Hagabagajibnab (known as CASINOUS) is a planet located near Kleek Prime. It is an Irken vacation planet, and is known by those who have been to Earth as "Los Vegas in the form of a planet", for it is filled with casinos, hotels, businesses, stadiums, etc. It was previously home to the highly advanced Hagabagajibnabins, who ran out of resources and sold it to the Irken Empire. The Hagabagajibnabins moved to a planet thousands of light years away. Like Foodcourtia, it is visited by people from all over the Universe.


Planet Hagabagajibnab looks like a golden city planet with pretty white rings. Its skies are golden and its atmosphere is thin, allowing stars to be seen in the sky constantly. It has 3 blue moons. 


  • The cities on the planet have domes to protect people on from the thin atmosphere.
  •  Most technology on the planet has yellow, orange, and red color schemes.
  • Most call it CASINOUS after someone's head exploded from trying to pronounce it.
  • Much like Los Vegas, Hagabagajibnab used to be a desert.
  • The Hagabagajibnabins were very rich and luxurious, and introduced the Irken Empire to multiple amazing things, including the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster, the Asgantonian Ultra Berry, and gambling in general.
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