Hagranog was an Irken who lived during the Age of Enlightenment. Since he lived before cloning was invented, he was born from reproduction and had a family. He was father of Nusmas, and the main part of an old Irken legend which is believed by many to be a myth.

Story Edit

The story is that Hagranog lived in a house with his family. He was perfectly sane, had what back then was a normal Irken life, and commissioned many famed Irken artists to paint him. It was one perfectly normal day that he started hearing opera singing in his head. He was losing his sanity, and people were complaining that he had gone loony. He soon murdered his wife and his son, but forgot about his daughter. He then followed the opera singing, followed by his daughter, to a portal to The Spooky Realm. Both of them went into it, and have been there ever since. However, this is regarded by many Irkens, as well as the Control Brains, as a myth, which is why it is not mentioned in any Irken history books.

Appearance Edit

The paintings found of him show that he was a man with purple eyes, regular antennae, the clothing that Irkens would usually wear back then, and no PAK, for they had not yet been invented.

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