said.. what a nice friend...

·  10:06 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*looking around* ...

·  10:07 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*looks at the crate on top of his legs*

·  10:07 Long Time Hatbot: Hey, Ave, what's with that nacho spaceship? Is that apart of some cool space army?

·  10:07 INVADER VEX Gtg

·  10:07 Long Time Hatbot: In that book, thingy.

·  10:07 Cravitus BLU adjusted the fuel mixtures on his flamethrowers, and hesitated.

·  10:07 Long Time (bye

·  10:07 Ametrineskies (Byebye

·  10:07 Cravitus (Goodbye

·  (the thing i find funny is

·  10:07 Mysteriousjillguy (bye

·  10:07 Cravitus (vex was here for like an hour after 11

·  10:07 Mysteriousjillguy (probably because of his report

·  10:07 Cravitus (Meanwhile

·  Averii: "I have no idea but it looks delicious."

·  Ave: "So impractical, but so..."

·  Ave: "DELICIOUS."

·  10:08 Long Time Hatbot: Agreed.

·  INVADER VEX has left the chat.

·  10:08 Mysteriousjillguy skeleton might take too long to regenerate..hmm

·  10:08 Long Time Hatbot: Wait a minute. Ave, we LEFT the nachos back there!

·  10:08 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Takes out a communicator*

·  10:08 Cravitus Ave sighed in resignation.

·  10:09 Long Time Hatbot: Imagine all the delicious tasty nachos left behind with those barbarians!

·  10:09 Mysteriousjillguy *Lurks communicator beeps*

·  10:09 Long Time Hatbot: A nacho deserves to be treated nicely!

·  10:09 Cravitus Ave: "I know better than to get into a fight with freaks over food."

·  Ave: "Most of the time, as much as I hate to admit it."

·  10:09 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*answers it* Hello?

·  10:09 Long Time Hatbot: Ooooh, you think they're freaks?

·  10:10 Cravitus Ave: "Do you really want to go back and face the floating man?"


·  10:10 Long Time Hatbot: Weeeell... what if he hurts BLU?

·  Hatbot: What if they're in danger?

·  10:10 Cravitus Ave scoffed.

·  10:10 Long Time Hatbot: More importantly, WHAT ABOUT THE NACHOS?

·  10:10 Cravitus Ave: "BLU's fine. He's built to last."

·  Ave paused.

·  10:11 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I should cqre why?

·  care*

·  10:11 Cravitus Ave: "As for the nachos..."

·  10:11 Ametrineskies (code cqre

·  10:11 Cravitus Ave shrugged.

·  10:11 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Ill get you a limited edition bunny girl statue or something.

·  10:11 Cravitus Ave: "I need to come up with something to surpass Z5N."

·  10:11 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:....Deal.

·  10:11 Long Time Hatbot: Ave, Ave, listen man. BLU may be fine, but that floating man can basically put him anywhere! Like, a sun, OR OR, a nacho factory!

·  Hatbot: What if he's gone?

·  10:12 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*whispers to mario*

·  10:12 Cravitus Ave sighed.

·  Ave: "You just want the food, don't you?"

·  10:12 Long Time Hatbot: Maaaaybe...

·  10:12 Cravitus Ave: "How does that even work? You're a robot!"

·  10:12 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Say think you could get BLU to give me averiis hand gun? needs to be washed.

·  10:12 Long Time Hatbot: I know. I can't eat the nachos.

·  Hatbot: But.

·  Hatbot: I can touch them.

·  10:12 Cravitus Meanwhile, in the Cafeteria, BLU's flamethrowers continued to work on full blast to melt away the cheese residue from the firearm.

·  10:13 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Yeah.

·  10:13 Long Time Mario: ..go away.

·  10:13 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Pleassseeee,its for friendship or whatever

·  10:14 Long Time Mario: .."or whatever" yeah no. I'd rather not do some stupid thing for you after what I've just experienced.

·  10:14 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Blargh,fine.

·  10:14 Long Time Mario: ..just, leave me alone.

·  10:14 Ametrineskies (bueno lurk: nyes | zikky: nyeeees

·  10:15 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*walks over to BLU somewhere,whistling*

·  10:15 Cravitus (bueno mayo lurk

·  10:15 Mysteriousjillguy (the uncanny valley is strong in that picture

·  10:15 Long Time (no (mayo is not designed for bueno

·  (not my mayo

·  10:16 Cravitus BLU paused, cutting his flamethrowers as soot and smoke flowed out the roof.

·  Then, he peered at the sidearm.

·  10:16 Long Time Hatbot: Ave, come on man. I feel like we should retrieve those nachos, and make sure the others are okay.

·  10:16 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Gmm

·  Hmm*

·  10:16 Long Time Hatbot: Besides, what if your uh... pistol is back there?

·  Hatbot: DO ITTTTT!

·  10:17 Cravitus Ave: "...Wait, what was that about my pistol?"

·  10:17 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Uh...BLU..I think your friend Mario needs your help.

·  10:17 Cravitus BLU picked it up, the weapon still red-hot as a few specks remained.

·  BLU: "I have my orders."

·  10:17 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:He wants another body massage.

·  10:17 Long Time Hatbot: That it's probably back there covered in tarter sauce, marinated with jet fuel, and split in half.

·  10:17 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Thats an order,yeah.

·  10:17 Cravitus BLU paused.

·  10:18 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Mario said so himself.

·  10:18 Cravitus BLU: "Affirmative," They grunted, and their chestplates split open as they placed the weapon inside once more.

·  10:18 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Wait a second

·  Lurk:*grabs the weapon*

·  10:18 Cravitus Ave: "-HOW DID I FORGET ABOUT THE SPIKER-"

·  10:18 Long Time Hatbot: Your guns probably wrecked man.

·  gun's*

·  10:18 Cravitus *The weapon is freaking red glowing hot, lurk*

·  10:18 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Id better hold onto this. Darrz might cover it with cheese or somt-GAHHH IT BURNS

·  10:19 Cravitus *It's been under the blast of two flamethrowers for like five minutes*

·  10:19 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Drops it,his spider legs come out,holding it*

·  10:19 Cravitus BLU yanked the weapon out of Lurk's hand, and placed it back into his chest before closing it.

·  10:19 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Darn

·  Lurk:Hmm..

·  10:19 Cravitus Ave: "Someone's getting shot today-"

·  Thus, Ave took off running for the cafeteria.

·  10:20 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Lurk stabs his spiderleg into BLUs head*

·  10:20 Long Time Hatbot: Yeah! Shoot Vok! Or Zik! Or yourself! One of those three.

·  10:20 Cravitus Growling, BLU grasped the spiderleg, and swung Lurk around angrily.

·  BLU: "Cease and desist!"

·  10:20 Ametrineskies Zik: *watching Lurk get swung* ...

·  10:21 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*spiderleg breaks,Lurk flies into a wall*

·  Lurk:GNUAGH

·  10:21 Cravitus BLU growled, and leapt after them.

·  BLU grabbed one of the remaining spiderlegs, and pulled Lurk back towards him.

·  BLU: "Explain yourself!"

·  10:22 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:GQH!

·  Gah*

·  (Tablet rping everyone

·  10:22 Cravitus (is acceptable

·  10:23 Long Time Hatbot: Ave, where are they anyways? THIS place is huuuuuuge!

·  10:23 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I saw a weird looking insect on your head,it looked SPOOKY AND STUFF.

·  10:23 Ametrineskies Zik: ... *sits down next to Mario* ..

·  10:23 Cravitus BLU growled, and his fingers flared with electricity, arcing into Lurk's flesh.

·  10:23 Long Time Mario: ..*turns his head away from Zik*..

·  10:23 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:I was trying to kill it.

·  Lurk:BLAUGH

·  Lurk:*His spiderlegs whack BLU,trying to get free*

·  10:24 Cravitus Suddenly, a door flew open and Ave skidded in on his boots.

·  10:24 Long Time Hatbot: HATAVE TO THE RESCUE!!

·  10:24 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:OH CRUD.

·  10:24 Long Time Hatbot: We have ARRIVED!

·  10:24 Cravitus Ave: "Put the spikehead down!"

·  10:24 Long Time Hatbot: Now, GIVE US ALL YOUR NACHOS!

·  10:24 Cravitus Ave: "Disregard that!"

·  10:24 Long Time Hatbot: Wait-- what? Ave, the plan was to rescue all the nachos!

·  10:24 Cravitus BLU looked at Ave for a moment, confused.

·  10:24 Long Time Hatbot: Aaaaaaave!

·  10:24 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*His PAK jetpack comes out,Lurk basts forward*

·  10:25 Cravitus Ave: "Later!"

·  10:25 Mysteriousjillguy blasts*

·  10:25 Cravitus BLU screeched in surprise, and Lurk flew loose.

·  Ave: "BLU! Where's the Spiker?!"

·  10:25 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:*Flies toward the exit,his spider legs retracting*

·  10:25 Cravitus BLU stared at him for a moment, hesitant.

·  10:26 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Sorry Darrz,I tried.

·  10:26 Cravitus Ave: "Blue and white gun! Shiny!" He growled.

·  Hesitantly, BLU reached into his chest, and grasped for the weapon.

·  10:26 Mysteriousjillguy Lurk:Good luck. *Lurk flies away into other parts of the building or something*

·  10:26 Cravitus Then, he grasped again.

·  10:26 Long Time Hatbot: WHERE'S THE NACHOOOOS!?

·  10:26 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*Crawls toward Averii*

·  10:27 Cravitus Ave looked at Darrz once, calmly, then to BLU.

·  10:27 Ametrineskies Zik: *watching the scene, curious* ...

·  10:27 Cravitus Ave: "I'm waiting, BLU."


·  10:28 Cravitus Ave looked again at Darrz, somewhat more distressed.


·  10:28 Cravitus Then, he looked to BLU.

·  BLU: "...Code 404. Item not found, Invader... Commander, Averii."

·  10:29 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*continues to madly ramble on,begging averii for forgiveness*

·  10:29 Cravitus Ave seemed rigid for a moment.

·  10:29 Mysteriousjillguy *The nachotray is empty*

·  10:29 Cravitus Ave: "Well, where the heck is it?!"

·  His helmet retracted, and he eyed the machine with worry.

·  10:30 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Wait..the gun is missing?

·  10:30 Cravitus Ave looked at Darrz.

·  10:30 Long Time Hatbot: Even.. the NACHOS ARE GONE?

·  10:30 Cravitus Ave cautiously nodded yes.


·  Hatbot: NO MERCYYY

·  10:30 Cravitus Ave growled at Hatbot.

·  10:30 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:Uh..forget about that stuff I said,uh I think that spiky haired kid took it.

·  10:31 Cravitus Ave's eye seemed to twitch for a moment.

·  10:31 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:I tried to stop him sir,but his spiky hair and somewhat handsome face was too much for me.

·  Darrz:Then he flew away to the sun or something,I dont know.

·  10:32 Cravitus Ave's eye twitched again.

·  10:32 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:.-.

·  10:32 Cravitus Then, he slung his rifle, and crouched.

·  Ave suddenly grasped Darrz by the collar, and hauled him up with a dead expression in his eyes.

·  10:33 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:U-uh for the record Lurk also damaged it,not me.

·  10:33 Long Time *Another fiery portal opens up* Vok: *peeks his head out* Here. You can have this dumb thing back, I may have scratched it up a bit though, using it as a doorstep wasn't such a great idea. *tosses the pistol to Ave*

·  10:33 Cravitus Ave: "Find it, and I'm not skinning you alive while I feed to to this robot on my head."

·  10:34 Mysteriousjillguy (averiiisnotamused.png

·  10:34 Long Time Vok: Also, thanks for keeping up as long as you could, really was interesting seeing you idiots tussle around like that.

·  Vok: Literally apes.

·  10:34 Cravitus Ave eyed Vok for a moment, Hatbot hit by the handgun.


·  10:34 Long Time Hatbot: OWW!

·  Vok: By the way, Darrz gave it to me as a present. I'm sure you're the original owner though, pal.

·  10:35 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:HES LYING

·  10:35 Long Time Hatbot: *Gasp* DARRZ YOU FOOOOOL


·  10:35 Cravitus Ave: "...Do I know you?"

·  10:35 Long Time Vok: Nah.

·  10:35 Cravitus Ave: "Alright then."

·  Ave's hand gripped Darrz's neck instead, and squeezed hard.

·  10:36 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:I would never give it to that floating guy,hes evil! And youre much better then him,and much more better looking too.

·  Darrz:*chokes*

·  10:36 Ametrineskies Zik: *he didnt bother with Vok* ...

·  10:36 Cravitus Ave eyed Darrz for a moment, seemingly amused.

·  Ave: "We're going to have a long, long chat about this.

·  10:36 Mysteriousjillguy *Squeaking noises at Darrz's neck is squeezed*

·  (#darrzabuse


·  10:37 Cravitus Ave then dropped Darrz, and picked up his sidearm.

·  10:37 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*gasps for air*

·  10:37 Cravitus Then, he left Hatbot on the ground.

·  10:37 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*coughs*

·  10:37 Long Time Hatbot: Hey! I don't wanna be down here! Your head was kinda comfortable.

·  10:38 Mysteriousjillguy Darrz:*faints*

·  10:38 Cravitus Finally, he reached into his PAK, and yanked out a few cloth wipes, eying the pistol for a moment as he ignored Hatbot.

·  10:38 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*walking over, putting Hatbot on* =3=

·  10:38 Long Time Hatbot: Eheheheh! I'm Zik's head!

·  I'm on*

·  10:38 Ametrineskies Zik: Aye...

·  10:38 Long Time (good lord (just imagined zik, but with hatbot instead of a head

·  10:38 Cravitus Then, in a moment, he cleaned off any remaining soot and debris, and discarded the cloth wipe as BLU stared for a moment

·  (Zik-bot

·  10:38 Ametrineskies (welp

·  (hatbot ate ziks head

·  10:39 Cravitus zikbot

·  10:39 Ametrineskies (brb go on without meee

·  10:39 Long Time Hatbot: Ooohooohoo! I haven't been on your head for awhile!

·  10:39 Cravitus (well this rp has certainly been filler

·  Long Time (ye kreb

·  (that was this rp was intended to be in the first place

·  (kind of

·  10:39 Invader Jib (it was pretty intense for a filler rp though

·  10:40 Long Time (yeah

·  10:40 Cravitus (Well, at least we did something today

·  10:40 Mysteriousjillguy Janitor:*Sweeps Darrz with his broom into a dusting pan,not noticing him*

·  Janitor:*Hums*

·  10:51 Cravitus BLU stared out at the leaving Averii , unsure of what to do.

·  10:51 Long Time Mario: *Walking over to Zik* Listen... I..

·  10:52 Long Time Mario: Zik, I'm sorry for before. I just miss my father so much... and I really like you as well. I don't want you guys to fight.. I'm just a..afraid something will happen to you.

·  10:52 Mysteriousjillguy (i think im gonna stop rping for today

·  10:52 Ametrineskies Zik: ..*turning to Mario, giving him a smile* ...Look. Aint nothin gonna happen to me.

·   10:52 Ametrineskies Zik: Just know Im gonna do whot me thinks is right.

·  10:53 Long Time Mario: *Antennae perk up* ...*Hugs Zik*...

·  10:53 Ametrineskies Zik: *purring, hugging him back*.. Want yer hat back?

·  10:53 YourFavoriteFangirl (<3 aww

·  10:53 Long Time Mario: Just know, that none of what Vok said was true... you're a hero in my eyes, and I'm sure others think of you as a hero... Mario: And I really DO care about, so much. Don't let Vok get to you, Zik....

·  10:53 Ametrineskies (zikario bromance<3

·  10:54 YourFavoriteFangirl (yiiis

·  10:54 Long Time Mairo: And yes... I would... thank you Zik.

·  10:54 Ametrineskies Zik: ..Thank ya. *handing Hatbot back*

·  10:54 Long Time (alright there

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